Ecommerce marketing strategies you need to know in 2024 14 min read

Ecommerce marketing strategies you need to know in 2024 Blog post

Ecommerce has been one of the top performing platforms for online retailers which is why staying ahead of the game with your marketing strategies is essential. If you’re looking to learn everything you need to know about Ecommerce marketing, you’ve come to the right place.  

In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the most creative Ecommerce marketing strategies in 2024 that will definitely make your competitors jealous of your online store! 

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Ecommerce marketing vs Ecommerce advertising

To keep it brief, with Ecommerce advertising, it is more towards paid product promotions on digital advertising platforms like displays, banners or rich media ads.  

However, Ecommerce marketing consists of product promotion strategies as well as tactics. Fun fact: Global ecommerce sales are projected to reach 6.3 trillion dollars by 2024. That’s a whole lot of zeroes! 

What is Ecommerce in marketing

Ecommerce marketing is basically the key that takes your online store from “ehh” to “WOW!” 

It’s all about spreading the word about your store that can create excitement and convince digital window-shoppers to whip out wallets to make a purchase. 

Now, we can’t just throw on some ads and call it day when marketing in ecommerce. It’s also about crafting compelling narratives, fostering meaningful relationships with customers and giving them memorable experiences. 

It’s time to dive into the juicy stuff: Ecommerce marketing that will knock your digital socks off. This blogpost has all the tips and tricks you need to enrich your ecommerce marketing strategy that will leave your competitors in the dust! 

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce has become an important part of the retail industry as most shoppers prefer to shop online to avoid queues. This makes it a competitive landscape. Thus, it’s essential for ecommerce brands to craft innovative and creative marketing strategies that tailors to both their target audience and business goals. 

 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Ever wonder how people find your online store? That’s where SEO comes in. With SEO, it’s all about making your website stand out to search engines like Google. Optimize your site for search with widely searched keywords and meta tags to stay ahead of the game. 

2. Content Marketing 

Content marketing plays a crucial role in engaging potential customers and building brand loyalty. Content marketing is basically telling stories online. It can be blog posts like this one, videos, or fun infographics. 

Remember, valuable content is what keeps customers coming back for more. Brands can also establish themselves as authorities in their niches while providing consumers with meaningful insights into their products or services or industry trends. 

One exciting way to spruce up your content marketing is by including interactivity. Interactive elements can help retain your customers’ attention and boost engagement. 

3. Social Media Marketing 

With Instagram and TikTok emerging, social media platforms are where peoples’ at. Social media marketing helps in building relationships and of course, turning followers into loyal customers. As a matter of fact, 40% of merchants leverage social media to help generate sales. 

Social media platforms offer Ecommerce businesses an opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level and promote their products or services directly to targeted audiences. Brands can effectively reach new customers while nurturing relationships with existing ones using social media. 

4. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is your direct line to your customers’ inboxes. It remains as one of the most powerful tools in every marketer needs for driving sales and fostering customer loyalty.  

By segmenting subscriber lists based on demographics or purchase history, brands can increase conversion rates and generate repeat purchases from satisfied customers. 

5. Interactive Content 

Now, here’s where things get exciting. As mentioned earlier, Interactive Content is the new it girl in content marketing. It is immersive experiences designed to grab attention, drive engagement, and boost sales—all in one go. 

I know what you’re thinking, Interactive Content sounds fun, but what is it, and how can it help with me Ecommerce store? 

Interactive Content refers to content that actively involves the audience, rather than just presenting information passively in a static format. It not only keeps visitors engaged but also encourages them to spend more time on your site, increasing the likelihood of conversions.  

On top of that, it can create a buzz around your brand as satisfied customers are likely to talk about it with others, also known as word-of-mouth marketing. Two birds with one stone. Brands get to spread engage their customers while also getting word out about their store. 

Let’s explore some of the most effective types of Interactive Content you can incorporate to keep your audience engaged and excited about your visiting your online store. 

Types of Interactive Content for your Ecommerce strategy

1. Marketing Games 

Who says shopping can’t be fun? (No one has ever said that). Using Marketing Games in your Ecommerce marketing strategy, you can turn browsing your online store a fun visit for your audience. 

There are many types of Marketing Games you can include into your strategy. Some of which is a seasonal Marketing Game themed around holidays that cater to seasonal shoppers. You can incentivize your Marketing Games with prizes, rewards or discount codes which can create enough excitement for your customers to make an immediate purchase.

2. Online Contests 

Want to get your customers engaged and excited about your brand? Host an online contest and watch as your website traffic increase. Having an online contest generates a competitive feeling in the human nature. Plus, online contests are highly shareable on social media, thus, increasing brand awareness which benefits your brand in amplifying your reach driving people to visit your website to take part in the contest.  

3. Interactive Quizzes 

I’m pretty sure you have taken a quiz on Facebook to check on what animal you are or what Disney character represents yourself. 

Well, imagine having that on your website, but with products instead of Disney characters. These quizzes can drive engagement and also provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviour, allowing you to strategize your product offerings in the future. 

Moreover, Interactive Quizzes have the potential to go viral because participants may share their results online which further expands your brand reach and ultimately attract new customers. 

4. User Generated Content 

User-generated content is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can use. It showcases your brand as authentic and trustworthy which is important during this time (as there can be a lot of scam websites).  

You can have customers sharing how they use your product or even inviting people to join a game in return for a reward. 

Additionally, user-generated content provides social proof, demonstrating to prospective customers that your products are endorsed by real people and not fake reviews. 

5. Polls and Surveys 

Want to know what your customers really think? Ask them! Polls and Surveys are a great way to collect feedback, gain insights to better your future marketing strategies. 

Customers want to know that their opinions matter and using Polls and Surveys is best way to showcase that.  

Moreover, Polls and Surveys provide valuable data that can inform product development, customer service initiatives, and overall business strategy.  

6. Guided Selling 

Guided selling tools help customers find the perfect products based after answering a series of questions. The result of their Guided Selling experience is based on their needs, preferences, and budget. You can relieve a customer from the uncertainty of a product not being right for them.  

Guided selling experiences enable you to showcase your product range more effectively, ensuring that customers can find the solution that best meets their needs. For instance, you can include a gift finder with multiple questions to help your audience find the perfect gift for their loved ones. 

7. Product Recommender 

Give your customers their own personal shopper Product Recommenders help analyze customer data or purchase history to recommend products that are tailored to their tastes and preferences. Product Recommenders can identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour, predicting which products are most likely to be purchased with each customer preferences.  

This level of personalization enhances the shopping experience and also increases conversion rates. 

8. Online Advent Calendar 

Who says advent calendars are just for Christmas? With an Online Advent Calendar, you can create excitement boost sales around your brand year-round. It offers daily deals, discounts, and surprises to keep customers coming back for more. Consequently, this results in increase websites visits. Wink-wink. 

Offering exclusive discounts and promotions will incentivize repeat visits to your website throughout the duration of the advent calendar. Here’s a bonus, it also offers a unique opportunity to showcase your products and highlight your promotional offers! 

9. Interactive Flipbooks 

Showcase your products or services in a fun engagement way using Interactive Flipbooks. You can turn your static product catalog into an fun and memorable experience!  

Interactive Flipbooks allow customers to flip through pages, zoom in on product details, and even make purchases directly from the flipbook itself. Adding in hotspots into your Interactive Flipbook can enourage clicks which would be able to keep your customers engaged and active. 

And of course, Interactive Flipbooks are highly shareable, making them an effective tool for increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your website. 

10. Interactive Popups 

Love ’em or hate ’em, popups are a widely used marketing tactic to promoting special offers and reduce cart abandonment. But popups can become annoying which is why incorporating interactive elements into your popups like quizzes, games, and more can grab your audience’s attention and get them engaged with your brand.  

You can even gate the offer on the popup with a lead form, thus, generating leads to better your future marketing efforts. Interactive Popups offer a versatile and effective solution for engaging with your audience and driving results. 

11. Seasonal Marketing Campaigns 

Seasonal marketing campaigns is a great way to capitalize on key shopping seasons and holidays. You can have a special Marketing Game during Valentine’s Day or even the Christmas season. The best part of seasonal marketing campaigns is that you can have it all year round since there’s a bunch of occasions in a year. It’s a time to target seasonal shoppers and what better way is there than to show off your seasonal promotions!  

Seasonal marketing campaigns offer a huge opportunity to tap into the heightened consumer spending during holidays and special occasions.  

Did you know that holiday sales rose 3.8% year over year to $964.4 billion? That being said, it is crucial to market during seasonal occasions! 

Here’s a tip: Align your promotions with seasonal themes to capture the attention of seasonal shoppers and encourage them to make purchases. 

Enrich your Ecommerce marketing strategy today!

And there you have it, Ecommerce marketing strategies you need to try in 2024. There is always a way to enhance your Ecommerce platform and take your online store to the next level!  

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start experimenting with these creative strategies! 

And don’t forget, is your best friend along the way! With over 350 customizable templates at your fingertips, you’re sure to be able to create Interactive Content all year round for your online store. Sign up for a free account today and try out any of the Interactive Content above (and more!) and then, well, watch your ecommerce sales soar! 

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