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Empower your customers with an Interactive ROI Calculator blog by Dot.vu

Return on investment is one of the most important profitability metrics for businesses and private consumers. After all, determining whether an investment will result in a positive return helps people make better financial decisions.  

What if your company is the one to provide a simple way for your customers to calculate this metric? This is possible with Interactive Calculators! 

Calculators are easy and cost-effective to create, and they empower your customers. In an era where most people conduct extensive online research before making a buying decision, an Interactive Calculator gives you an excellent opportunity to assist your customers with their choices.   

Interactive Calculators enable your customers to evaluate the outcome of their buying decisions, without even talking to anyone.  Furthermore, you spend less of your time trying to convince your prospects about the value of your products – the Interactive ROI Calculator will do that for you now. 

In this blog post, you will learn how to empower your customers with an Interactive ROI Calculator. We will go through the following points:  

  • What is an Interactive Calculator?  
  • What are the benefits of an Interactive ROI Calculator? 
  • How to get started?  

What is an Interactive Calculator?  

An Interactive Calculator is a type of Interactive Content that requires users to insert data into a form to get an accurate numerical result. For example, an embedded online calculator can provide an estimate of return on investment (ROI), product prices, savings, risk exposure, and insurance. Receiving an accurate calculation helps customers make informed decisions.  

Companies use Interactive Calculators for many different purposes, such as driving traffic, increasing sales, generating leads, and acquiring valuable customer insights. Moreover, embedding a well-designed calculator is a great way to position an organization as an expert in its field. Customers receive customized advice based on their needs. As a result, they are more confident in their financial decisions. In general, Interactive Calculators are a great tool for enhancing the customer experience.  

An Interactive ROI Calculator enables customers to see their potential return on investment. As a result, they will remember your brand as a reliable source of financial information. You can create such an experience through coding or with a no-code platform.  

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The Benefits of an Interactive ROI Calculator

Using a website ROI calculator is a proven way to increase customer engagement. However, this is only one of the compelling advantages for your company. Here is why you should consider creating your own calculator: 

1. Empower your customers

There’s little ambiguity when using an Interactive ROI calculator; it breaks the matter down to hard numbers to help people make their decisions. Your customers will appreciate transparency and personalized advice. As you provide accurate estimations, this experience helps your company distinguish itself as a leading expert in the field. 

Once the calculator is built and launched, it starts generating intelligent information about your customers, ready for your marketing and sales team to analyze.

2. Improve your marketing process

You are not only empowering your customers; you are empowering your whole marketing machine.  

When your customers engage with an Interactive ROI Calculator, they willingly input the information you asked for. Therefore, you can get comfortable in your chair, ready to watch intelligent marketing information stream into your marketing engine.  

You will gain data about your customers’ desires, needs, pains, challenges, budgets, and spending. It all depends on what questions you ask in your calculator. Therefore, you should pick your questions carefully.  

In addition, you can use this valuable information for remarketing campaigns, analyzing your buyer persona, and delivering high-quality leads over to your sales team. 

3. Keep up with the current trends

We have entered a new era of marketing where customers expect more. Every customer is different, and we need to meet their specific needs. Also, more than 90% of customers claim that they are more likely to purchase from brands that offer custom offers and recommendations. 

The ROI online Calculator offers a unique personalized experience to your customers. It delivers accurate results, based on the information provided by the respondents. 

4. Improve Your SEO And prevent high bounce rates

As a result of implementing the calculator on your website, you will keep people engaged for longer, and prevent them from bouncing away. Therefore, you will improve your SEO rankings.

5. Improve Conversion

So, if you are a B2B company, an online marketing ROI calculator is a tool that will increase your customer base. ROI is a top priority for marketers. According to Hubspot, ROI was one of the top challenges faced by marketers in 2022.  

Consequently, by providing marketers with hard numbers, you make it easier for them to sell the idea to their bosses and increase the odds of them deciding to invest in your services. 

Examples of Interactive Calculators
Explore out calculator templates to get inspired!

Get started  

Creating an ROI online calculator will improve your lead generation, website traffic, and customer engagement. This tool is highly beneficial for both your company and your customers.  

If you want to empower your customers with a custom ROI calculator, our Interactive Content platform can help you achieve this goal. Our no-code platform allows you to easily modify calculator templates and adapt them to your brand guidelines. Browse our marketplace to try it for yourself.

Create a free account to try any of the templates for free!   

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