What is an Interactive Flipbook?

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Before we dive into the concept of Interactive Flipbook, let’s start this blog post by reflecting on PDFs. When was the last time you downloaded a PDF? Did you read it? Did you save it? Do you reopen it frequently?  

I don’t know for you, but at Dot.vu, we’re unanimous; we rarely see value in the PDFs we encountered. Most of the time, we download a PDF to look for a specific stat. So, we quickly browse through the PDF to find what we are looking for and probably never reopen it again. We don’t interact with most of the content in a PDF, and we rarely download one if we can avoid it. That’s because PDFs are generally boring. They’re an old type of content that needs to be adapted to the reality of 2020: humans have a short attention span!  

That’s why creating stunning Interactive Flipbooks or flipping your old PDFs into them has started to be very popular. It’s because companies are adjusting to their target audience: they are giving them a better type of content instead. A type of content that is more engaging and visually appealing. 

What is an Interactive Flipbook?  

An Interactive Flipbook is an interactive experience that looks like an online book or magazine. In addition, viewers can turn the pages and flip through like if they were physically engaging with the experience. It is a new and innovative way of presenting content that replaces PDFs and other types of paper-based content like magazines, reports and brochures or catalogs, etc.  

Interactive Flipbooks can be used for many different purposes. For example, an eCommerce company could use an Interactive Flipbook as a product catalog to showcase their products. A SaaS company could use an Interactive Flipbook as an eBook to teach their target audience on a specific subject related to their business. An Entrepreneur could display its expertise by using an Interactive Flipbook as a brochure. Any large company could use an Interactive Flipbook to create a stunning annual report for its board members. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what’s great with this type of Interactive Content

What is an Interactive Flipbook?

Why is it important to flip your PDFs into Interactive Flipbooks?  

Since Interactive Flipbooks became popular, many companies have started to flip their old and boring PDFs into stunning Interactive Flipbooks. There are many reasons why companies would do that, but let’s look at the 4 main ones. 

In an Interactive Flipbook, as opposed to in a PDF, you can add as many interactive experiences as you want. 

As a result, rather than passively reading your PDF, viewers are asked to interact with it by answering questions in a quiz, clicking on hotspots to learn more about your products, collecting points in a game, etc. These interactive experiences boost your engagement rate and create memorable and personalized experiences for the viewers. That’s why an Interactive Flipbook is a fantastic type of Interactive Content

With an Interactive Flipbook, you can also add gated lead forms to grow your email list. 

For example, you can add a gated lead form for specific sections or interactive experiences. Therefore, if the viewers want to play the Spot the Difference game you added to your Flipbook, they’ll have to fill out the form. It’s an amazing way to collect new lead that you can use later on in your sales funnel

You can boost sales by joining product information pop-ups to your Interactive Flipbooks. 

Pop-up pages are a great feature of this type of interactive experience. When using them, customers can learn more about specific products or services that are interesting to them without leaving your flipbook. For eCommerce purposes, viewers can also directly add the products they like to their basket, which is a great way to accelerate their decision-making process.  

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of turning your PDF into an Interactive Flipbook is the possibility to capture data insights.

 You can use these insights to understand better how things are performing and optimize your interactive experience. To name a few examples, with an Interactive Flipbook, you can track who reads them, how long they read them, where they click, what interactive experiences they interact with, and many other data points.  

Why is it important to flip your PDFs to Interactive Flipbooks?

5 Examples of Interactive Experiences to add to your Interactive Flipbook 

There are many types of Interactive Experiences you can add to a Flipbook. Again, the possibilities are endless. But below, we wanted to highlight 5 common experiences to add.

1. Polls 

Polls are also very interesting to include because customers often like to compare themselves with others, so they will typically generate a lot of engagement. Moreover, you can use them to learn more about your customers’ preferences.  

For example, you could ask your customers which little black dress they prefer between choice #1 and choice #2. Another example could be to ask your customers what the most important criteria for them is when looking for a new CRM system (a. the price, b. the integrations, c. the features, etc.). 

Would you like to see an example of a poll? 

Click on the image to try this Simple Poll with Gated Results

2. Marketing Games 

Games are always fun, or at least they should be. Adding  marketing games  in your interactive flipbook is a great way to encourage your customers to flip through the entire experience. The funnier you make it, the more they’ll want to continue reading it. Funny games can include turning a Wheel of Fortune or doing a quiz to get a discount. If the games are entertaining and the reward is well-received, your Interactive Flipbook will probably even be shared on social media, and you’ll generate more awareness. 

Take a look at this example of a marketing game:  

Click on the image to try this Puzzle

3. Calculators 

Calculators  can be used for many different purposes. For this reason, depending on the purpose of your calculator, it will have different results. Let’s say you want to use a calculator simply to entertain your readers; then, you could add a funny love calculator.  

But, one of the best calculators to add in an Interactive Flipbook is a Product Finder with Cost Calculation. This calculator can help your customers evaluate the real value of your products. For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce shop that sells espresso machines. By answering a couple of questions, your readers can calculate the price of each coffee a specific machine can make. 

In the following example, you can calculate the cost per use of a product. Of course, the prices and products in the interactive experience are simply there as examples.  

Click on the image to try this Interactive Experience

4. Quizzes 

Quizzes  are always a favorite of customers. They can be used in many places in an Interactive Flipbook since there are different  types of quizzes. Moreover, quizzes are an excellent way to increase your engagement rate and to get social shares.  

Below you can find the best types of quizzes to include in an Interactive Flipbook.  

Diagnostic quizzes 

Diagnostic quizzes help your customers to find solutions for what they are looking for. For example, you could have a quiz to help customers find the best product for their hair or help them identify which antivirus is best for them, depending on their usage.  

Buzzfeed style quizzes 

You can include Buzzfeed style quizzes to entertain your readers. They don’t have the goal to inform customers or to target them more efficiently; they simply make your Interactive Flipbook more entertaining. It could be anything like, “How many plants can you identify?”. Of course, the quiz should be somewhat related to your products, so don’t make a quiz about plants if you aren’t selling any. 

Personality quizzes 

Personality quizzes  are often a favorite of customers because they help them learn more about themselves. The trick here is to link the results with your products. For example, you could have the following test: “Find the perfect little black dress for yourself”, where the results would suggest a specific dress from your product catalog. 

IQ or knowledge quizzes 

This kind of quiz is excellent if you sell a specific type of product that customers are passionate about (e.g., plants, board games, a marketing solution for marketers, etc.). Your customers will love to be able to test their skills in your Interactive Flipbook.  

For example, if you have an online board games shop, you could include a quiz about the rules of Monopoly or Munchkin. If you are selling a SaaS, you could evaluate your visitors’ expertise on specific subjects related to your product offering.  

Try this Trivia Quiz as an example:  

Click on the image to try this Trivia Quiz

5. Interactive Video 

Interactive Videos are also a great addition to any Interactive Flipbooks. Why? Because some viewers will get tired of reading content. With this in mind, mixing different content types is an excellent way of making your experience less monotonous and more entertaining.  

There are different types of Interactive Videos you can add in an Interactive Flipbooks depending on its purpose.  

Shoppable Videos 

If the goal of your Interactive Video is to showcase your products, then you should consider adding a shoppable video to your flipbook. In  shoppable videos, you can visually and appealingly advertise your products while allowing customers to click on elements that are interesting to them and buy them on the spot. It’s great, isn’t it?  

Interactive Sales Consultation  

Another great Interactive Video to add to your Interactive Flipbook is an Interactive Sales Consultation video. In this type of video, you open a dialog with your viewers where you ask them questions on their needs, and you reply to them with pre-recorded answers. Interactive Sales Consultation are great for most B2B companies or B2C companies with a complex product.  

Gamified Interactive Video 

If you want to use an Interactive Video to entertain and boost engagement in your Interactive Flipbook, consider adding a Gamified Interactive Video. In such a video, you can highlight your products or services, but you mainly want to delight viewers with a small quiz or a game in the video.  

Not sure what is an Interactive Video yet? Check it out below in the example below! 

We hope you found this article insightful. Certainly, the old way of creating PDFs is dead, but that doesn’t mean that the concept is. As with any other product, to become timeless, we have to adapt it to the latest technological advancements. In the case of the PDFs, that means flipping them into Interactive Flipbooks. 

If you are interested in learning more about flipping your old PDFs into Interactive Flipbooks, you are more than welcome to book a free demo with our team. That way, you’ll see how simple it is with our solution. 

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