What is an Interactive Virtual Tour?8 min read

What is an Interactive Virtual Tour?

Interactive Virtual Tours are the most recent innovation at Dot.vu. Your customers will want to spend their time with one of the most exciting interactive experiences. An Interactive Virtual Tour aims to make your customers feel that they are physically present in the same room as you. Additionally, with different interactive experiences, you can invite your customers to engage and connect with other customers and your brand. 

Virtual Tours are already a Common Practice

Taking a step back and looking at virtual tours, you might already know what they are from your own experience. For example, virtual tours are used by different industries, such as the event industry. Also, museums such as The LouvreGuggenheim, or theme parks like Disney World offer virtual tours. Another very popular example of how virtual tours are used is the real estate industry. Having virtual tours on the website can benefit real estate agents. Real estate agents can show a house without the need to meet the client physically and move around the building. Additionally, virtual tours also allow agents to make their clients understand exactly what they want. This will help their clients to make an easier decision when renting or buying a property. Research shows that 77% of real estate clients want to do a virtual tour before doing a “real” visit. 

Adding interactivity to virtual tours makes them a much more fun experience. Visitors can now take an active part in exploring things they are really interested in. Interactivity can for example be exciting games, challenging quizzes, videos on-demand or live-streamed, or the so-called “hotspots”. Hotspots help your customers to find their way around the virtual tour. Your possibilities of adding interactivity to your virtual tour are endless! 
With Interactive Virtual Tours, you can increase your customer engagement, collect data and customer insights, and benefit much more

The concept of Interactive Virtual Tours 

Virtual tours are created by using real 360° images of your own environment or those of a 3D model. Even though virtual tours are good in simulating an existing physical location, they are not interactive.

By adding interactivity to your virtual tour, your customers will be actively involved in your virtual tour. The more interactivity and personalization you provide, the closer you get to creating a lifelike experience for your customers. Hence, the more engaged your customers will become. 

Collect Behavioral Data

While your customers are busy with the different interactivities, you can capture behavioral data, such as first-party and zero-party data. These data and insights can be used to personalize the experience in real-time, making your Interactive Virtual Tour more relevant. In addition, collected data can make future touchpoints more relevant. For instance, future touchpoints can help to activate the right marketing and sales activities. 
In turn, you can create a more meaningful and lasting brand relationship. 

Become More Agile and Flexible

Moreover, making virtual tours interactive will help you to become more agile and efficiently adapt. Sparking new ideas and innovations is well needed in today’s changing world. Brands should see this change as the foundation for the next decade of marketing activities. Additionally, brands should see Interactive Virtual Tours as a chance to re-imagine what it means to be in the “customers’ world”. One way to do so is to rethink available marketing tools and how to boost customer engagement. Thus, we at Dot.vu are convinced that Interactive Virtual Tours are a must for every brand. Especially, if you want to be able to meet the demand of your customers – now and in the future.  

Many businesses have already started to understand this change and adapted to the next trend in business. They do so by integrating more “virtual reality” in their marketing mix to promote their products and services. For example in form of digital experiences and virtual events. A survey by the AIM Group International discovered that 80% of corporate sponsors are more interested in investing in virtual than live events. 

By adding interactive experiences to virtual tours, Interactive Virtual Tours are the most innovative way to create a “real-lifelike” experience. Creating Interactive Virtual Tours can act as your brand’s own private virtual environment with interactivity. This way you are giving your brand a purpose, connecting to your customers and increasing your engagement. 
Discover some of the possibilities you have with Interactive Virtual Tours in the next paragraph. 

Interactive Virtual Tours add some interactivity to it and make the experience even more engaging for your customers.

Endless Possibilities with Interactive Virtual Tours 

By creating your own Interactive Virtual Tour, you can present your company in new innovative ways. The key is to give your Interactive Virtual Tour an approachable, customer-friendly, and human side to the experience. Your customers should be able to see your brand as relatable, consistent, and true to your image and values. It is a well-known fact that building an overall emotional connection with your audience is important for running your business. A well-maintained emotional connection relationship with your customers results in higher brand awareness, stronger customer relationships, and more sales. Thus, the options for your customers to interact with your brand need to be as relevant and authentic as possible.

Create a Personal and Realistic Interactive Experience

With Interactive Virtual Tours you have the possibility to be virtually present. This allows your customers to interact and engage in an innovative and forward-thinking way. To make an Interactive Virtual Tour feel as personalized and authentic as possible, let real people be present. More features, such as real-time interactions and interactive live streaming, can make a dialogue between you and your customers possible.
A personalized Interactive Virtual Tour can feel just as real to your customers, as interacting with your brand in person. As a result, improve your brand awareness, increased customer engagement, and reach higher conversion rates.  

Use Interactive Virtual Tours for your next conference, product launch, exhibition, and many more events. Depending on your needs you can keep it simple or take it to another level. Upgrade every Interactive Virtual Tour with interactivities like guided selling, polls, interactive videosmarketing gamesinteractive flipbooks, and much more. You can even play around with the rules of our reality to make the experience even more lifelike. One rule could be that a door can only be open for a short time. Or there is a limit on how many people can enter a room at the same time. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding interactivity to your virtual tour. Whatever you create, with Dot.vu it will be done without writing a single line of code.

Your possibilities with Interactive Virtual Tours are truly endless!

The Future is a Hybrid Reality  

In conclusion, the world has evolved and reached a point of balancing between both, live and virtual worlds. A balance, in which both worlds are equally considered and appreciated.  

Interactive Virtual Tours are another helpful tool for the future of companies in nearly all industries. A tool, which enables brands to build and keep up strong customer relationships. Especially, every Interactive Virtual Tour can be enhanced with interactive experiences, such as real-time interactions and interactive live streaming. 

Without a doubt, companies will choose Interactive Virtual Tours. This is due to their potential to increase brand awareness, build connections, and generate leads. Interactive Virtual Tours will bring your virtual world to life, creating engaging and relevant experiences for your customers. 

The future is a hybrid reality, synergizing between virtual and live worlds.

Get started creating your first Interactive Virtual Tour 

Bring your creative ideas to life and design unique Interactive Virtual Tours for your customers. Do you need some inspiration before you start your very own Interactive Virtual Tour? Click here to see an example of an Interactive Virtual Tour!  

With Dot.vu, you can choose to customize or use templates and adapt them to create your own unique interactive experiences. Make this type of interactive content a reality and enhance your next campaign with the wow factor. Whatever you decide to create, if you need support, Dot.vu will be there for you.  

Find more inspiration for interactive experiences on the Dot.vu marketplace. Let us show you what we can do for you and request a demo today! 

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