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10 FOMO marketing examples you need to try today Blog cover by Dot.vu

While there are many different marketing strategies, FOMO marketing has proven to be particularly effective. In fact, statistics show that as much as 60% of sales are driven through FOMO marketing tactics. So, it’s not hard to see why marketers have increasingly turned to FOMO marketing tactics to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity around their products or services.

By using these marketing examples, businesses can create a sense of urgency that drives consumers to act before missing out.

However, it’s important for businesses to use FOMO marketing responsibly and ethically. If customers feel manipulated or deceived, it can lead to negative outcome such as a loss of trust. Therefore, businesses should prioritize creating real value for customers and use FOMO Marketing as a complementary strategy.

In this article, we’ll showcase top FOMO marketing examples for 2023 that businesses can use to boost sales and engagement. These tactics tap into FOMO to create excitement around your brand.

Discover how to use FOMO to boost sales in 2023, whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer.

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What is FOMO marketing?

FOMO marketing is a technique that uses the power of FOMO to make customers feel like they’re part of something exclusive. The idea behind FOMO marketing is to create a sense of urgency around a product or service so that customers are more likely to take action and make a purchase. 

Have you ever felt like you were missing out on something amazing because you didn’t act quickly enough? Maybe your friends went to a party without you or the product you wanted sold out. That feeling of missing out can be a powerful motivator, and FOMO marketing takes advantage of that. 

Why is FOMO marketing effective?

The main key benefit of FOMO Marketing is that it taps into a powerful human emotion – the fear of missing out. This emotion is felt by people across all demographics and can be used to drive behavior in a variety of contexts. FOMO Marketing can be used to differentiate a business from its competitors.

By offering limited-time deals or exclusive access to products or services, businesses can create a unique value proposition that sets them apart in a crowded market. 

10 FOMO marketing examples

1. Hourly Surprises Campaign by Dot.vu 

Hourly campaigns are a popular FOMO marketing example that creates a sense of urgency by offering a promotion that is only available for a limited time. These campaigns usually run an offer for a significant discount or a limited-edition item. By using an Hourly Surprise campaign, businesses can encourage customers to come back every hour for their surprise.

In this way, hourly campaigns can be an effective way to generate buzz, increase sales, and create a sense of excitement around a brand or product.  

Dotvu’s Hourly Surprise Campaign is here to increase engagement and create a memorable brand experience for customers. With the ability to customize the campaign design and set specific goals, Dot.vu’s Hourly Campaigns can be a highly effective FOMO marketing example to boost sales and drive customer behavior. 

Hourly Surprise Campaign Example

2. Limited time offers 

Many businesses use limited time offers to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. For example, a clothing retailer may offer a 24-hour sale on selected items, or a restaurant may offer a special menu item for a limited time. This creates a sense of scarcity and encourages customers to act quickly to avoid missing out. 

Here is an example of a limited time offer for the first number of people who purchases within a certain time period: 

Limited Time Offer Example

3. Countdown timers 

Countdown timers are a popular FOMO Marketing tool, particularly for online retailers. These timers are used to countdown the time left for a sale or special offer, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to act quickly. For example, an e-commerce site may have a countdown timer ticking down the time left for an offer. This is where businesses can use Dot.vu’s Interactive Experiences to their advantage to create an addon countdown timer

Countdown Timer Example

4. Social proof 

Social proof is another powerful FOMO Marketing tool, people are more likely to follow the actions of others. For example, a restaurant may display customer reviews or ratings on its website, showing that others have enjoyed the product and had a positive experience. This can encourage new customers to try the restaurant and avoid missing out on a good experience. 

Consider this as an example of social proof. 

Social Proof Example

5. Exit-intent campaigns 

Exit-intent campaigns are another popular FOMO marketing example that targets customers who are about to leave a website. These campaigns use eye-catching and Interactive Popups that grab the customer’s attention and offer a special promotion, discount, or limited-time offer. Dot.vu’s exit-intent Interactive Popups can be customized to increase engagement and create a memorable brand experience.  

There are different types of popups businesses can use to create FOMO and encourage customers to make a purchase.

For instance, businesses can use various Interactive Popups, such as quizzes, timers, and personalized recommendations, to create FOMO and increase customer engagement.

These Interactive Popups can also be customized to match the brand’s style and messaging, making them more effective at driving conversions. 

Exit-Intent Popup Example

6. Limited stock notifications 

Some retailers use limited stock notifications to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. For example, an online store may display a message saying that there are only a few items left in stock, encouraging customers to make a purchase before the item sells out. 

Stock Notification Example

7. Flash sales 

Flash sales are a popular FOMO Marketing tactic, particularly for online retailers. These sales are typically short-lived, lasting only a few hours or a day, and offer significant discounts on select items. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to act quickly to take advantage of the sale. 

Flash Sale Example

8. Limited time free shipping 

Free shipping is a highly desirable perk that can significantly influence online shopping behavior. Studies have shown that nine out of ten consumers consider free shipping as the top incentive to shop online more, and orders with free shipping tend to be around 30 percent higher in value.

By making the free shipping offer available for a limited time, it taps into a customer’s fear of missing out and makes them feel more inclined to complete their orders before the deadline expires. 

Limited Time Free Shipping Example

9. Seasonal exclusivity 

Most of us can relate to the thrill of having exclusive access to discounts and deals that others don’t. It’s an exciting prospect that gets our blood pumping and makes us feel special. This can even be a simple Interactive Popup that will make your consumers feel special. That’s why it’s not surprising that exclusivity is a critical element of FOMO marketing. 

By positioning offers and promotions during seasonal holidays, companies can make their customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club or community.  

Take this Black Friday Popup for example. 

Black Friday Popup Example

An online advent calendar is also another perfect way to tap into this feeling of exclusivity during the holiday season. By revealing a new offer or discount each day leading up to Christmas, businesses can create a sense of urgency and excitement among their customers.

This can encourage them to check back each day to see what’s behind the next door, increasing engagement and driving sales. Moreover, it can also be used to collect customer data and feedback to improve future marketing campaigns. 

Customize your own online advent calendar with Dot.vu! 

Advent Calendar Example

10. Recent sales pop-up 

Suppose a potential customer has shown interest in your product by browsing your website and conducting research, but they are still hesitant to make a purchase.

In such situations, informing them about the number of people who have already bought the product can be a powerful motivator. 

Recent Sales Popup Example

In conclusion, FOMO marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to boost sales and drive engagement. If you create a situation in which your audience has to act fast to get an opportunity they might not get again, it will encourage sales and conversions.

By creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity, businesses can encourage customers to act quickly and avoid missing out on a good deal or experience.  

However, it’s important to use these tactics responsibly and focus on creating real value for customers. By doing so, businesses can build trust and loyalty, leading to long-term success. 

Ready to take your business to the next level with FOMO Marketing in 2023?

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that FOMO marketing examples can bring to your business! With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, it’s important to stay innovative and experiment with new ideas to grab the attention of your audience. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, incorporating FOMO marketing tactics like limited-time offers, social proof, and Interactive Popups can be the key to boosting your sales and driving customer behavior.

So, don’t hesitate to get creative and try out these FOMO marketing examples in 2023. Who knows where they could take your business! 

Need help getting started? No problem! 

Check out our marketplace for more inspiration and create engaging Interactive Experiences with Dot.vu! Try our customizable templates and features to captivate your audience and drive conversions. Sign up for a free account and try it out today!  

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