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8 Interactive Easter marketing ideas you need to try Blog post by Dot.vu

Discover the dynamic impact of Interactive Content on sales and engagement during Easter – and get started easily with customizable templates.

Easter is coming! Countries around the world have different Easter traditions that make the holiday so special. From decorating eggs, having water battles, and writing mysterious letters to covering the streets in colorful carpets and preparing giant omelets, the ways of celebrating are truly fascinating.

For marketers, this season is a golden opportunity to captivate your audience with festive cheer. Embrace the spirit of Easter in your marketing campaigns with 8 innovative Interactive Easter marketing ideas that promise to enchant your customers and amplify your seasonal sales. Get ready to inspire and be inspired!

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Why do you need to diversify your campaign with these Easter marketing ideas?  

Your seasonal marketing should be your top priority. Holidays always incentivize customers to spend more as they are special occasions throughout the year. Easter is no exception.

Easter’s potential for boosting sales is immense, with spending surging to $24B in 2023. With 80% of Americans celebrating and each spending around $192, this season offers a prime opportunity for retailers.

To stand out, incorporating interactivity into your Easter campaigns is key. It not only differentiates your brand but also engages customers more deeply, making them more likely to choose your products. Embrace innovative, interactive marketing strategies to capture consumer interest and drive Easter sales.

Easter marketing ideas: customizable templates for quick work
Use ready-to-be-customized Easter templates, or turn any template into your unique Easter marketing campaign

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8 Interactive Easter Marketing Ideas

Let’s explore the best ways to increase customer engagement online during Easter! Your customers will love them!

1. Marketing Games  

Marketing Games are excellent for your Easter marketing campaign. Your audience will enjoy engaging in a fun experience that will distract them from their daily routines. Moreover, this is a fantastic opportunity to create some buzz around your brand and increase awareness amongst your existing and potential customers.   

It is always a good idea to include a lead form in your Marketing Game. You can either place it at the beginning or end of the game. You could rightfully doubt the efficiency of a lead form as people don’t always like to engage with them. To ensure success, you need to incentivize participation by offering a worthy prize or reward, so they won’t hesitate to fill out your lead form. Eventually, you’ll also benefit from collecting data and growing your email list.  Later, you can use the data for remarketing purposes.   

Companies like Hummel, The Perfume Shop, and Benefit have created engaging Interactive Games for their customers. Have a look at these 6 successful examples of Marketing Games from real brands. Various Marketing Games can come in handy, but let’s look at one of the examples we already have here at Dot.vu. 

Pro tip: Reward winners with discount codes or free delivery to encourage them to buy your products.

Easter Bunny Game

Here is a fun, easily customizable Easter marketing idea for your campaign.

Your visitors need to keep hopping with the bunny to avoid obstacles and collect eggs. The purpose of the game is to obtain at least 3000 points. This Easter game is engaging and easy to play.

Easter Bunny Marketing Game by dot.vu
Click on the image to play the game!

Easter Calendar  

Your customers get to open a lock each day during the Easter holiday and participate in a daily contest. Visitors need to fill out a lead form to participate and get a chance to be the lucky winner each day through the campaign. With our Interactive Content platform, you can fully customize the design of your calendar, locks, and content under each lock, set up custom KPIs to track the performance of your game.   

Easter calendar with daily contests template by dot.vu
Click on the image to try the Easter Calendar!

Shake the Easter Egg 

This is an instant-win game where players need to fill out a lead form, tap or click on the egg until it breaks. As simple as that, Shake the Easter Egg is a fun experience that will engage your visitors. Furthermore, you can promote your products by giving out discounts as prizes.  

Shake the Easter egg template by dot.vu
Click on the image to crack the egg!

Why are Marketing Games among the top Easter promotion ideas?

Marketing Games blend entertainment with brand engagement and offer the chance for participants to win incentives like discount codes, significantly increasing the likelihood of product purchases.

2. Product Recommenders  

Easter has become one of the biggest retail holidays. Not only are consumers spending money on cards and chocolate bunnies, but they are also buying gifts for their loved ones. Some people simply take advantage of the discount season to save money on their purchases. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that online sales increase during the Easter season.   

Incorporating a Product Recommender into your Easter marketing campaign is a savvy approach to capitalize on the increased online shopping activity during the holiday season. This tool enables you to suggest products tailored to your customers’ preferences, streamlining their shopping experience.

By setting up an experience that guides visitors with strategic questions and offers personalized recommendations, you not only boost sales but also customer satisfaction. This Interactive Experience enhances the buying process, making your brand memorable and encouraging repeat visits.

Try this Wine Finder – you can customize it and convert it into your own Easter Product Recommender!

Why use Product Recommenders for your Easter marketing campaigns?

Using Product Recommenders is a strategic move that personalizes the shopping journey, guiding customers to products they’re most likely to purchase. This tool enhances the customer experience by making product discovery seamless and enjoyable; and also significantly boosts your conversion rates as customers feel understood and catered to.

3. Social Interactive Content  

Social Interactive Content provides an opportunity to increase social shares and reach a broader audience during your Easter marketing campaign by asking your participants to share the experience with their friends, family, and loved ones. With this Interactive Content type, you can practice highly beneficial referral-based marketing. 

Your visitors can share Social Interactive Content across their social media channels. Spreading the word about their experience strengthens your social media presence during the holidays. Not only does it help you to promote your brand to your existing audience, but it also incentivizes them to grow your audience. The goal is to design an experience to motivate visitors to share, cooperate, or challenge their friends to participate. Have a look at these examples of Social Interactive Content to enhance your Easter marketing campaign. 

Crack the Easter egg social game  

With this game, visitors will need to customize a gift card by adding their name, configuring the egg, and choosing between different prizes. Once it’s done, it is ready to be shared through social media as a link. When the recipient receives the card, by clicking, it’ll directly take them to the landing page, where they can play right away by tapping the egg to reveal the surprise. They will, of course, need to share their contact information to get the prize which is the kind of opportunity you are looking for to grow your email list. When they are done with it, they get the option to create a new gift card and share it with someone else. This tool is truly amazing to create memorable experiences, hence boost awareness around your brand.  In addition, sharing this game is a perfect Interactive Easter Post that will improve your brand awareness.

Crack an Easter egg social game template by dot.vu
Click on the image to crack the egg!

Why use Social Interactive Content for your Easter advertising?

Social Interactive Content drives shares and interactions that expand your brand’s reach, especially during the holidays.

4. Interactive Video

Using an Interactive Video has proven to be highly profitable for retailers. This format is more effective than a standard video. Almost 80% of marketers who used an Interactive Video instead of a passive one observe higher online sales.  

To enhance your Easter Campaign, give your creativity a boost. Try to work on your brand identity and give your best wishes to your viewers in a creative way. What about an Easter greetings video? For example, you could leverage an Interactive Video that contains an Easter story or your company’s Happy Easter wishes. This would be a memorable gesture of appreciation. Incorporating an Interactive Video in your Easter campaign can improve customer loyalty and attract new audiences to your Ecommerce website.  

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Easter marketing campaign ideas: an Interactive Video is a good opportunity to send your Easter best wishes or tell a story to your visitors
You can leverage an Interactive Video to send your Easter best wishes to your visitors.

Why use an Interactive Video?

Interactive Videos are the ultimate storytelling experience that engages viewers and makes your message resonate.

5. Online Advent Calendars & Hourly Surprises  

At their core, Easter Advent Calendars are all about anticipation and delight. Much like the traditional advent calendars that count down to Christmas, Easter Advent calendars build excitement as Easter Sunday approaches. This daily or weekly reveal of surprises keeps customers engaged with your brand, eagerly awaiting what comes next.

Check the example below. You can easily customize it into your own branded Easter calendar.

An Hourly Surprises campaign is perfect for holidays and special days. Design an Easter-themed Hourly Surprise experience to provide a chance to win multiple rewards throughout your Easter marketing campaign. You can use this experience to showcase your discounted products during Easter to incentivize customers to buy your special items. In other words, it is an Interactive Landing Page where you release special deals, offers, and/or discounts every hour.   

Let’s see some of the benefits you can enjoy by having this Interactive Experience in your easter marketing campaign. It creates a sense of urgency since all your discounted offers are only available for an hour. If your deal is good enough, buyers wouldn’t want to risk missing out on it! Another great benefit is the mere exposure effect, as buyers will be engaging with your brand all day long due to returning to see your offers throughout the campaign.   

Easter marketing campaign ideas: use Hourly Surprises to induce sales
Release discount codes with Hourly Surprises to increase sales during Easter 2023.

Why do we recommend using Advent Calendars and/ or Hourly Surprises on retail holidays like Easter?

These tools build anticipation and encourage customer return visits.

6. Interactive Flipbook  

What about having an Interactive Flipbook in your Easter marketing campaign? One of the most effective Interactive Easter marketing ideas is to create an interactive product catalog to share your discounted items during Easter. You can add clickable buttons, hotspots, videos, marketing games, and so much more to enrich the experience. Customers can learn more about the products they are interested in and add them to the basket without redirecting them to a different page. 

Having these in mind, you’ll be able to speed up the decision-making process and boost your sales during your Easter campaign. An Interactive Flipbook also allows you to collect data about your customers that you can later use to better personalize your offerings. All you need to do is find a place in your flipbook that is high in value, and you can gate that with a lead form to ensure your email list is growing. Interactive Flipbooks are becoming extremely popular here at Dot.vu, so make sure to consider them when choosing the most suitable solution for your business.  

Check out the example below. Although it is not Easter-themed, it will serve as an inspiration to get a better idea of the concept. 

Interactive product catalog
Click on the image to experience the Interactive Product catalog

Why create an Interactive Flipbook?

Transform your Easter content into an interactive flipbook to engage readers with a dynamic, visually appealing format that holds their attention longer.

7. Interactive Quiz  

People love to test themselves and get immediate feedback on their results. Why not create a fun, entertaining easter themed online Quiz to educate your visitors about a specific topic? The point here is to generate engagement and collect data by offering to participate in a short quiz and win a small reward or discount upon completion. You can gate the results page, so participants will need to share their contact information in exchange for finding out their score and whether they are the lucky winners or not. The benefits of this experience include improving brand image and increasing brand loyalty while also generating more sales.  

An Interactive Video Quiz is another entertaining alternative to a traditional quiz that can drive traffic to your eCommerce site. This interactive combination of a video and a quiz allows you to open a dialog with your audience. Maintaining a virtual conversation improves message retention and boosts customer experience.   

You can use an Interactive Video Quiz to test your visitors’ knowledge of a given topic. For instance, you can ask questions about Easter facts, holidays, and traditions during your Easter campaign. By doing so, you will build awareness around your brand identity, which will, in turn, boost loyalty.  

To provide further incentive to pay attention to the quiz, you can create an Interactive Video Contest to reward the participants. This is yet another opportunity to give discount codes and promote your products. An Easter-relevant competition would be a fun activity for your visitors. At the same time, your company will benefit from the increased website traffic.   

Why is creating Interactive Quizzes a good Easter marketing idea?

Interactive Quizzes are versatile tools. By inviting users to participate in themed quizzes, you make the experience fun and gather valuable insights into their preferences. You can also use quizzes to educate participants about your products, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions up.

8. Easter Interactive Posts 

Expanding your social media presence with Easter interactive posts can significantly enhance audience engagement. These posts, designed to prompt actions such as comments, shares, and tags on social media, serve as dynamic touchpoints with your brand.

Here are some examples:

Polls on social media  

You can always use polls to activate your social media followers. Ask them, for example, about their favorite Easter traditions or their favorite movies. Not only will you show appreciation, but you will also make your audience interact with your brand.  

Pro tip: Start posting well in advance before Easter, making your audience aware of your Easter products, discounts, and offers.

User Generated Contest 

This is a perfect experience for activating your customers. The idea is for them to share images using your unique hashtag. As a result, they will spread the word about your brand. Then, you can select nine images and insert them into your website where people can vote for the winner.  

Why create Easter interactive posts?

Social media posts invite audiences to comment, share, and participate, thus amplifying your campaign’s reach and impact.

Do you need to use more Interactive Content this Easter?

Not sure if Interactive Content is for you? We created this Interactive Assessment for you with 2 things in mind:

  • Experience the magic of Interactive Content yourself, answering 5 simple questions and receiving valuable feedback.
  • Find out if you need to incorporate more Interactive Content into your marketing efforts
interactive content assessment by dot.vu

Implement these Interactive Easter marketing ideas and boost sales!  

You can recreate any of these Interactive Easter marketing ideas!

Empower your Easter campaign with the dynamic appeal of Interactive Content to significantly boost brand awareness and customer loyalty. By engaging your audience with holiday-themed content, you demonstrate your brand’s commitment to celebrating alongside them, fostering a deeper connection.

With Dot.vu, you’re equipped to easily create or customize Easter Interactive Experiences, enriching your campaign with content that resonates and delights. Dive into our customizable templates collection or unleash your creativity with our intuitive Drag & Drop editor, tailoring your message to perfectly align with Easter festivities and your brand’s unique voice.

Create a free account to access our templates and get started with your impressive Easter campaign!

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