6 Interactive Valentine’s Day Campaigns Your Customers Will Love7 min read

6 interactive Valentine's day campaigns your customer will love

More and more marketers are using interactive Valentine’s Day campaigns to attract customers who want to express  their appreciation for their loved ones this February 14th. See how you can incentivize your customers to put a little bit of love in your revenue stream this year! 

Why should you use interactive content for your Valentine’s Day Campaigns? 

Valentine’s Day sales increased by over 6 billion USD from 20.7 in 2019 to 24.7 in 2020. The increase between these two years is more significant than what was seen in the combined ten years prior.  

Whether you are feeling in the mood for Valentine’s Day or not, you have to agree that it is not going away anytime soon! Though it started as a day of love, it has slowly turned into a day of appreciation. Romantic partners are still the primary focus on Valentine’s Day. However, the recipients of many gifts on February 14th,  due to changes in trends, are also friends, coworkers, and even pets.  

Knowing that the market for Valentine’s gifts is growing and changing every year will help you see how it is a holiday that can’t be ignored!  We also recommend reading these Easter promotion mistakes, as some of them also apply to your Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.

Becoming more engaged with an interactive seasonal marketing campaign, customers can become more intimate with a brand through a better user experience. Within that close connection, companies can attract customers to products much easier with data that fits their interests and likes. Here is a list of 6 interactive ideas for your Valentine’s Day campaigns that will help customers fall in love with your products this year! 

Interactive Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas 

1. Social Interactive Content

Story Card 

Social interactive content can consists of a variety of ways. One such example would be a Story Card. Write your own love story by answering a selected amount of personality or preference questions. The responses will be inserted into an already-made story that can be shared by your customers on social media.

Specifically, the questions can be as much about your brand or product as you’d like. You just need to adjust the story to fit the Valentine’s Day theme. Customers will not only generate an interest in your brand, but they will also share your products and services. The better experience they have, the more likely they are to share on social media.

Quote Generator 

Quote Generator is an interactive tool companies can use to engage their customers. Companies show customers how much they are appreciated with an inspirational quote. These quotes can inspire customers enough to share the love on social media. Easily, visitors enter their name and email address to sign up for an inspirational quote. The feeling generated from this positive experience of the tool helps customers to develop a personal connection to the brand. 

interactive Valentine's day campaigns with a quote generator

2. Interactive Calculator

An interactive calculator is used to help customer factor the amount of an item or action that is needed to produce a specific response. The Perfume Shop created an interactive Love Calculator for a campaign to test true love. By entering in their name and the name of their partner, customers were able to learn their “true love percentage”. It was also a great way for the company to suggest products on the result page. Additionally, customers were able to share their results on social media. Giving customers the ability to share results allows the company to market to a new group of potential customers. 

3. Interactive Quiz

By asking a series of questions that are targeted towards your products, you can gain insight into which items are more desirable for customers to purchase on Valentine’s Day. Do not forget to gate your quiz with a lead form, so you can use these answers to offer your customers a more, personalized experience on your website. Also, they can be used to create more segmented emails. 

See the simple Valentine’s Quiz template on Dot.vu. You can adapt this 6-question quiz to engage your customers for your interactive Valentine’s Day campaign. Also, by offering a prize at the end of the quiz, you can help to encourage purchases on your website with desirable discount codes for limited-time offers. 

interactive Valentine's day campaigns with an interactive quiz

4. Marketing Game

Marketing games are not only fun ways to engage your audience, but they are also ways of getting customers to return for more visits. “Spin to win” games help companies generate leads by offering a prize or discount. These prizes can be in addition to a promotion or used on specific products that the company wants to target during the campaign. 

See another example of how The Perfume Shop uses a shuffle game to offer an incentive to its shoppers. This game hides an object behind hearts and then shuffles the hearts. If customers are able to find the object four times during the game, they win a scratch-off card with a mystery prize. The incentive of the prize requires the players to stay focused. This increases engagement and ensures that they will stay on the page for a longer period of time. 

5. Product Recommender

A product recommender is an interactive experience for customers to find the perfect gift for a loved one, while the company learns valuable information about their end customers. Knowing your customers is very important in choosing the right gift suggestions for this interactive tool. Therefore, you can gain valuable insights and offer a personalized experience. You can do this by gating your interactive experience with a lead form. 

If you are hoping to sell specific items during your Valentine’s campaign, you can use these items as your suggestions on the end screen of the interactive Gift Finder. This interactive experience will help those less-experienced shoppers feel more at ease when shopping this Valentine’s Day with gift suggestions that are tailor to their special someone.

6. Interactive Infographic

One of the prominent benefits of an Interactive Infographic is to help your company educate customers on how to use your products and services with more ease and interest. From links embedded into each step of your infographic, you can draw user attention to more detailed information of how to use your products. For example, you can teach customers how to create Valentine treats. Customers are more engaged with content in an interactive infographic and are more likely to return for future visits if the information gained is helpful.  

how to graphic, interactive infographic for your interactive Valentine's day campaigns

Enhance engagement with these Interactive Valentine’s day campaigns 

Using interactive content for your Valentine’s Day campaign will help your customers feel more engaged with your content and more connected to your brand. First, users have fun getting introduced and shopping for products on your website. From this visit, your company then can generate data about customers’ interests and gain emails for segmented mailing lists.  

Dot.vu has made the process of creating and incorporating Interactive Content onto your platform in an easy way. See all of the exciting templates that you can use in your Valentine’s Day campaigns to attract and engage customers. Visit the marketplace to learn more. 

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