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The best interactive b2b lead generation ideas in 2024 Blog post

Are you struggling to generate qualified B2B leads? You are not alone – over 60% of marketers indicate lead generation as their biggest challenge.  

The lack of accurate data, targeting the wrong audience, building trust, brand differentiation, and using boring content are some of the reasons why turning prospects into leads is so difficult in 2024.  

We are here to help you enhance your content for more effective B2B lead generation. Did you know that more than 90% of B2B companies claim that content marketing generated more leads than any other traditional marketing strategy? 

Dive into this blog post for 14 straightforward B2B lead generation ideas ready to seamlessly integrate into your strategy. 

Why is content marketing among the top B2B lead generation strategies?  

Providing high-value educational content is a crucial strategy for attracting and generating B2B leads. Rather than relying solely on aggressive promotion, you can gradually introduce your brand with insightful content, establishing trust and positioning your company as an industry leader and authority. 

Today, merely creating and launching educational types of content marketing is not enough. Why? The marketing landscape is saturated, with every department producing content at breakneck speeds, especially with easily accessible artificial intelligence tools like Grammarly, Jasper AI, Zapier, Hemingway, Influencity, and Undetectable AI.  

Your brand can stand out in one way only: with interactivity. Interactive Content engages prospects by making them the central figure of the experience. For instance, Interactive Assessments, Calculators, or Solution Builders can guide users through personalized paths based on their inputs, effectively qualifying leads in the process. 

14 Interactive B2B lead generation ideas 

Explore the list of top B2B lead generation strategies that will help your company grow. The best part is, you can easily get started with either of these!  

1. Interactive Assessments 

An Interactive Assessment is a type of content where users evaluate their skills, knowledge, or situation by answering a few questions. As a result, they get individual feedback based on their answers, along with actionable tips on what and how to improve. An Interactive Assessment is a powerful tool that can set your brand apart as an industry leader.  

The way you generate leads is by including a short lead form at the beginning of the assessment, or before revealing the results. You can also add a lead form to get access to more detailed feedback.  

An Interactive Assessment also enables you to build rich profiles by pairing every individual’s contact details with the answers they give. By doing so, you can supply your sales staff with detailed information about the sales prospects, enabling them to directly address every lead’s pain points.  

Pro tip: Remember to give before you get. Make your assessment as valuable as possible before asking for the user’s contact information.  

Understand your visitors better through their answers in an Interactive Assessment.

2. Interactive Calculators  

Interactive Calculators require users to insert data into a form to get an instant calculated result. The answers are calculated based on custom formulas.  

You can use calculators to help potential customers find solutions or insights into their business challenges. By doing so, you provide valuable content, where users would see your brand as a powerful educational tool.  

With Interactive Calculators, you can generate leads by inserting a short lead form to reveal, for instance, the results. You can also ask users to share their contact details so they receive longer explanation on their feedback.

Interactive Calculators can bring tremendous value to your potential customers.

3. Gated eBook 

eBooks are amazing tools for increasing brand awareness among potential buyers by providing useful content. Making your eBooks interactive increases engagement time and perceived value, thus converting leads more easily. Plus, creating an eBook doesn’t require large financial or time resources.

Launching an Interactive eBook that covers industry-related topics will help you attract qualified leads who are interested in what you have to offer. 

Pro tip: Gate your entire eBook, or specific pages, to boost your b2b lead generation efforts.  

4. Flipbooks with gated sections 

An Interactive Flipbook, as the name implies, is an online book-like experience where users flip the pages virtually and interact with the content through different engaging elements.  

Apart from eBooks, there are many other types of Interactive Flipbooks, such as industry reports, user manuals, or product catalogs.  

Pro tip: Keep your lead forms short to reduce drop-off rates.  

This Corporate Apparel Catalog features enough interactivity to keep visitors fully engaged

5. Product Recommenders 

A Product Recommender resembles a quiz: users answer questions to get accurate product recommendations based on their needs. You can incorporate Product Recommenders in your B2B content marketing strategy to help potential customers find the best products for their business needs, budgets, and requirements.  

Pro tip: Monitor the answers of every lead to understand their needs and pain points better, enabling your team to craft the perfect sales pitch.  

Help visitors find the right products for their needs with this B2B Product Finder

6. Solution Builders 

A Solution Builder helps users find the best solution for their needs. Similar to a Product Recommender, a Solution Builder features a few questions that guide participants to the best solution you can offer. 

Analyzing the answers in Solution Builders helps you understand your target audience better.

Pro tip: Gate the results to generate qualified leads.

This Solution Suggesting Test is the perfect template for educational B2B content

7. Interactive Videos 

You can turn your linear education videos into Interactive Videos that invite viewers to play an active role in the experience. By answering questions, participating in polls, playing games, or making choices within the video, users are continuously engaged and focused. Therefore, your potential customers would perceive your content as a valuable source of information, thus associating your brand with insightful content and industry knowledge.  

You can gate your video in the beginning, or add a short lead form by the end, before revealing certain information or rewards.  

Interact with this Interactive Video Quiz – wouldn’t your visitors just love it?

8. Interactive Virtual Tours  

Interactive Virtual Tours are a sophisticated type of Interactive Content, where viewers fully become a part of the experience. Users can explore the space at their own pace and interact with the elements that are the most interesting for them.  

You can enrich your Interactive Virtual Tours with different engaging experiences, such as Marketing Games, Quizzes, or Interactive Videos to further boost engagement.  

Pro tip: Instead of gating the whole Interactive Virtual Tour, gate one of its elements.  

Explore this Interactive Virtual Tour example!

9. Webinars  

Webinars combine online availability with virtual events to educate and engage participants. As webinars can provide tremendous value, they have become a powerful b2b lead gen tool. In fact, more than 70% of B2B marketers classify webinars as their most effective generation strategies.  

10. Landing pages  

A well-crafted landing page with clear CTA and a straightforward statement of the problem it solves is a powerful B2B lead magnet. Here are a few tips on how to make the best out of your landing pages:  

  • Use a simple layout and minimalistic design to reduce visual clutter. 
  • Communicate your offer right away.  
  • Build trust with industry facts, client testimonials, and reviews.  
  • Add Interactive Experiences to engage your visitors.  
  • Keep your lead form short.  

Pro tip: Make your landing pages interactive by adding quizzes, Interactive Videos, or surveys.  

Explore this firm presentation landing page – could it be yours?

11. Social media  

Building a solid social media presence helps you establish brand authority, share valuable content, and build communities around your offerings. Therefore, social media platforms can be quite powerful B2B lead generation tools.  

LinkedIn is one of the most useful social media channels for B2B lead generation, with users surpassing 770 million in 2024. Moreover, it is expected that users will grow to 942 million in 2028.   

Pro tip: Encourage interactions on your social media profiles to increase engagement. Ask questions, publish surveys, and share Interactive Experiences to keep your followers engaged.  

12. Research reports  

Using research and industry reports as content marketing tools will set your brand apart as an authority and useful source of information. Publishing up-to-date reports will attract qualified leads who are interested in the information. 

The way you generate leads with research reports is by gating them with a lead form.  

Pro tip: Add interactive elements to your research reports to increase engagement.  

Explore an example of a simplified research report

13. Event marketing  

Organizing events is a great way of cultivating potential customers through conferences, summits, and trade shows. Did you know that almost 90% of B2B marketers say that leveraging event data positively impacted their marketing strategy, including leads generated?   

Events are a great way to generate brand awareness and create a sense of community, thus increasing your chances of generating b2b leads.  

14. Online Advent Calendars  

During the holidays, an Online Advent Calendar can be a fantastic way of generating qualified leads. Create a virtual calendar with 24 doors, each lock hiding a valuable piece of information or discount codes on your products or services.  

Pro tip: Create an Online Advent Calendar with a particular theme related to your products. By doing this, you will attract qualified leads.  

Recreate your favorite B2B lead generation idea today!  

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