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Break out of the ordinary: Explore Christmas gamification in 2024 Blog post by

As businesses gear up for the holiday season, it’s no secret that connecting with customers on a deeper level is essential. While traditional approaches like social media promotions, free shipping, giveaways, charity fundraising, and gift cards are undeniably effective, we’re here to unveil a game-changing strategy that will take your Christmas marketing to the next level: gamification. 

In this blog post, we invite you to step into the world of gamification and discover how infusing playful elements into your holiday marketing efforts can captivate your audience in a natural and unique way. Plus, we will give you a few examples of Marketing Games. Open any of them to play and experience the power of gamification yourself!  

In this blog post, you will learn:

What is gamification in marketing?  

Gamification in marketing is when companies use elements of games and play to make their content more engaging and fun. It is the process of turning different game aspects, like challenges, rewards, and progress, into a part of a brand’s promotion.  

Imagine your customers playing a game on their phones, earning free samples or discount codes on your products. For example, if you sell perfumes, you can create an online game where visitors spin a virtual wheel and win 20 or 30% off your bestselling items. Those prizes serve as a great incentive to buy from your brand!   

Benefits of Christmas gamification 

Here are a few reasons why you will benefit from implementing Christmas gamification in 2024: 

  • Boost customer engagement. People love to play games. By implementing gamification, you will make users feel the thrill of challenging themselves or trying their luck.  
  • Increase brand loyalty. What better way to boost your brand than creating an unforgettable, fun, and rewarding game with your logo.  
  • Collect data and customer insights. With some gamification software like, you can track all interactions within the game. How many people landed on your game, home many clicked “play,” and how many played until the end: you have a clear overview of all these actions.  
  • Increase website traffic. If you promote your game correctly by spreading the word on social media, important website pages, and your newsletters, more people will come to play and earn a reward.  
  • Boost sales. Winning a discount code or free shipping will incentivize more purchases for Christmas.  
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Why is gamification an effective part of a Christmas campaign?  

More than 60% of US consumers prefer to buy their holiday gifts online. Therefore, your website can be a gold mine for attracting buyers during Christmas! But how do you turn visitors into confident shoppers?  

Competition among businesses for customer attention is tough during the Christmas season. Creating interesting, customer-centric content is one of the marketing activities that will help you stand out. Don’t rely solely on traditional methods like announcing exclusive deals, free shipping, and bundle options.  

Go beyond treating customers with holiday gifts (like discount codes) to challenging them with a game to win the discount code themselves. Dare them to win their free shipping. Gamification enables you to make your Christmas content much more exciting and memorable, breaking out of the ordinary.

Christmas gamification examples and tips 

In this paragraph, we will explore 10 examples of Christmas-themed Marketing Games. What is more, you will get valuable tips on replicating these games quickly, without writing a single line of code!  

Pro tip: If you like any of these templates, create a free account and use it to boost your Christmas marketing. Customize the template elements to match your brand. You can modify the general settings, pages, leads forms, prize management, and more!  

1. Christmas Roulette 

Invite your customers for a thrilling spin on the Christmas Roulette wheel.  

In this game, users must choose their item wisely, because only one section holds a spectacular surprise. If luck is on their side as the wheel spins, it will stop on their chosen item, revealing an amazing reward.  

Pro tip: Make sure to select exciting rewards that will incentivize purchases. For instance, if players win 20% off on your products, they will be tempted to buy from your brand! 

christmas roulette game template by

2. Christmas Daily Quiz 

Prepare your audience for a brain-teasing adventure with a Christmas Daily Quiz.  

Each day throughout December, people who signed up return to play and answer a question. If they answer correctly, they get a prize! 

Pro tip: Write questions that are related to your company, products, or industry. By doing this, you will increase brand awareness. 

christmas daily quiz template by

3. Christmas Slot Machine 

What about letting your customers feel the jingle of a Christmas Slot Machine? In this game, participants must spin the reels and match the festive symbols to win a prize.  

Pro tip: Create buzz around your game by allowing participants to sing-up before the campaign starts.  

christmas slot machine template by

4. Christmas Tapping Game 

Create a festive tapping extravaganza for your customers.  

This Christmas Tapping Game has three levels, each promising an entertaining experience. Players need to quickly tap on a specific item avoiding the sneaky distraction that can steal their points.  

Pro tip: Select exciting rewards for every level, enticing visitors to progress and grab their prizes.  

christmas tapping game template by

5. Advent Calendar with Daily Prizes 

Create holiday excitement with an Online Advent Calendar with Daily Prizes. Imagine how your customers would open a new door each day to reveal a surprise gift waiting just for them.  

Receiving the rewards is also gamified. Players need to tap on the gift box to reveal the prize.  

Pro tip: Create anticipation for your calendar in advance. As a result, you will have a higher number of participants.

advent calendar with daily prize template by

6. Advent Calendar with Scratch Cards 

Here is another virtual representation of an advent calendar. Every day in December brings a new chance for your customers to scratch and reveal hidden surprises.  

Will they uncover discount codes, or maybe special gifts? As they scratch away, the anticipation grows.  

Pro tip: Customize every door to match your brand guidelines, so users will have your brand’s name at the top of their minds as they play.

advent calendar with scratch cards template by

7. 24-Day Advent Calendar with Quiz 

Let your customers embark on a daily quest of knowledge and excitement with a 24-Day Advent Calendar with Quiz! 

Each day, visitors can return and answer your questions. If they answer correctly, they enter a draw for a chance to win an exciting reward.  

Pro tip: Ask questions related to your brand, products, services, or industry to boost brand awareness and educate your customers.

advent calendar with quiz template by

8. Christmas Dice Game 

Christmas Dice Game is a fun experience where users roll the dice and let the holiday luck unfold.  

Players must toss two dice and land on a double six for a chance to win a prize. When they claim victory, they need to select a gift and place it in the Christmas sock to reveal the prize.  

Pro tip: Customize all pages and game elements to fully match your brand design.

christmas dice game template by

9. Xmas Lucky Draw 

Create some hype and give customers a thrilling chance at the Xmas Lucky Draw.  

The game is as easy as signing up and entering for a shot at winning exciting prizes. Once players have completed the lead form, they will enter the draw, eagerly awaiting to see if luck will be on their side. If they are lucky, they will be rewarded with one of the six special cards, each revealing a surprise.  

Pro tip: Customize the cards design to reflect your brand look.  

xmas lucky draw template by

10. Scratchcard – Christmas Edition

Take the festivities up a notch and let customers scratch their way through Christmas.

This Marketing Game not only helps you grow your email list but also adds an element of surprise to your website, delighting visitors with incredible rewards. It’s the perfect online experience for the holiday season, offering potential buyers a fun and engaging distraction during this festive time. ​

Pro tip: Use a simple lead form to reduce drop out.

scratchcard christmas edition template by


Gamify your 2024 Christmas campaign and let customers exclaim, “It’s a joyous game!” 

By using game elements in your Christmas campaigns, gamification takes your brand to new heights of excitement and rewards. It transforms the holiday season into a memorable experience that captivates your audience.  

Gamifying your Christmas campaigns is both fun and rewarding for your brand. With, you can quickly create any Christmas-themed Marketing Game without writing a single line of code. So, this Christmas, embrace the power of gamification and unlock a world of festive fun and limitless possibilities for your brand. 

Visit our marketplace and explore various customizable templates. Create a free account to use any of them, and welcome a profitable Christmas season!  

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