12 Interactive ideas for a successful customer engagement strategy10 min read

12 Interactive ideas for a successful customer engagement strategy

In the wake of the pandemic, online shopping has seen a shift in buyer behavior, prompting marketers to seek new ways to convert interested visitors into paying customers. One effective customer engagement strategy is to add Interactive Content to company websites, enhancing the user experience with engaging and informative features. This keeps customers on the site for longer and also strengthens their connection to the brand.

How to increase customer engagement online with Interactive Content 

In recent years, customer behavior, as well as buyer expectations, have changed. Today, customers expect more than static content, which is trying to simply sell them products that have no obvious value. As a result, marketers are increasingly aware of the importance of interactive marketing content. They are creating more effective strategies to capture customers’ attention and elevate their brand through Interactive Content. 

Interactive Content is a great way to learn more about your customers and  generate quality leads. In addition, it is also a way to increase customer engagement on your website. Let customers take an active role in how they learn about your products and services with fun experiences.

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With increased engagement comes longer retention on your site. In fact, Interactive Content receives 52.6% more engagement than static content. As stated in Forbes, an increased dwell time on your site can reflect well on your company and boost SEO. In turn, it will be easier for customers to find you in search engines.  

Engaging potential customers is a crucial aspect of boosting sales. Interactive Content can be a great tool to kickstart this process. At Dot.vu, we recognize the significance of incorporating interactivity to improve marketing campaigns. 

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12 Interactive ideas for a successful customer engagement strategy 

Learn how to increase customer engagement online with these 12 different types of Interactive Content: 

1. Marketing Games 

Marketing Games are a great way to increase engagement and provide value to your customers through incentive marketing. By offering incentives and the chance to win prizes, you increase the time customers spend on your website.   

Additionally, allowing non-winners to return and try again can encourage repeat visits. As a result, you will increase brand loyalty. As a result, Marketing Games can turn interested participants into devoted customers by increasing website traffic and time spent engaging with your brand. 

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an example of marketing game to help increase customer engagement

2. Interactive Contests 

Interactive Contests are exciting marketing campaign additions that incentivize customer participation and referral marketing. Be sure that the prize and experience offer sufficient value to customers and their loved ones. In turn, this will increase your chances for more customer engagement.  

Studies show that 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the company to their friends and family.   

Interactive Contest with referral template by Dot.vu

3. Interactive Quizzes   

Interactive Quizzes are one of the most popular forms of Interactive Content. They get customers engaged in the experience from beginning to end since participants eagerly anticipate the result of the quiz. By using this method, you can increase customer engagement on your platform by making the quiz very unique to offer customers a memorable experience.  

To make the experience more entertaining and more valuable in terms of information, ask fun questions. Interactive Quizzes are also great ways to highlight your products. To get your customers to stay even longer on your website, include a call-to-action button at the end of the game. 

Interactive Quiz template by Dot.vu

4. Interactive Infographics 

Interactive Infographics capture customer attention with a visually appealing tool that piques interest in your products. Adding hotspots throughout the experience with quizzes, games, or videos can extend customer stay-time and add value to their user journey. By incorporating various forms of Interactive Content, customers are more likely to engage in and learn about your brand.  

5. Interactive Lookbooks   

Interactive Lookbooks provide a product catalog experience that also allows customers to purchase products directly. This tool increases engagement by providing multiple ways for customers to learn about products. Hotspots placed throughout the experience can offer additional information such as product use videos, infographics, or quizzes to recommend the best products. Using Interactive Content provides many possibilities to engage customers and enhance their shopping experience. 

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Interactive Lookbook template by Dot.vu

6. Interactive Virtual Tours 

Interactive Virtual Tours can increase engagement by providing a unique and immersive experience for users. By allowing them to explore in a virtual environment, users can interact with the content and feel as though they are physically present in the space. This can lead to a more engaging and memorable experience than simply viewing static images or videos. 

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Interactive Virtual Tour template by Dot.vu

7. Social Interactive Content

Using Social Interactive Content is an excellent way to personalize your marketing campaigns and boost engagement. Studies show that 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers tailored experiences.  

Social Interactive Content is highly shareable, which can increase engagement and attract new customers. By creating fun and Interactive Games, greeting cards, or social contests, you can reward customers for sharing the experience with their friends and family. This can help drive more traffic to your site and increase engagement. 

Easter Tapping Game template by Dot.vu

8. Interactive Videos  

Would you believe that videos help increase purchase intent by 82%? Making your videos interactive can increase your chances of converting visitors into paying customers. Customers take part in the experience and determine the direction of the video, keeping them invested and on your platform longer. With the added time spent on your Interactive Video, customers can learn more about your products and see the value your company has to offer. Interactive Videos can be a powerful tool to increase engagement and improve your conversion rates. 

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Interactive branching video example where user can choose their own path to better enagege with them

9. Interactive Conversations  

Interactive Conversations are a step up from chatbots, as they incorporate voices, images, animations, and videos rather than just text. They provide a cost-effective way to engage with customers around the clock and allow you to control the tone of the interaction, projecting friendliness, knowledgeability, and trustworthiness to enhance your brand image. 

Furthermore, Interactive Conversations offers valuable insight into potential customers, allowing you to learn about their needs, pain points, and how you can best assist them. Check out Dot.vu’s client’s example. 

Interactive Conversation Client template by Dot.vu

10. Guided Selling  

The future of online shopping lies in Interactive Content, specifically in Guided Selling, which includes various types such as Product Recommenders, Gift Finders, and more.  

Product Recommenders allow users to answer questions about their needs and preferences, then suggest products that match their requirements, resulting in increased sales. 

Product Recommender template by Dot.vu

Similarly, Gift Finders navigate your customers by asking a series of questions about their preferences for the special occasion. A Gift Finder is a perfect tool to help your customers find the best matching gifts. 

Gift Finder template by Dot.vu

11. Online Advent Calendar  

Online Advent Calendars increase engagement by offering a fun and Interactive Experience for users. They provide daily surprises, such as discounts, gifts, or exclusive content, which encourages users to return every day. This can build anticipation and excitement, creating a sense of community among users. Online Advent Calendars can be used for various industries, from e-commerce to entertainment, and can be shared through social media or email campaigns, increasing brand exposure and customer loyalty. 

Online Advent Calendar template by Dot.vu

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12. Interactive Personality Tests  

Interactive Personality Tests increase engagement by providing an entertaining and personalized experience for users. They allow users to discover more about themselves and share their results on social media, which in turn creates a sense of community and generates discussions. Personality tests can also be used for various purposes, from self-discovery to marketing strategies. By tailoring the results to each user’s answers, Personality Tests can offer valuable insights and help businesses understand their audience better. Overall, Personality Test is an effective way customer engagement strategy to increase engagement and build a loyal following. 

Personality Test template by Dot.vu

Level up your customer engagement strategy with Interactive Content today!

Make your customer’s journey exciting with Interactive Content that creates interest and loyalty for your brand. Engage your customers with valuable experiences that provide a personal connection to your products and services. Happy customers who enjoy interacting with your brand are more likely to purchase from you! 

You can create any of the Interactive Experiences from this blog post easily in our Interactive Content platform. We have many templates that you can use to showcase your brand and bring value to customers. Sign up for a free account today! Let us show what Dot.vu can do for you and your customer engagement strategy!

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