New Interactive Content Templates this December

We’ve just released 4 beautifully designed templates!

Our design team released these 4 templates that allow you to quickly create a range of different kinds of interactive content. If you have an account on Dot (we offer a free 30-day trial) you can use these templates to customize, brand and launch interactive content in a flash!

Assessment Test Template with 3 categories and a score at the end
3 Category Assessment
Offer your audience a detailed assessment based on 3 distinct factors or categories. Use this as a tool to uncover gaps, needs or pains for each prospect – and provide them with scores, custom feedback and solutions.
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Video with decision-tree navigation
Video Decision-Tree
Customize your video content for each viewer by asking a question while they watch, and adapting the subsequent video content based on their answer. It’s a great way to engage your audience, suggest the right product/solution and also learn about what interests them.
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interactive video company presentation template with chapters in video
Interactive Video Company Presentation
Turn your company presentation video into an interactive experience where the user can navigate through chapters or topics in your video. You can even use this template to promote specific products or services.
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Solution-suggesting test template
Solution-suggesting Test
Help your prospects and customers discover which product or solution is the best match for their needs. Plug each user’s personal triats, habits, preferences and needs to your specific solution, and maximize conversion.
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