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Mistakes to avoid in your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The days and weeks leading up to the holidays can be the most hectic and overwhelming time of the year. And on top, we most certainly all have things we avoid around the holidays: busy office days before the year ends, too crowded shopping streets, stressful traffic, annoying family members and acquaintances that reappear every time you go home…

Even if you are not a fan of the holidays, being part of all the festive fun. Holiday marketing is one of the best ways to reach new leads. Also, existing customers will engage more actively with your brand. However, there are a lot of mistakes one can do when planning and implementing holiday marketing activities.

Learn in this blog article which mistakes to avoid in your holiday marketing campaign.

Mistakes to avoid in your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Last Minute Planning

By the beginning of October, you should have your marketing strategy and plan in place. Latest by the end of the month, you should start implementing it. Good things take time, and thus, do not wait until November with your holiday marketing campaign planning and its initiation. Tools like Asana,, and SEMrush can help you plan, prepare and schedule your content for the holiday season.

This might seem a little self-explanatory, but you can never start planning early enough!

Leverage the Spirit of the Season – Say goodbye to your inner Grinch

Not everyone has to love the holidays. Not everyone has to love the holidays. However, you should not refuse to engage in the festivities, not planning on publishing any holiday-themed content. No one likes a Grinch. Dampening others’ spirits will not win you new customers over or maintain a good relationship with the existing ones.

However, adding holiday buzzwords to your next email or publishing a “Happy Thanksgiving” post on social media is not going to cut it. To successfully boost your sales during the holiday season, you need to put your red stocking cap on and get into the festive mood. However, do not emulate a false holiday cheer to avoid coming off as phony. As with many things in life and business, also the amount of your holiday marketing depends on the balance!

For instance, show your festive mood by cross-promoting with other brands and businesses to get more exposure and extend your customer base.

Another way to be part of the festive fun would be to give something back to your customers with an online Advent Calendar, which is interactive and engaging, rewarding them each day with a nice surprise prize. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness. An Interactive Advent Calendar does not only entertain and reward your customers but also allows you to generate more leads, promote products and collect first- and zero-party data.

Try an example of an Interactive Advent Calendar

Click the image to try an example of an Interactive Advent Calendar.

Focusing on One Holiday Only

The era of technology and ecommerce has given customers the convenience and many new events to shop for the holidays. Shopping events, such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, single’s day, free shipping day, and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for every business to special offers for their customers, increasing sales. Only Cyber Monday is predicted to generate over US$11.8 billion+ in sales in 2021. That shows that the holiday season is an incredible time to take advantage of.

Having different offers throughout the holiday season is a great way to keep your customers engaged. Keep in mind that how you present your special offers to your customers is crucial to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Interactive Content, such as an Interactive Flipbook, Interactive Videos or Marketing Games can help you get the attention of your customers.

For instance, create a countdown to your Black Friday sales and on the day itself, surprise and reward your customers hourly with limited discount codes.

Getting creative with your offers and giving your customers several options will keep them engaged and curious about the next offer.

Try an example of a Marketing Game

Click the image to try a Marketing Game yourself.

Not addressing all of your Customers – also your existing ones

To most of us it might seem common sense, but during the hectic holiday season, when companies are trying to reach new customers with their holiday-themed campaigns, they often forget about their old and regular customers.

This is where a thoroughly planned strategy and plan comes in handy! Paid advertising is becoming increasingly more important for every business. Thus, if you do not normally pay for advertising, this is the perfect time to splurge. For instance, you could use different ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads to target different audiences.

Adapt your strategy a few times and find the best way how you can focus on gaining new customers without neglecting your current ones.

Having no Email Marketing Strategy or Sending too Many Emails

Have you ever noticed that in the last quarter of the year, you receive more emails than usually? Data shows that on Black Friday alone 116.5 million emails were sent, which is more than any other single day. Moreover, Black Friday emails saw the highest number of open and click rates. Generally, customers who purchase products through email are likely to spend 138% more than the ones who do not receive email offers. Obviously, email marketing is important and can be responsible for around 20% of online holiday site visits.

However, considering your own experience with holiday email marketing, you will notice that it can easily be overdone. Thus, be mindful of how many emails you pile up in your stream and what purpose each one has.

Overall, it is the emails that are creative, short, and add value that catch your customers’ attention. For instance, a simple, but catchy subject line and preview text must spark interest, so your customers will open the email. To shorten down your content per email, work with links and interactivity. That way, your customers who want to learn more will click the links. Gift guides, information about your products, or discount codes are for instance valuable to your customers, as they get inspired and can save money.

In a nutshell: ramp up your email marketing around the holidays, but do not become a spammer. Rather focus on creating strong emails that focus on the most important values you want customers to know and send them out at the right moment.

Focusing on only one Marketing Tactic

While you spending time focusing on one or two marketing tactics, use the holiday season to try new avenues. Using only one marketing tactic limits your potential customer reach, and also lacks the creativity and authenticity customers expect in today’s digital reality.

For instance, leverage the power of social media. As a retailer, you can even benefit from social shops such as on Instagram or Facebook. In general, if you have not done so yet, increase your social media activity during the holidays. Create a content calendar with key holiday dates, publish holiday-themed posts, and use festive hashtags to share your promotions. Particularly, YouTube is visited by around 68% of shoppers before making a purchase. GoPro is a great example for how companies apply a YouTube marketing strategy to sell more in the holiday season. The company for action cameras doubles profits by allowing users to upload exciting and amazing footage captured with the camera.

Not using Interactive Content

Organizing virtual events during the holiday season is a different way of promoting, for instance, your latest products or simply showing your customers their possibilities with your products. Especially, Interactive Virtual Tours are the most innovative approach, which potential only a few companies have recognized, yet. Interactive Virtual Tours allow you to make your customers feel that they are physically present in the same room as you. Additionally, with different Interactive Experiences, you can invite your customers to engage and connect with other customers and your brand.

Try an example of an Interactive Virtual Tour

Click the image to experience an Interactive Virtual Tour example.

Moreover, when creating content for your holiday marketing campaign, consider making it interactive. Interactive Content offers you endless possibilities to generate more leads, boost sales and collect zero- and first-party data.

For instance, asking questions in form of an Interactive Quiz, including visual can be fun for your customers. Also, Gift Guides, which help your customers to find the perfect gift for their loved ones are a unique method to inform and educate them.

Try an example of an Interactive Holiday Gift Guide

Click the image to experience an Interactive Gift Guide example.

Overall, try to aim for at least three different channels to promote your holiday marketing campaign digitally. For example:

  • Your website in holiday-themed colors, pop-up windows and landing pages
  • Paid advertising via Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads
  • Emails, e.g. with discount codes
  • Blog articles that are holiday-themed and deliver a value
  • Social media posts

As of today: Avoid those Mistakes in your Holiday Campaign!

The holiday season can be hectic and overwhelming for every business. However, try to avoid those mistakes while implementing your holiday campaign and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this jolly time. We also recommend avoiding these 7 Easter promotion mistakes in your Easter holiday campaign.

With you can create holiday-themed Interactive Content easily and effortlessly. Visit the marketplace for some inspiration or request a demo today to learn more about Interactive Content and how to create it on

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