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10 Attractive trade show games you need to know blog by dot.vu

Trade shows are a great place to reach industry professionals and potential clients.  It is also a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand, products, and services so you should make the most out of it. It also helps businesses generate new leads as 70% of businesses say they gain new leads and increase brand awareness when doing trade shows. 

Because trade shows are held based on industry such as technology or jewellery, you will be surrounded by your competitors, and your booth must stand out. What way to do it other than games? As games are fun and exciting, they invite attendees to engage with you and your brand. Adding trade show games to your events is a trend you should not skip; event gamification is a powerful method that allows you to create memorable experiences for visitors.  

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A trade show is an event where brands and companies of a similar industry gather and set up their booths to showcase, promote, and talk about their products and services to potential customers or clients. It usually happens in big cities and lasts for a couple number of days. At trade shows, brands usually set up trade show games which attract attention, invite visitors to engage and interact with their booths and get them interested in a product or service. Having booth games allows you to stand out from the crowd, especially at a trade show event where you are competing for attention, it can help you lock down potential customers and convert them. 

Ever wonder what makes a successful trade show booth? One that garners traffic to your booth, entertains visitors and piques their interest in your product and services. Here are elements that make a good trade show booth.  

  1. An excellent host who is engaging, dedicated, and charismatic which can help you attract attention and make visitors feel more welcome to view your booth. If you do not want to spend extra money, use an employee who is great at conversing and attracting attention.  
  1. Compelling brandings such as your logo, brand colours, slogan, and appealing visuals on banners, signage, or your booth setup. This will help attract attention, increase awareness of your brand, and for visitors to help distinguish you from other brands.  
  1. Readily available information such as business cards, flyers, and pamphlets for visitors to easily know about your products or services, especially when they are short of time. This information can direct them down the sales funnel because they will know where to find you and reach you. 
  1. Interactive and engaging elements such as interactive booth games which make visitors spend more time at your booth and leave them with a memorable and lasting experience of your brand. 
  1. Demonstration of your product or services where visitors can try the product by themselves to put its features to the test, watch a video to see how it works or let an employee showcase it with a live tutorial.  

These are elements that when all come together, help you achieve a successful booth at a trade show.  

If you are looking to lure more visitors to your booth and provide them with a lasting impression of your brand, consider these trade show game ideas that will surely get them interested. They are virtual games which you can embed into your website or participants can access it through QR Codes. 

Interactive quiz game template Dot.vu

Quizzes and Trivia 

Encourage trade show visitors to interact with you by hosting a quiz or trivia game show. Additionally, gather a couple of participants to participate against each other to stir up competition and gain excitement and traction for your booth. Turn your game digital by using touchscreens, LED Displays, and Interactive Quizzes that engage with visitors while collecting data that can help generate leads.  

spin the bottle game template Dot.vu

Spin and Win Wheel  

Add a prize wheel that will draw visitors to your booth, because who does not love free gifts and rewards? You can add a physical wheel for them to spin or you can go all digital and add a Interactive Spin and Win wheel that lets you collect data and information about potential leads before they spin. People are willing to give out their information in exchange for something valuable such as gifts.  

interactive video game template Dot.vu

Interactive Videos  

Use videos to showcase your product or service at your trade show. You can bring your videos to life with Interactive Videos, whether it is a product demo or tutorial you can add your viewers to the journey by allowing them to answer questions or click on elements in a video to learn about something. Use this Interactive Video Quiz template to take your videos to a new level. 

jeopardy game template Dot.vu

Jeopardy game 

Ever heard of a Jeopardy Game? This game has been made popular on the self-titled game show where players can win money by phrasing answers in the form of a question and if they get it wrong the jeopardy is losing money. By adding this game to your trade show you can get visitors to compete against each other and instead of losing money they lose points, and a certain total of points can be used to claim a reward like a discount on your product or services. Try out this Jeopardy Game template to simplify your efforts in creating the game. 

guess the phrase game template Dot.vu

Guess the phrase 

Guess the phrase is a fun trade show game to add to your booth. It attracts attention and engages your audience or visitors by constantly keeping them guessing. Furthermore, it has a leaderboard which attracts more visitors because people are motivated by competition and a challenge. Additionally, it will give them the desire to climb the leaderboard to be first. You can use this Guess this Phrase template to challenge your booth visitors.  

memory match game template Dot.vu

Memory match 

Test your visitor’s memory in a game of memory match. Use your products as pictures in this game to increase awareness of your brand. Moreover, it is a great way to engage with visitors at your booth and arouse their interest in what is on the cards. Utilize this Memory Match template to start engaging with them and showcasing your products and features.  

sliding puzzle game template Dot.vu

Sliding puzzle

This is another creative interactive booth game idea that you can add to your trade show.  Make a jumbo version of this to attract visitors to your booth because of how big it is. Additionally, you can make it digital with this Sliding Puzzle template that rewards visitors for completing the puzzle. Moreover, it collects data so you can easily access it in one place.

whack-a-mole game template Dot.vu


Whack-a-mole is a popular fun arcade game that you can bring to your trade. It brings enjoyment and amusement to visitors. Furthermore, add a whack-a-mole machine to your booth or make it digitally Interactive with this Whack-a-Mole template. It creates a fun memorable and engaging experience for your visitors that will capture their attention and drive engagement.  

scavenger hunt game template Dot.vu

Scavenger hunt game 

Who does not love a scavenger hunt? It engages your senses and your problem-solving abilities. Add a scavenger hunt to interact with your visitors, create a sense of adventure, and entertain them. Moreover, use a scavenger hunt at your trade show to promote your product. If you want to easily carry out a scavenger hunt use this Scavenger Hunt template which incorporates technology and interactivity.  

easter wall dodge game template Dot.vu

Wall dodge 

Add a fun digital game of Wall Dodge to your booth which visitors can play on the big screen.  You can turn this game to fit the theme of your products or services and change the character to be your brand mascot or an item related to your brand. Furthermore, this game will surely excite them and give them a challenge that keeps them coming for more to climb the leaderboard.  

We hope this list of trade show games gives you inspiration for your next event so you can provide your visitors with a lasting impression of your brand.  

Now that you are feeling inspired, here are some tips when selecting a game for your trade show.  

  • Make sure the game is fun. 
  • Make sure the game allows visitors to engage and interact with it. 
  • Make sure the game does not take up a lot of space as it costs more and is usually limited at a trade show.  
  • Make sure the game helps you increase awareness of your product or services. 
  • Make sure the game helps your brand stand out and boost your brand awareness.  
  • Make sure the game allows you to automatically and easily collect leads. 
  • Make sure the game provides an opportunity for you to interact with your visitors.  

Draw attention and stand out from the crowd with these top 10 trade show game ideas such as Interactive Videos, quizzes and trivia, spin & win wheel, whack-a-mole, and more which will surely increase your engagement, your product awareness, and boost your brand awareness. Use trade show games to bring fun and entertainment to your booth and keep attendees coming with them.  

With our Interactive Content tool at Dot.vu you can easily create and implement these games at your trade shows. They are cost-effective and they do not take up a lot of space at your booth as they are fully digital. Our Interactive platform allows you to choose over 300+ templates which you can customize to your brand, and you can do it without needing to code. Explore our fun Marketing Games templates to use for your next trade show, just create a free account today to begin! 

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