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8Best lead generation tools you need to know blog post by Dot.vu

There are many kinds of lead generation tools out there that serve different purposes and goals. They may focus and assist on the different stages of the funnel and your sales processes. Are you wondering what are the best lead generation tools for your business?  

According to statistics, 41% of marketers find that generating leads is one of their prominent challenges. Choosing the right tool can help you save time and cut costs, it can also simplify your sales processes. Moreover, with the correct tools you can generate qualified leads so you can start nurturing and converting them. You can also combine different lead-generation tools to help achieve your business needs and goals.  

In this article, we will learn about the following: 

Keep in mind: The stated prices and features may have shifted since the time of writing, so it’s always a good idea to verify the most current information to make informed decisions.  

Lead generation is a method of attracting potential customers for your business. It is attaining contact information from visitors to convert them into actual customers. To attract leads you first must capture their interest and get them interested in your product or services. There are many ways to attract leads whether through lead magnet ideas, content or search engine ranking. 

Lead can be categorized to help you convert them into buying customers based on their current lifecycle stage or how they are qualified. There are a couple of categories such as: 

  • Service-qualified leads: Leads interested in being paying customers for your services. They may start out using a free trial or want to upgrade their subscription. 
  • Product-qualified leads: Leads who show interest in your products. They start by trying your product sample or a free version with the option to upgrade. 
  • Marketing-qualified leads: Contacts who have engaged with your marketing efforts. They may have filled out a form to receive an offer or engage with your content.  
  • Sales-qualified leads: Leads interested in being paying customers for your business. They may have enquired about your pricing or filled out a form to ask questions about your product or services. 
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Lead generation tools are used to attract potential customers. It assists your business in generating leads from various mediums such as landing pages, blogs, social media, and more. Lead generation tools help you drive quality leads and reduce manual work by streamlining your sales process. They help attract, capture, nurture, and convert leads into buying customers which boosts sales and revenue. 

Moreover, there are multiple tools out there with various features. Different lead generation tools assist in specific areas of the process. You may need a variety of lead generation tools to meet your particular needs or goals as some platforms have different uses and features.  

They are important for your business because: 

  • They generate awareness and attract potential customers into the sales funnel. 
  • They drive sales and increase revenue by converting potential customers into buying customers.  
  • They qualify leads so you have better quality leads, leading to a successful conversion rate.  
  • They save time by automating your sales process so you can spend time on other tasks that need attention. 
  • They improve lead nurturing so you can build relationships with prospects and keep them engaged.  

Let us look through this list of lead generation tools so you can determine the best one for your business.   

Visitor identification tools are lead generation tools that help in identifying website visitors. It gives you valuable insights on your website visitors so you can convert them into buying customers. Moreover, it enables you to uncover comprehensive information on your website visitors. Information such as their name, location, industry, and contact information like email address, LinkedIn profile, and more. It works by installing a script on your website that collects visitor data directly. 

Leadfeeder is a lead generation tool for B2B companies and a website visitor analytics tool that uncovers which companies visit your website, how they reached there, and the pages they engaged with. Furthermore, you can find contact information and filter by job role, seniority or location. Moreover, receive alerts and integrate with your tools. 

Pricing: Starts at €99/month and a 14-day free trial is available  

visitor identification tool for lead generation

Factors.AI is an AI visitor identification, marketing analytics, and revenue attribution tool. It is also a lead generation tool that assists in building your sales pipeline by tapping into intent signals on your website so you can make faster and smarter decisions. Discover and qualify with account intelligence and optimize conversions with AI-fueled insights. Moreover, collect all your data with unified reports. 

Pricing: Starts at $249/month for SMB marketing and sales teams and $799/month for mid-market marketing and sales teams. There is also a free plan available and a customized plan available for agencies and enterprises.  

visitor identification tool for lead generation

Email follow-up tools are lead generation tools that automatically send recipients follow-up emails if they do not respond. It helps automate the process of follow-up emails at scale as it can be time-consuming for bigger email campaigns. With this tool, you can simplify your process of converting leads through email follow-ups and close deals. 

Instantly.Ai is a lead generation tool and a cold email tool that enhances your outreach campaigns. It is a tool that helps you generate more meetings and revenue by scaling your outreach campaigns with unlimited email-sending accounts & warmups, 2B lead database and AI. It provides actionable insights, CRM features, and a centrally managed master inbox feature. 

Pricing: There are three plans, $37/month, $97/month and $358/month which you can start for free based on how many emails and leads you’d like to send and reach. 

email follow up tool for lead generation

Saleshandy is a lead generation tool and cold email outreach platform. It allows you to personalize, automate, and scale your cold email outreach. With this tool, you will be able to book more meetings and generate more leads. Additionally, features such as A/Z testing, merge tags, unified inbox, CRM integrations, and sequence scores help support your follow-up email activities. 

Pricing: There are four plans, $25/month, $74/month, $149/month, and $219/month depending on your outreach scale. Moreover, for each plan, you can try out their 7-day free trial.  

email follow up tool for lead generation

As mentioned above, sales lead generation tools are tools that help in attracting potential customers. They assist in capturing and nurturing leads into buying customers. Additionally, they can be integrated with your existing platform and tools to help streamline your sales process.  

OptinMonster is a lead generation tool that converts your visitors into customers. With OptinMonster, you can create and manage lead generation campaigns such as popups, spin-to-win wheels, and more, without needing to code. Moreover, you can grow your email list, improve website conversions, and reduce cart abandonment. Additionally, there is seamless integration and actionable insights features. 

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. $15/month for the Basic plan, $25/month for Plus, $57/month for Pro, and $100/month for Growth. 

sales and lead generation tool for lead generation

HubSpot Marketing Hub is an all-in-one lead generation tool that helps your business generate leads. Moreover, it collects contacts and helps you engage with leads and customers. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can drive revenue through forms, email marketing tools, and Ads software. Furthermore, there are campaign management, marketing automation, AI, marketing analytics and reporting features. 

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. A free plan, $20/month for Starter, $890/month for Professional, and $3600/month for Enterprise. 

sales and lead generation tool for lead generation

Email marketing tools are the best lead generation tools that help you create, manage, and execute email marketing campaigns. They help you communicate with your audience and nurture potential leads. You can nurture leads by sending out emails based on the stage of their buyer journey. Moreover, they allow you to automate the process of sending out emails. Additionally, you can capture leads by offering them something in exchange for their email. Features such as segmentation, personalization, automation, analytics and optimization let you generate, and nurture leads more effectively.  

MailChimp is an email marketing tool and lead generation tool that allows you to engage and nurture leads. Moreover, they have features such as audience management and creative tools. Additionally, marketing automation and insights and analytics features will help you improve your email campaigns so you can convert your leads.  

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. A free plan, $13/month for Essentials, $20/month for Standard, and $350/month for Premium for 12 months. 

email marketing tool for lead generation

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing and lead generation tool that helps you grow your business with marketing and sales automation. With ActiveCampaign, automate personalized emails and scale unique customer experiences. Moreover, explore omnichannel marketing, content creation, and audience management features. Additionally, with analytics & reporting and artificial intelligence features, you can quantify leads and optimize your emails for growth. 

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. $9/month for Lite, $49/month for Plus, $149/month for Professional, and $259/month for Enterprise. You can customize your plan based on how many contacts you need.  

email marketing tool for lead generation

ConstantContact is an email marketing automation and lead generation tool to help you get more and score leads. It is also a CRM tool to help you manage and nurture your leads and send sales follow-ups. Moreover, you will receive insights and real-time analytics for better conversion rates. Their features include AI to help you craft messages and automation to send timely emails. Additionally, you can integrate with your software and grow your email list with list-building tools and receive reports.  

Pricing: There are three plans to choose from. Starting from $12/month for Lite, $35/month for Standard, and $80/month for Premium. Prices are also based on the number of contacts. 

email marketing tool for lead generation

Landing page creation tools are the best lead generation tools to capture and convert visitors. They provide a focused experience, promote your products, and make visitors sign up to receive a newsletter. It is the starting point in the conversion funnel where customers enter their contact details in exchange for resources. Moreover, it can help you determine if a lead is qualified with tailored information.  

Unbounce is a landing page creation tool that helps you create lead generation landing pages. Create, test, and optimize your landing pages without needing to code because it is a no code tool. With features such as popups and sticky bars, you can trigger customized offers and target the visitors who will convert. Additionally, there is A/B testing, AI Optimization, and AI copywriting. Moreover, Unbounce offers dozens of integrations, support and account management, and great privacy and security.  

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. $74/month for Build, $112/month for Experiment, $187/month for Optimize, and $649/month for Concierge. Build, Experiment, and Optimize plans allow you to start building for free. The Concierge plan pricing can be customized by contacting their sales team.  

landing page creation tool for lead generation

Leadpages is a lead generation platform and a landing page builder. It helps you create high-converting landing pages, manage your leads, and track your results in one place.  With Leadpages no code landing page builder, you can build landing pages without code. Furthermore, there are conversion tools, design & templates, and education and support tools to help you build your page. Moreover, there are integrations, free hosting, security, and a site builder. 

Pricing: There are three plans to choose from. $37/month for Standard, $74/month for Pro, and Advanced which can be customized to your business needs.  

landing page creation tool for lead generation

Interactive Content tools are lead generation tools that can help you capture leads. It can also be used as a lead magnet to attract and generate leads. Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Flipbooks, Marketing Games, Interactive Videos, Quizzes, and more are forms of lead magnets. With Interactive Content, visitors are engaging with Interactive Experiences which allows you to track their actions. Additionally, Interactive Content allows you to capture zero and first-party data which you can use later to engage, nurture, and convert your leads. There are many ways to generate leads for your business and Interactive Content is one of them.  

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content tool and a lead generation tool that attracts and captures leads and enhances your lead generation. It allows you to create Interactive Experiences and engage with your visitors by allowing them to be active participants. We have a suite of Interactive Experiences that allow you to capture data and track your content’s performance. We are also a no-code platform that allows you to create Interactive Content with our drag-and-drop feature and access to over 300+ customizable templates. With Dot.vu you can collect meaningful insights, simply manage your data, and integrate with your favourite tools.  

Pricing: There are five plans to choose from, Free, Basic, Premium, Enterprise and Agencies. Basic plan starts at $200/monthly up to $700/monthly and the Premium plan starts at $1000/monthly up to $1600/monthly. Both plans can be paused at any time. For the Enterprise plan, we offer custom pricing, just book a meeting with us. Moreover, our Agency plan is $1200 yearly for those who want to collaborate with us and their clients. 

interactive content tool for lead generation

Outgrow is an Interactive Content tool and a lead generation tool that allows you to create high-converting Interactive Experiences. You can create Interactive Experiences such as Interactive, Calculators, Quizzes, and more. Outgrow lets you use Interactive Content to acquire qualified leads. Moreover, it allows you to create assessments, surveys, polls, chatbots, and e-commerce recommendations. Additionally, they have pre-designed templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and options to customize. Furthermore, their features include robust analytics, automation, and integration features. 

Pricing: Outgrow has two types of plans, popular plans and custom plans. Popular plans start from $14/month up to $600/month based on the number of content types and leads. Under Custom plans, there are free forms and surveys and startup special which is $55/month. Moreover, there is also an Enterprise plan which can be customized to your needs.  

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interactive content tool for lead generation

Contest tools are the best tools for lead generation as they allow you to generate leads. Moreover, you can engage with your audience and reward them. Potential customers will have to enter their contact information to join the contest. With this information, you can nurture and convert your leads into buying customers.  

Vyper is a contest software tool that allows you to create stunning giveaways or viral contests. It is optimized for mobile, and you can grow your email list & social media and generate leads. Moreover, it lets participants earn additional entries when they complete your website form, refer a friend, and follow your social media. 

Pricing: They have two pricing plans, $149/month for Enterprise and $299/month for Agency. You can try out their service for free and only pay when you are ready to launch your campaign.  

Contest tool for lead generation

Gleam is a contest software and lead generation tool that drives traffic to your website and helps you acquire leads. You can engage with your audience, gain social referrals, and increase subscribers & followers. Moreover, it integrates with your other platforms such as social media, CRM and email marketing tools.  

Pricing: The full package for Gleam including all four apps is $97/month or you can purchase their apps individually which start from $10/month up to $29/month.  

Contest tool for lead generation

Survey tools are lead generations tools that help you capture data and information of your potential customers. You can gain insights into your leads and learn about them. Moreover, you can tailor your sales process to better reach them and convert them into your customers. Use quizzes for lead generation as they increase the quality of your lead for your business.  

SurveyMonkey is a lead generation and AI-powered feedback platform to help you capture leads and insights. With SurveyMonkey, you can create and run professional online surveys that will help you collect, interpret, and analyze data. Their features include survey management, customization, insights, and integration with your CRM.  

Pricing: There are three plans to choose from. Team plans which start from $25/month for Team Advantage and $75/month for Premier. Individual plans start from $99/month for Standard Monthly, $39/month for Advantage Annual, and $119/month for Premier Annual. Moreover, they have an Enterprise plan with unlimited surveys and advanced features. The price for this plan is not listed, you will need to contact their sales.  

Survey tool for lead generation

Involve.me is a lead generation tool that is AI-powered to help you create forms and surveys. With Involve.me, you can drive website conversions and collect better data. Furthermore, you can generate & qualify leads and automate your sales processes. Additionally, you can increase user engagement, grow your email list, and onboard your customers. 

Pricing: There are four plans to choose from. $29/month for Basic, $59/month for Pro, $129/month for Business, and $199/month for Agency. 

Survey tool for lead generation

Qualaroo is a survey and lead generation tool that helps you gain valuable customer and user feedback. You can add survey and lead generation form popups on your website. Additionally, with Qualaroo there are pre-built templates, question branching, and advanced audience targeting to help you design surveys that will get you actionable insights. 

Pricing: They offer two pricing plans such as a Free plan for micro-businesses and startups and a Business plan for $19/month for established businesses.  

Survey tool for lead generation

Lead generation tools are important for your business, they help you generate leads and capture insights into your potential customers. Additionally, they can help you qualify leads, so you can identify the best quality leads for a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, you can drive revenue and increase your sales with the right tools.  

Dot.vu is the best lead generation and Interactive Content tool for generating leads and capturing zero and first-party data. With a collection of Interactive Experiences, you can increase your engagement and step up your content marketing game. Based on these lead generation statistics, content marketing drives 3X more leads than traditional marketing. Utilize our 300+ customizable templates to attract leads and capture their data so you can convert them into customers. Create your free account today to get started.  

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