12 Amazing Christmas marketing ideas to skyrocket your sales19 min read

12 amazing Christmas marketing ideas to skyrocket your sales

Are you ready for Christmas? Planning your Christmas marketing strategy on time helps you capitalize on this hectic shopping season. When we say on time, we mean at least two months in advance. The reason: holiday shopping begins as early as mid-October!  

The time of crazy discounts, great deals, and tempting limited offers means higher revenue for most retailers. However, to stand out from the crowd, you need to create unique and memorable customer experiences.  

We have made an ultimate list of 12 amazing Christmas marketing ideas that will surprise your customers. All experiences in this blog post encourage your visitors to interact actively with your brand. 

In this article, you will learn more about:

So, let’s get started!  

Why is interactivity so good for your Christmas Marketing?

Using different types of Interactive Content is a proven method to increase engagement, improve the user experience and enhance your brand image. In contrast to static content like product descriptions, catalogs, and linear videos, Interactive Content encourages your visitors to be active participants in the experience. Therefore, they become a part of the journey by clicking on images, answering questions, or modifying a storyline.  

Creating tailored Christmas marketing campaigns is significant for your business as this holiday is one of the busiest times of the year. People are buying for themselves, friends, spouses, and family. It is a great seasonal marketing opportunity for you to build awareness around your brand, boost your sales, and enhance your brand image. However, most companies rely on traditional holiday promotions to attract new buyers. Leveraging the power of Interactive Content can make your Christmas marketing an incomparable success.  

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So, let’s explore the best Interactive Experiences for running a successful Christmas marketing campaign!  

12 Nifty Christmas marketing ideas to boost sales!

1. Online Advent Calendar

We all know what an advent calendar is. You can now digitalize this ever-present part of the Christmas season to reach your online customers. The Online Advent Calendar is a digital calendar with 24 doors, and behind each door, a prize awaits your clients. It can be a discount on your product, giveaways, or free samples. You can even include quizzes and other fun Interactive Experiences to boost engagement.   

This experience invites your visitors to return to your website every day during December to unlock their surprises. Therefore, you will keep visitors longer on your page.  

Time for an example! This 24-day Advent Calendar will engage your customers to open daily locks, test their knowledge with a quick quiz, and possibly reward them with a prize.

Christmas marketing campaign: Online advent calendar
Advent Calendar with Quiz. Click on the image to try the experience!

An Online Advent Calendar is perfect for:  

  • Promoting your products  
  • Boosting sales 
  • Increasing customer engagement  
  • Expanding brand awareness  

You can use the calendar to promote your best products during December. What you need to do is reward your audience with discounts and limited offers on the items you want to sell during the holidays.  

Interactive Guide about Online Advent Calendars - Banner - Dot.vu

2. Marketing Games  

Christmas is a time to relax, meet family and friends, and have some fun! You can show genuine customer appreciation with games and entertainment. Creating gamified experiences for your customers will highly pay off. The reason for this is that your audience becomes more emotionally attached to your brand. You can digitalize any traditional game that comes to mind. Alternatively, you can create Christmas interactive games from scratch.  

Providing your customers with online games will entertain them. Make sure to include your logo and traditional colors. As a result, people will associate the game with your brand and positive emotions. 

There are many different fun Marketing Games, such as games of chance, knowledge games, platform games, tapping games, puzzles, hidden objects, and strategy games. You can convert any of these into dazzling Christmas interactive games where your customers will actively engage with your brand.  

Pro tip: Remember to make your game mobile-friendly, as more and more people prefer using their mobile devices instead of computers.   

Marketing Games are perfect for:  

  • Increasing customer engagement  
  • Expanding brand awareness 
  • Attracting new visitors  

Example is better than precept! Play one of Dot.vu’s Christmas interactive games (or maybe all of them)! You will find out immediately why gamified experiences are among our top Christmas marketing ideas.

May we interest you in a tapping game? This challenging Christmas tapping game is a the perfect way to engage your customers in December.

Christmas interactive game: Christmas tapping game
Are you quick enough to win the game?

Fun is not over! Here we have another game that will make your customers return to your website to win a prize. Are they lucky enough? You will find out over time!

Christmas interactive game: Christmas roulette
Feeling lucky? Give it a try!

3. Interactive Quiz  

Kick off the Christmas entertainment with a festive quiz. You can create a one-time holiday-themed quiz or a daily quiz to increase website traffic. A few rounds of testing your customers’ knowledge can drive massive engagement. However, you might ask yourself – why would people spend their time answering some questions on your website during their holidays? The answer is easy: discounts!  

You can reward participants with free samples or discounts on your bestselling Christmas products. Both sides win – you sell more while your customers have fun and win prizes.  

Interactive Quizzes are perfect for:  

  • Increasing customer engagement  
  • Expanding brand awareness 
  • Attracting new visitors 

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Have a look at this Christmas Daily Quiz which will keep your customers engaged during December.

Christmas interactive quiz
Click on the image to explore the experience!

4. Hourly Surprises

Hourly Surprises is an astounding Interactive Experience that runs for a day and releases limited hourly offers when people click on a box. Each hourly offer can include 1-4 items on sale.  

This campaign is an excellent addition to your Christmas marketing because it creates a sense of urgency. Hence, it adds an extra layer of good pressure on your customers. As a result, potential buyers will feel that they must decide quickly, and there is no time to rethink the offer or browse for a better one. If your deal is tempting enough, they will simply go through with the purchase. Moreover, your prospects will engage with your brand throughout the day, waiting to unlock the different offers.       

Let me give you an idea of how you can apply this to your Christmas Marketing. With an Hourly Surprises campaign, you can take advantage of the situation of those buyers that could not decide what they should buy. For this reason, setting up a campaign 1-2 days before Christmas Eve can help these prospects to get inspiration. Yet, time is ticking for them, they got to get these last gifts and the urgency that this Interactive Experience causes will push them to make a decision quickly. In the end, if your offer is good enough, they will not hesitate. The result will be a happy Christmas for everyone, including you and your business! 

Hourly Surprises are great for:  

  • Increasing website traffic  
  • Promoting products  
  • Boosting sales 
  • Attracting new visitors
Christmas hourly surprises
Click on the image to see how it works!

5. Interactive Flipbook  

An Interactive Flipbook is an innovative Interactive Experience that replaces old and boring PDFs. You can say goodbye to mind-numbing static content and replace it with interactivity. Moreover, you can add as many interactive elements as you want. Viewers can turn the pages as if it was a book and interact with the various experiences. They can do that by clicking on hotspots, collecting points in a game, or answering questions in a quiz.  

An excellent idea could be to create an interactive magazine as a form of Interactive Flipbook in which you can share Christmas recipes, decoration ideas, winter fashion trends, and gift ideas. This is a great way to provide inspirational and educational material to your visitors. As a result, you will increase your brand recognition.  

Use an Interactive Flipbook when what you want to achieve is:  

  • Increasing brand awareness 
  • Boosting customer satisfaction  
  • Increasing time-on-page  

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The example below is a flipbook where your customers can keep their favorite items and create their own wishlist. Not only do they flip through the pages as if it were a real magazine, but they can also find the right product for their needs after answering a few questions in the end of the experience.

Christmas marketing idea: Flipbook wishlist
Click on the flip through the pages of the Christmas Wishlist Flipbook!

6. Interactive Video

This type of Interactive Experience can replace monotonous, one-way videos. So instead of watching a standard video, your customers actively interact with it through clickable points. This way, it will be much more enjoyable.   

An idea for this year’s Christmas marketing is to showcase products for Christmas through an Interactive Video. It will help your customers discover which products best match their needs. Using the clickable points, also known as ‘hotspots,’ your customers can interact with the specifics of the video. In fact, it will help them to get a better perspective on your products. This way, you really take it one step further and help buyers find what suits their needs.  

Here is a ready-to-steal idea for your Interactive Video: the video starts rolling, starting outside of your store, and moving inside when the first question pops up: For whom are you shopping? Women, men, children? Let’s say the customer wants a gift for a man and clicks on that option. The video jumps to the men’s department and starts showcasing five products. If the customer likes one of the products, with only one click, he can see more information in the video or land directly on the webshop. 

Creating an Interactive Video is amazing for: 

  • Enhancing brand awareness 
  • Boosting social shareability  
  • Increasing time-on-page 
  • Promoting your brand 

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7. Interactive Catalog

Turn your Christmas products catalog into a stunning Interactive Product Catalog that will allow your potential buyers to become part of the journey. An Interactive Catalog is a type of Interactive Flipbook that allows you to showcase your special Yuletide offers in an innovative way.  

An Interactive Catalog is suitable for:  

  • Promoting your products  
  • Improving user experience 
  • Boosting sales
An Advent Calendar Flipbook can be used as an Interactive Catalog to boost sales
This Advent Calendar Flipbook has it all – a place to showcase your products and an integrated advent calendar to boost sales. Check it out!

8. Product Recommender  

From year to year, thousands of people struggle with finding the right gifts for their beloved ones. It causes them stress and frustration, running errands last minute and trying to pick the perfect presents.   

By using a Product Recommender, you can say goodbye to frustrated customers. Embedding this type of Interactive Experience will guide your customers to find gifts easily. Your buyer will need to go through a couple of questions that will help to narrow down their search. After, you will follow up with a product or multiple product recommendations. If your offers are good enough, this will take so much weight off your customer’s shoulders, believe me! You will save them a lot of time, and eventually, they will get what they came for with your help. Use a Product Recommender in your Christmas marketing to suggest products that will become lovely presents!  

Pro tip: cater to last-minute shoppers by offering fast delivery for the products they pick.  

A Product Recommender is a perfect Interactive Experience for:  

  • Promoting your products  
  • Boosting sales

Now it is time to show you an example. This Christmas Gift Finder is a simple questionnaire that guides your visitors towards the perfect gift for their loved ones. In only 3 steps! This specific Gift Finder suggests cosmetics in the end, but you can adapt the experience to match your product offering.

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Christmas marketing campaign: a Gift Finder for your customers
Click on the image to try the experience. Maybe it will help YOU find the perfect gift!

9. Interactive Conversation

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your customers. Another glamorous Interactive Experience for you is Interactive Conversation. It is a two-way dialog using voice, images, and animations to simulate a conversation with your users. Besides, it is a fun and entertaining Interactive Experience that is excellent for engaging with your visitors on an entirely different level.  

It could be a super beneficial experience for your Christmas marketing campaign. You can have conversations on a large variety of topics like “How to Build a Gingerbread house?” or “How to decorate your Christmas tree in 2022?”. Including recipes and how-to-based cooking videos are also a great idea. Helping your customers to have a good time with their loved ones during the holidays will make them remember your brand.  

Embedding an Interactive Conversation to your website is good for:  

  • Improving the user experience  
  • Expanding brand awareness  
  • Increasing time-on-page  

10. Shoppable Video  

Another super exciting Interactive Experience that you can use during your Christmas marketing strategy is a Shoppable Video, also known as clickable or touchable video. A Shoppable Video allows customers to click on a product to learn more about its specifics. Also, viewers can add products to their baskets directly from your video. This type of Interactive Experience is outstanding because you can use it for product promotions or store walkthrough videos.    

Pro tip: Most people consider holiday shopping a stressful activity. Keeping your Shoppable Video simple and easy will provide a pleasant experience.  

Creating a Shoppable Video is a great for:  

  • Improving the user experience  
  • Promoting your products  
  • Boosting sales 
Increase sales during Christmas with a shoppable video

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11. Social Interactive Content  

Social Interactive Content is a new way of tapping into the social nature of your audience. With Social Interactive Content, your customers become active participants in building and spreading the word about your brand. They do that by customizing and sharing Social Interactive Content Experiences with their friends and family. For example, they could invite their friends to join a game, or create gift cards for their beloved ones. Adding a contest to this type of campaign is often done to reward and incentivize participation.  

For inspiration, I am going to pitch you an idea of how you could use this experience in your Christmas marketing. You can create a campaign where you ask your customers to share a picture/selfie, or a personalized message with the people who they cannot spend Christmas with. You can even create a customized frame with your logo and some visual elements specifically for this experience. This way, you get an opportunity to enhance your brand image right then and there. In exchange, you can reward every participant with a small discount or deal to spice up their Christmas with memorable experiences. So, people who participate will sincerely remember your brand as a company that elevated their Christmas spirit! 

You can also join the December festivities by creating your unique cheerful Christmas Interactive Posts, such as discount posts, contests, giveaways, polls, and tag-a-friend posts.

Social Interactive Content is great for: 

  • Attracting new customers  
  • Getting customer feedback  
  • Building customer loyalty  

12. Event marketing

Organizing holiday events is a brilliant opportunity to connect with your customers, employees, and sponsors. Christmas is no exception. People are already in a joyful mood. Your company can take advantage of this by creating an unparalleled event experience for every attendee. Along with the traditional Christmas food and music, you can unleash your creativity and entertain the guests in many different ways.  

Pro tip: you can also use Interactive Content to improve your event marketing. Your opportunities spread across promoting your event, engaging your attendees, and gathering feedback through Interactive Experiences.  

Incredibly useful Christmas marketing tips 

We want to help you to nail your Christmas marketing campaign. That’s why we also want to share a few tips with you:  

  • Don’t limit yourself to one experience! You can combine some of the 12 nifty Christmas marketing ideas to create a seamless and exciting customer journey.  
  • Make the most out of your cheerful Interactive Experiences. Gate some of your content so that you can grow your email list. For instance, you can ask your visitors to share their names and email addresses in exchange for discounts. When you have enough audience insights, you can start sending remarketing emails. If you do it right, gating your content will deliver exceptional results.  
  • Smartphone usage is on the rise. People spend an incredible amount of time on their phones. Therefore, it is crucial to build mobile-friendly Interactive Experiences.

It is time to spice up your sales with these Christmas marketing ideas!

Using old-fashioned methods to attract customers during the holidays is a costly mistake. Increase your chances of a high-sales season and stay ahead of the competitors with Interactive Content this year!  

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content platform that can take your Christmas marketing to the next level! Would you like to try one of the examples in this blog post? We have various seasonal customizable templates like this on our marketplace. You can now create a free account and use any experience you like! Alternatively, you can book a meeting with an Interactive Content expert who will help you build your Christmas project from scratch.  

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