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10 Best content marketing tips for growth and engagement  Blog post by dot.vu

Today, as we live in the Information Age, it has never been easier and quicker for us to seek and disseminate information online using technology such as our smartphones or computers. The search for answers and information is just a few clicks away and is literally in the palm of our hands, thanks to our mobile devices. With information being a commodity and widely available online, it has transformed into content that is educational, engaging, and entertaining. It is also available in many formats besides just text such as audio, video, and Interactive Content. 

Because we live in the age of information, there is a huge increase in content, and it can be found everywhere online on websites, social media, email marketing and search engine pages. Content can be published by anyone like content creators, the public, and even brands. Additionally, content can be leveraged as part of your marketing plan and strategies as 90% of marketers include it in their marketing strategies. According to these content marketing statistics, 76% of marketers have noted that content marketing generates leads. 60% say it helps nurture leads and 50% say it helps build loyalty with existing customers. So what are some great content marketing tips you should implement into your strategy? Let us find out!

In this article, we will uncover

Content marketing is the art and strategy of creating, publishing, and sharing content that adds value to your audience and potential customers. It engages, educates, empowers, or entertains audiences through content. There are several types of content available online such as blogs, videos, infographics, or social media posts. By implementing content marketing as part of your marketing strategy you can achieve your business goals of sales, generating potential leads, increasing brand awareness, and more. Furthermore, content marketing assists customers and provides them with valuable information at each stage of their buyer journey. Content marketing allows you to explore different topics that are relevant to your industry and your customers. It also provides your audience with answers to their questions and solves a challenge they are experiencing.  

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  1. Creates brand awareness, increases brand visibility, and builds credibility The more content your brand creates and publishes, the greater your online presence will be. 
  1. Fosters a connection with your audience by creating content that they can engage with. 
  1. Retain customers and build brand loyal customers by creating content that is relevant, speaks to the needs of your customers, and the problems they face. 
  1. It builds trust with your audience especially if you produce high quality and reliable content that creates a positive experience and association and leaves a good impression. 
  1. Attract new customers and generate potential leads with content that gets them interested in your brand and what you have to offer.  
  1. Boosts conversions as it shows customers that you care about them which pushes them to conversion. 
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Here is a list of content marketing tips you should take notes on.

What goals are you trying to achieve with your content? You can use the 4E’s content framework to define the purpose of your content. Do you want to educate them about a certain topic? Or do you want to provide them with entertainment? Do you want to empower them or create content that engages with them? Using a content framework can help you develop your content. Moreover, define the goals you would like to reach and the objectives of your content. Are you trying to drive engagement or increase brand awareness? Are you trying to generate leads or are you trying to get them to convert? Consider the content you would like to produce and the goals you would like to reach. 

It is important to know your audience so you can produce targeted content. Determine the demographics such as age, gender, income, and occupation. Besides that, uncover their psychographics such as interests, beliefs, values, and lifestyle. It is also important that you understand the biggest pain points, challenges, and problems they face that are related to your product or services. Once you know your audience you can determine what kind of content to publish that will best help your customers and capture their attention.  

There are over 100 types of content such as blogs, videos, social media posts, infographics, E-books, email, podcasts, and more. One of the keys to content marketing includes choosing your type of content. Before you select a type of content to publish, you need to know which medium you will publish on and the medium that your target audiences use the most. This will make sure that you are choosing the right type of content for your audience. If your audience is Gen Z who mostly use TikTok then the best type of content would be short video content whereas if your audiences are professional individuals such as marketers, then the best type of content to publish would be a blog or an E-book.  

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The best practices for content marketing are to optimize your content for SEO and you can do so through keyword research. 88% of marketers who actively invest in SEO want to maintain and increase their investment. Add keywords with higher search volumes to help your content get discovered and use keywords that have a lower keyword difficulty, so your content ranks higher for that keyword. Additionally, use SEO content marketing tools such as SEMrush or AHrefs to identify performing keywords which can give you ideas for topics to publish content about. Overall, optimizing your content for SEO increases your online visibility so do not skip this tip.  

Consistently use your brand voice throughout all your marketing channels. If your brand voice is professional and knowledgeable, you cannot just publish content in a fun and irreverent voice. Whether you publish on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or X (Twitter), you should maintain your brand voice across all your channels. A consistent brand voice helps to establish your brand’s personality and tone. Moreover, it creates brand recognition and allows your target audience to connect with your brand. 

Creating content that adds value to your audience is what makes content good, your content should offer useful information and tips to your audience. It should answer their questions or the purpose of their search. The content marketing trick is to produce content that engages, educates, empowers, or entertains. By creating useful content for your audience, you are establishing your brand as a trusted source of information and once you have built trust, you can convert them into sales. Furthermore, you are also establishing yourself as a thought leader in the industry when you create content with a true purpose which is to solve your customers’ needs and pain points instead of churning out content for the sake of putting out content.  

Another content marketing tips for your business is you should take is to measure the performance of your content after it has been published. Measuring your content performance and analysing the results allows you to improve and optimize your content. It tells you if your content is performing well or if it is not, knowing which content is doing well can help you replicate that success. The data analysed and collected can help you make informed decisions, reach your content goals, and allows you to allocate your resources better.  

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One effective content marketing tip is to promote your content on multiple channels to drive traffic to your content, increase visibility, and increase conversion rates. Utilize promotional channels that align with your goals, audience, and budget. There are many channels you can use to promote your content such as social media, paid advertising, email marketing, using SEO, and more. For example, if you created a blog, you could adapt it into a social media carousel post or you can share it on your Instagram story by adding a link sticker to lead your audiences to your full blog post. You should always promote your content so that it reaches your audience.  

Interactive Experiences by Dot.vu for your content marketing

There are different content formats which you can explore for your content marketing strategy to captivate your audiences and engage with them. Explore Interactive Content which is highly engaging and requires your audience to play an active role in the interaction with your brand.  

Interactive Content offers a range of unique Interactive Experiences such as: 

  • Polls – Receive feedback on your products, branding, content, or event performance. 
  • Quizzes – Test their knowledge, educate them, and collect insightful data. 
  • Marketing Games – Engage and entertain your customers, collect behavioural data, and generate new leads.  
  • Interactive Videos – Go beyond passive viewing and actively engage your viewers and inform them through immersive interactivities. 
  • Personality Tests – Provide insights to your audience about their personality, collect meaningful data on them and their behaviour, and consult them with individual feedback. 
  • Interactive Flipbooks – Turn you static PDFs into Interactive Flipbooks that are informational and engaging while also collecting zero and first-party data.  

Interactive Content is important nowadays because of content saturation due to a huge influx of content being produced every single minute and day. With content saturation around, it is hard for your content to be discovered and for you to attract attention. That is why it is beneficial to explore other formats such as Interactive Content which is distinct from static content. It stands out because audiences can interact with interactive elements, it is a fun and captivating way to publish and share your content, and it makes you stand out from your competitors. If you do not have time to create new content you can always repurpose your content with Interactive Experiences to save time and reach diverse audiences.

Another content marketing best practices is to research your competitors and observe what they are doing. Analyse their content to see what kind of content is doing well on their page, what is their engagement rate, and their reach. It shows you what is lacking in their content or their page, and you can use it to your advantage to publish content that fills in that gap. Moreover, look at their page to analyse their content marketing strategies to see how their audiences are responding to the content and what topics they are exploring. Researching your competitors helps your content stay ahead in the game and your industry.  

Content marketing is crucial to your digital marketing strategy especially when people are spending a lot of time online on multiple channels and platforms, just look at this 2024 Online Statistics. By leveraging content marketing and formulating content marketing strategies, you can grow your business, increase brand awareness, attract new customers, generate new leads, create meaningful engagement with your customers, and boost conversions. Following these 10 best content marketing tips can improve your content strategy and help you reach your business goals.  

Take your content marketing game to the next level with Interactive Content that is highly engaging and captivating. Provide your audience with multiple Interactive Experiences that will keep them coming back for more. Besides that, Interactive Content allows you to collect valuable data and insights from your customers so you can improve and provide the best customer experience for your customers. Try our Interactive Content tool at Dot.vu by creating your free account today and access 300+ customizable templates to start implementing Interactive Content into your content marketing strategy.  

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