New Interactive Content Templates this February

Fresh off the press – 8 beautifully designed templates!

Our design team has been in overdrive, churning out new Interactive Video, Assessment, Solution Builder and Quiz templates. If you have an account on Dot (we offer a free 30-day trial) you can use these templates to customize, brand and launch interactive content in a flash!

Check out all the new templates below

Microsite with Product-Suggesting App
Create a microsite that tells your audience about your business and helps them discover which of your products are best suited for their needs.
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gated assessment test template
Gated Assessment Test
Help your audience uncover their needs, pains or gaps with this assessment. Offer them with high-value custom advice for their specific situation in exchange for basic contact information.
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Shoppable product video template
Shoppable Product Video
Turn your passive product video into an interactive experience that drives conversion. Enable interactive functionalities that allow your users to click on products they see in the video and learn more about them, and go to your e-shop to make a purchase.
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Interactive Video with chapters for company presentations
Gated Interactive Company Presentation
Turn your company presentation video into an interactive experience where the user can navigate through chapters or topics in your video. This template is great for companies who need to gate their presentations.
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Quiz that suggests products to the customer
Product-suggesting Personality Test
Create a personality test to engage your audience, but also to pitch the right product to the right “personality type”. Plug each user’s personal traits, habits, preferences and needs to your specific solution – and maximize conversion.
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Quiz that gives feedback after every question
Educational Quiz
This quiz is great for promoting your new e-book or just for educating your audience about your area of expertise. Each question stage provides the reader with feedback on her answer before moving on to the next question. This template has a score at the end, along with a call-to-action.
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Solution building marketing app template
Solution Builder
Build a custom solution for each user, by offering feedback on every answer to each of the 3 questions in this template. Simulate a conversation with a real consultant by giving the user detailed, precise advice for every discussion point.
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Video Quiz
Encourage your audience to pay close attention to your video content by asking them questions while they watch. Offer them an incentive to answer all questions right win a giveaway or prize that they can with by filling out the opt-in form on the last page.
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