[Interactive Chart] Serve your Audience a Balanced Content Diet

Content Marketing is hard work – what works today, may not work tomorrow.

If all of your content looks and feels the same, with time, it will start feeling flat and your audience will soon tire of it. That’s why it’s important to mix it up and serve up content that suits different needs and situations.

But what does a well-rounded content mix look like? Think of the types of content as food groups that comprise a healthy (content) diet, where each food group ‘slice’ should always factor in your sweet spot, character and tone.

Click on the orange action points below, to explore the chart: 

The essentials: 

The following are key factors that you should always keep in mind when creating content.

Your sweet spot: The best content comes from a very specific, clearly delineated sphere of expertise. This is the zone where you have the most authority. It’s where no one has a better claim on expertise than you do.

Your character: How would you describe your brand’s character? Friendly, warm, inspiring, playful, authoritative, professional or something else? Always keep this in mind when creating content.

Your tone: Some buyers respond best to a light, conversational voice, while others trust a more formal tone. It might also be personal, humble, clinical, honest, direct, scientific or something else. Make  sure to maintain a your tone of voice consistently.


Content food groups: 

You can think about types of content as food groups, and a healthy content mix as a healthy diet. Here’s how to build a robust content food pyramid:


Healthy veggies, packed full of nutrients and vitamins that make your audience smarter. ‘Veggie’ content should educate your audience in your area of expertise (sweet spot).


‘Protein’ content strengthens and empowers. It gives your audience the tools to make more informed decisions or help them in their work / activities. The keyword here is utility!

Granola bar 

This is the kind of content one can consume everyday; just like a granola bar, it’s basic, quick to consume and good for you.

Gourmet Canapé

‘Canapes’ are combinations of different elements that together form an inspiring creation. Just like a canapé, some of your content pieces should serve to inspire your audience.


Once in a while it’s good to turn up the heat and stimulate your audience. Start discussions that spark debate or throw a challenge at your audience.

Chocolate Cake

Everyone deserves a bit of indulgence every now and then, so why not offer some to your audience in the form of entertaining content?


Conclusion: It’s important to innovate your content marketing to keep your audience tuned in and eager for more. While the content ‘food groups’ above represent a variety of options, you will need to figure out what mix is right for your company.

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