What is the best way to engage your audience during your next webinar?8 min read

What is the best way to engage your audience during your next webinar?

Due to the recent global pandemic, the webinar industry has skyrocketed. 83% of marketers find webinars effective, even though only 41% participate in them on average. The conversion rates of webinars are usually between 5% and 20%, turning viewers into buyers, which is significantly higher than for other content types. Thus, webinars have become a powerful new medium for companies to educate, engage and convert their customers into loyal buyers.  

This is the time to give a chance to webinars if you have not yet done so. With some engagement tools, you can make sure that you create your webinar as effectively as possible. In this blog article, you can learn which engagement tools are perfect to create an engaging webinar. 

Define your Objectives 

Audience engagement is crucial whether you are live streaming a webinar or virtual event. The higher the engagement, the more likely a webinar or virtual event participant will convert to a paying customer. That is why you need to plan for audience engagement instead of relying on it to happen magically. 

Engagement is dependent on the specific goals of the event, whether it is generating and converting leads through video content or building customer relationships. Therefore, a good starting point is to define engagement measurements based on the objective of your webinars. For example, if your goal is to get leads, you might look at how many participants filled the lead form.  

Having the right objective paired with the right engagement metrics will help you track the most relevant data and apply it to your strategy.  

Make it Interactive 

Make use of virtual reality for your next Livestreamed webinar by engaging your customers and giving them an immersive feeling of your brand. For instance, by uploading 3D or 360 degree images and adding Interactive Experiences, you can create an Interactive Virtual Tour.

Depending on the purpose of the webinar, you can adjust your experiences. Make your customers participate, interactively consult them and help them make informed decisions via Livestream. 

Surveys /Quizzes /Polls 

Before your webinar begins, educate your customers about what you will present in the webinar with a survey or quiz. The survey or quiz can, for instance, be placed at the entrance of your virtual environment. Also, it is always recommended to work with a lead form at the beginning or the end of your Interactive Virtual Tour, collecting relevant customer data. The collected information will make it easier for you to reach out to your customers after your webinar.  

Also, leveraging polls in your Interactive Virtual Tour to gather information about your customers before the webinar starts is helpful. For instance, you could ask which topics your audience wants to hear about. Thus, your Livestream can be more relevant and engaging for your audience. 

Another option to kickstart or end your webinar is to get customers’ insights through a survey. Particularly, after the event, a survey is placed best to receive feedback from your audience. With the received feedback, you get some valuable insights about your customers’ opinions and preferences. In turn, make use of these customer insights to improve your future webinars. 


Fill your Virtual room with informative pictures about the event. Place at the beginning of the tour image of the schedule for the webinar or place a gallery of images with short descriptions that visitors can browse through and educate before the webinar starts.  To make your event even more engaging, ask visitors to take a picture of themselves and place their photos next to the webinar screen to create a life-like feeling of seeing others in the room. 


Are you planning to have a break during your webinar? Make sure your audience does not lose interest. Engaging Marketing Games, such as a shopping game or a cup game, entertain, engage your audience, and can even be rewarding for them.  


To fuel the conversation during your webinar, already in advance, interactive elements, such as an Interactive Video, can be mutually helpful for your audience and yourself. For instance, before your webinar starts, you could send an email to your list of signed-up participants with an Interactive Video, which introduces them to your company. With an Interactive Video prior your webinar, your audience will already have some insights into who you are and what your company offers. With an Interactive Video prior your webinar, your audience will already have some insights into who you are and what your company offers.  

Organize a Contest 

Set up a Wheel of Fortune in your Interactive Virtual Tour and chose one lucky visitor from those who filled the lead form. Thus, you will increase the lead amount and collect quality leads to reach out to later. It will also help to engage customers to participate and improve their perception of your brand. It is a great way to promote your product or a sponsor one by giving it out to your customers. 

Scale it up 

Do you want to scale up your webinar with multiple speakers or with breakout rooms? Create several rooms in your Interactive Virtual Tour and, in the meantime, entertain your visitors with more Interactive Content and Experiences. Another way to engage your customer is to create gated rooms that open at a specific time when the webinar starts or gets triggered when visitors have filled in the lead form. 

Review Analytics 

At the end of the webinar, it is essential to review all the data gathered to optimize your future marketing campaigns based on the insights you collected. Send out follow-up messages to those who subscribed to remind them about your future events or materials based on their preferences. Check your engagement metrics to validate if you achieved your objectives. This will help you to reflect on and improve your future webinars. 

Engage your Audience during your next webinar! 

Webinars can be a great new medium to educate and engage your customers and generate leads. However, it requires a bit more to engage the audience. Making your webinar interactive will make it more engaging and entertaining for your audience, and a memorable immersive experience will remain for them. 

Therefore, get started creating your next webinar with Interactive Content and Dot.vu. Interactive Content, such as an Interactive Virtual Tour, which was an example in this blog article, is the best way to engage your audience before, during, and after your next webinar. If you want to learn more about Interactive Content, book a demo and let Dot.vu show you how it works. 

Read more about the different Interactive Content types and how to work with them on our blog. 

If you already know what you want to create, discover the Dot.vu marketplace with hundreds of templates, which you can customize and personalize for your marketing activities. 

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