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The way we communicate has changed. If the content is not clickable, to-the-point, sharp, and funny users will move on. Videos are no exception. Smart marketers know this and have adjusted their video content to shorter attention spans. By adding interactivity to videos, they come to life, become more memorable, and keep people focused for longer. Discover in this blog article the different types of Interactive Videos.

What is an Interactive Video?

Like all Interactive Content, Interactive Videos engage people either with questions that determine how the video ends, clickable tags, and/or hotspots. While in traditional videos, the user watches passively, the interactive video engages him in the story and enables him to become a part of creating the story.

When the viewer engages in a video through tags and hotspots, by answering questions or by choosing what happens next. This makes the whole video experience more interesting for him. So, he becomes more involved and thus more likely to watch the whole video.

Which Types of Interactive Videos are best for you?

There are different types of Interactive Videos. There are Shoppable Video, Branching Video, Interactive Video Quiz, and Video Quiz Contest. This may seem a little daunting to start with, but if you follow the guide below, you will become an expert in Interactive Videos. You will even learn to recognize what types of Interactive Videos are best suited to your needs.

Plus, when creating an interactive video, there’s no need to produce any new video content. It’s possible to use any existing promotional video you have on YouTube or Vimeo. You simply need to add a layer of interactivity to it on Dot.vu. Yes, creating interactive content is really easy in 2020!

Shoppable Video

The shoppable video is also known as a ‘touchable video’ or a ‘clickable video’. It is a video that allows viewers to click on products to learn more and buy from a company’s webshop.

By integrating with your e-commerce solution, you can even allow potential customers to add products to their shopping cart. They can do that directly from within the video experience.

By adding hotspots for each product in your video, you allow viewers to watch, click, and buy products that catch their eye right away. This means you can showcase your products with relevant information such as price, size, or type via one click. Pretty great, right?

In other words, with a shoppable video, you can turn any video into a sales generator and start driving sales directly from your videos!

Take a look at a shoppable video example from Lyngby here.

Types of Interactive Video - Shoppable Video Example - Lyngby
Click the image to experience an Interactive Shoppable Video.

Branching Video

Unlike the traditional linear video experience with the beginning, middle, and end, a branching video is non-linear. It can have many different storylines depending on the choices made by the viewer. 

In other words, Branching Video is a digital experience where the viewer influences what happens in the video.

Branching Videos are a great way to engage your audience. The user is prompted to answer questions or choose what happens next. He becomes much more immersed in the interactive video experience.

Branching videos also open up new potentials. It can be used for virtual consultationsvirtual treasure hunts, or to present your company to new staff members.

Higher engagement

Branching videos are known to provide higher engagement and longer viewing time on average than a linear video.

You can track every choice made to understand your audience better. By registering the audience insight, you can personalize your future marketing and send more to-the-point emails.

People are more likely to opt-in to an interactive experience than to a linear video. So, take this opportunity and include an opt-in form to your interactive video to grow your email list. All of this will help deliver a higher ROI, increase your conversion, and your engagement rate.

See an example of a Branching Video from Callebaut here.

Types of Interactive Video - Branching Video Example - Callebaut

Interactive Video Quiz

With an Interactive Video Quiz, you can ask your audience questions while they watch, and give them instant feedback.

You can open up a dialogue with your viewers with an interactive video quiz. You do that by asking them questions while they watch your video and provide them instant feedback.

People lose interest quickly, and most don’t get past the first few seconds of promotional videos. That’s where the interactive video quiz comes in. Instead of talking to the viewer, you start a conversation with the users through questions and responses. Exactly as a real person would.

By prompting people to answer questions, you encourage your audience to pay close attention to your video content. This greatly improves message retention and memory.

You can track every answer to understand your audience better and start personalizing your future communication by sending more targeted emails.

Take a look at this example:

Video Quiz Contest

A Video Quiz Contest is a type of Interactive Video that asks the user a few questions and rewards them with a chance to win a prize if their answers are correct.

People will need to carefully watch your video to answer a question about it. This improves the retention of the message in the video and keeps audiences inside the video experience longer.

The contest element means people pay closer attention to the message delivered in the video. This a great opportunity to educate your viewers further about your company.

With the contest, it becomes even easier to turn your viewers into contacts for your email distribution lists with an opt-in form.

You can, of course, track every answer to understand your audience better. Afterwards, a good strategy is to start injecting a more personalized approach to your marketing in the future.

Check out an example of a Video Quiz Contest here. 

Types of Interactive Video - Video Quiz Contest Example
Click the image to experience a Video Quiz Contest.

Turn Passive Viewers into Engaged Customers

As you now know, an interactive video has more engagement and longer viewing time on average than a standard video. Plus, with it, you can track and understand your audience better.

With more in-depth insights into your viewer’s mind, you learn about their preferences and their needs. Everything is being registered in a database and can be used in future marketing tactics. You can use the data to find out which products viewers clicked on and the ones for which they showed purchase intent. This knowledge can help you sell more.

In conclusion, there are different types of interactive video and numerous benefits of using each of them. You can design your content to serve a specific segment, offer call-to-action based on the person’s preferences. You can also magnify your conversion rate, and increase engagement.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get going and make your own…you’re an expert now!

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