5 Ways to Enhance Your Next Interactive Virtual Tour8 min read

Read this blog article to learn 5 ways to enhance your next Interactive Virtual Tour.

Becoming an industry leader is a long-term goal, which many companies have on their business agenda. However, besides having innovative products and services, it also takes a contemporary approach to business, to become an industry leader. Also, part of this innovative business approach is to have unique marketing activities, including engaging and inspiring content. Therefore, personalization and interactivity are key to create engaging content, converting leads into customers.
Hence, interactive experiences, such as Interactive Virtual Tours are a must for every brand, to become an innovative industry leader. Interactive Virtual Tours can be created in seven easy steps and will help you to be ahead of your competitors. Read more about five ways, how you could enhance your next Interactive Virtual Tour.  

5 Ways to Enhance Your Next Interactive Virtual Tour 

Most importantly, when creating an Interactive Virtual Tour, you should give the experience an approachable, customer-friendly, and human side. Therefore, let real people be present and add interactivity to your Interactive Virtual Tour. In turn, this will invite your customers to engage and interact more with your brand. Your possibilities to add interactivities are endless! Moreover, mixing different content types is an even better way to enhance your Interactive Virtual Tour. Because a mix will make it more fun and engaging.  
Learn 5 ways to enhance your next Interactive Virtual Tour and get inspired. 

Interactive Videos 

Due to social media, but also the COVID-19 pandemic, the way people consume media has quite changed. As a result, studies have shown that consumers of Gen Y have an average attention span of twelve seconds. The younger generation, Gen Z, has an even shorter average attention span of mere eight seconds. In other words, consumers want to see rather short videos and need to be more incentivized to actively engage.  

To create catchy experiences keeping customers engaged, Interactive Videos are a great addition to Interactive Virtual Tours.  There are different types of Interactive Videos you can add to your Interactive Virtual Tour. It all depends on your objectives and the purpose of your Interactive Virtual Tour.  For instance, an interactive video quiz contest helps opening up a dialog with your customers. Use pre-recorded videos for your questions and let your customers answer. This way you will improve learning and message retention. Also, the contest opt-in form will help you to collect behavioral data and generate new leads.  

Click here to try an example of an Interactive Video

Click on the image to try this example of an Interactive Video 

Product Recommenders 

Do offer a lot of different products, such as fashion, food, or else? Or are you selling rather complex products and services with a lot of features and options? Do you understand that your customers can be overwhelmed easily by the extensive portfolio? 
Product Recommenders, which are a part of Guided Selling, can make the shopping experience less complicated for your customers. In addition, you can help your customers find the right products through a product recommender. By answering a series of questions, they will be automatically guided towards the right products, features, or sections of your website. Base your questions, for instance, on needs, preferences, and personality. However, remember, the more questions you ask, the more effort it takes your customers to engage with the Product Recommender.  

With a Product Recommender for your Interactive Virtual Tours, you can personalize your marketing. Inform and educate your customers on your products, and collect data on their behavior. Turn your customers into confident buyers – and watch your sales grow! 

Click here to try an example of a Product Recommender

Click on the image to try this Product Recommender experience 


In connection to the Product Recommender, you could also add a Calculator to your Interactive Virtual Tour. Depending on the purpose, you can use different types of Interactive Calculators. Essentially, the calculator helps your customers to evaluate the value of your products and services. By inserting data into the form, your visitors can get an instant, calculated answer, which is based on a custom formula defined by you. As a result, your customers can make an even more informed purchasing decision, improving their experience with your brand. Using an interactive calculator can be just what your brand needs to be ahead of your competitors. 

Add a Calculator to your Interactive Virtual Tour to empower sales, boost lead generation, and increase website traffic. 

Click here to try an example of a Calculator

Click on the image to try the Calculator 

Marketing Games 

Add some gamification to your Interactive Virtual Tour. Marketing Games are fun tools to lighten everything up, increase engagement, and grow your email list. The outlook on a prize, other offers, or a leaderboard at the end of the game can motivate your customers. Additionally, the better the experience with your brand, the higher are the chances that your prospects turn into loyal customers. 

The more fun you create it, the more they will want to continue staying in your Interactive Virtual Tour. Fun games can include turning a Wheel of Fortune, doing a quiz, a puzzle, and any other types. If the games are entertaining and the reward is well-received, your Interactive Virtual Tour will be shared on social media. In turn, you will get more brand awareness.  

No matter what type of marketing game you choose, add them to your Interactive Virtual Tour and engage your customers.

Click here to try an example of a marketing game

Click on the image to try this example of a Marketing Game in form of a Tic Tac Toe Quiz 


Polls are a great tool to end and evaluate your Interactive Virtual Tour. For instance, in your poll, you could ask your customers three to five questions. Ask your customers, how they liked the Interactive Virtual Tour? Did they miss something about the experience? Would they recommend it to their friends and family? Do they have more questions?  
Moreover, decide if you want to gate, showing the average results with a lead form.  

With a poll, you receive your customers’ feedback and automatically collect data. This way you can understand how your campaign performed and improve your future marketing activities. 

Click here to try an example of a Poll

Click on the image to try this example of a Poll

Did you get inspired for your next Interactive Virtual Tour? 

In conclusion, to become an industry leader, it is key to innovatively engage and inspire your customers. Bring your creative ideas to life and design unique Interactive Virtual Tours. For more inspiration, find an example of an Interactive Virtual Tour here.  

Choose to customize or use templates and adapt them to create your own unique Interactive Virtual Tour. Whatever you decide, at Dot.vu you also get the needed support to make your next Interactive Virtual Tour a reality. 

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