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Before we talk about How to promote Interactive Content, let’s discuss why we think it’s a very important subject. Lately, at, we had a lot of discussions about how we can pinpoint the main difficulties clients are having when publishing Interactive Content. During our talks, we realized a common problem and we thought it’d be relevant to write a blog post about it to help every Interactive Content enthusiast out there! 

When we onboard new users on our Interactive Content platform, everyone is amazed. They think about so many awesome things they’d like to create. They can’t believe how many possibilities and Interactive Experiences they can easily build using our platform.  

So, they get started and they create great Interactive Experiences. But, because they think their experience is so nice, and everyone will like it, they tend to forget to promote it! They don’t plan any Interactive Content promotion. Which leads to unsuccessful results. So, the paradox is, that you might have the best Interactive Experience out there, but if no one sees it, then it’s not worth creating it in the first place.  

That’s why, in this blog post, we will talk about how you can promote your Interactive Content to boost results. 

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How to promote your Interactive Content to boost results?  

There are many ways to promote your Interactive Experiences. Your promotion strategy is most likely going to depend on the overall goals and purposes of your experience. Nonetheless, below we will present some of the best ways to promote your Interactive Content organically, with paid ads, and even offline.  

Organic Promotion  

Clearly, the first step when thinking about your Interactive Content promotion strategy would be to consider your organic channels. Your organic channels include your Social Media accounts, your blog, your email newsletter, and so on.  

1. On your Social Media accounts 

Promoting your Interactive Experiences on your Social Media platform is always a must. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach your audience and it’s cost-effective. Ask your designers to create a nice image that will capture attention and your copywriter to write an awesome copy that will bring your audience directly to your Interactive Experiences.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Social Media posts

2. Email Broadcast 

Another great promotional channel that is cost-effective is your email newsletter. Let all your contacts know you created a new Interactive Experience to delight them or educate them. Sometimes, an Interactive Experience such as a Shopping Video or a Virtual Tour is the last push a lead needs to become a customer. So, go ahead and send that email!  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Email Newsletter

3. On your website & blog  

There are also multiple ways to promote your Interactive Content directly on your website (and your blog). If you have lots of visitors on your website, this might be one of the smartest ways to go. Let’s explore 3 options. 

3.1 Banners 

A great idea would be to create banners to be used on your website pages and blog posts. That way, you’d catch your audience’s attention while they are browsing your website.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Banners
3.2 Popup 

Another way to catch your audience’s attention while they are browsing your website could be different types of popups. While popups don’t have the best reputation, they are still widely used because they work! But make sure to create popups that are not to intrusive and that won’t diminish the user-experience of your web visitors. Moreover, keep in mind that popups are generally not great for mobile devices, so only push messages on desktop devices.  

makeup routine matcher popup
3.3 Directly embedded on a page 

Finally, you could also promote your Interactive Experiences by embedding them directly on your web pages and on blog posts. For example, you could have your Makeup Matcher directly embedded in your blog post on skin care. 

4. Online communities   

Promoting your Interactive Content in online communities such as Quora, Reddit, Medium, and Growth Hackers can often be overseen by marketers. However, it can be a great idea to get free awareness.  

For example, if we continue with our example of the “Makeup Matcher” Interactive Experience. We could reply to posts regarding “Skin Care”, “Makeup”, “Skin Type”, etc. on Quora and Reddit.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Online Communities

Paid Promotion   

We can’t talk about promoting your Interactive Experiences without mentioning Paid Advertising (also known as Paid Ads). There are many ways to dive into Paid Ads such as Social Media ads, Video Ads, Display Ads, and referral programs. Depending on your budget and the goals of your Interactive Experiences, you might want to use Paid Ads to promote your experiences.  

5. Social Media Ads 

Social Media advertising can often be a great way to promote your Interactive Content. Depending on your industry you might be highly interested in advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Other businesses might look more into Twitter, or LinkedIn. But, no matter what you go for, don’t forget to find an audience precise enough to reach your target audience efficiently but broad enough to have your Interactive Experience seen as much as possible.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Social Media Ads

6. Youtube Ads  

Running YouTube Ads can be quite different than running Social Media ads.Nonetheless, it might be the best place to reach your target audience and promote your Interactive Content. Did you know that 70% of people have bought a product after seeing it in a YouTube Ad? That’s a lot of people! 

An idea here could be to create a very short video to capture the attention of viewers and get them to try your Makeup Routine Matcher!  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Youtube Ads

7. Search Ads  

While not all Interactive Experiences should be promoted using Search Ads, sometimes it might be a good idea. For example, if your Interactive Experience is related to a known problem that people search answers for.  

In this specific case, web users might google the best way to find their skin type. So, having Search Ads for keywords like “Skin type finders” and “Makeup finder” might be a good idea.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Search Ads

8. Display Ads  

Display ads are also an amazing way to promote your Interactive Content. They appear on Google Display Network, meaning lots of websites, and it’s in the form of texts, images, and a URL. The great thing about Display Ads is that in reach tons of people in many different places across websites and apps.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Display Ads

9. Referral programs 

Finally, you can also pay partners and other businesses that have the same target group as you, but aren’t direct competitors, to promote your Interactive Content on their websites and blogs.  

For example, if you find an interesting article from an influencer blogger about makeup routine, you could pay that influencer to add your banner to their blog post.  

Non-Digital Promotion 

Finally, you can reach your target audience outside the digital world as well. An idea here could be to use a QR code generator to create your QR code and share your Interactive Experiences. You could share them on TV, on billboards, in your store, and on so.  

For example, regarding our Makeup Routine Matcher, you could have a billboard with a QR Code that leads to the quiz.  

How to promote your Interactive Content: Non-digital Promotion

Ready to promote your Interactive Content?  

We hope this article was insightful and gave you lots of ideas to improve your Interactive Content promotion strategy. Remember, a well-thought-out promotion strategy is vital for the success of your Interactive Experiences.  

If you need help coming up with the best plan to promote your Interactive Content, you are more than welcome to reach out to your Customer Success Manager at (available for paid memberships only).  

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