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10 Interactive Valentine's Day marketing ideas your customers will love Blog post by Dot.vu

More and more marketers are looking for Interactive Valentine’s Day marketing ideas. Are you one of them, exploring ways to attract customers who want to express appreciation for their loved ones this February 14th? Interactive Content will help you be seen across the sea of Valentine’s Day campaigns!

Whether you are feeling in the mood for Valentine’s Day or not, you have to agree that it is not going away anytime soon! According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine’s Day spending reached $25.9B in 2023. Though it started as a day of love, it has slowly turned into a day of appreciation. Romantic partners are still the primary focus on Valentine’s Day. However, the recipients of many gifts on February 14th are also friends, coworkers, and even pets. That’s why Valentine’s Day is now perceived as a major shopping holiday, giving Black Friday and Boxing Day a run for their money.  

In this article, you’ll find plenty of Interactive Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to bring to life this year. Plus, we included lots of Valentine’s Day stats and trends, so you are well-equipped to create successful Valentine’s Day campaigns.  

Keep reading and learn how to incentivize your customers to put some love into your revenue stream this year! 

Trends & facts to inspire your Valentine’s Day campaigns

There are two important distinctions to consider when looking for Valentine’s Day marketing ideas: are you targeting people celebrating Valentine’s Day with a night out or a weekend at the spa, or people only buying gifts?  

As many as 52% of people planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2023, with a planned average spending of $192.80 which is a significant increase compared to budgets of $175.41 in 2022. However, 28% of people who were not planning to celebrate still wanted to buy something for the occasion. You might want to consider these distinctions when browsing for Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, as they can change the choice, the tone, and the copy of your campaign.  

Also, another important Valentine’s Day Stat to keep in mind is that women purchase more than 85% of all the gifts bought on Valentine’s Day, with the exception of flowers. So, having women as your main target audience might be the right way to go! 

When is the ideal time to launch your Valentine’s marketing campaign? Google trends indicate that consumers initiate searches for phrases such as “Valentine’s Day sale” and “deals” immediately after Christmas. Hence, it’s crucial to have your campaign prepared well in advance of the 14th of February. 

valentine's shooter game template by dot.vu
Shoot some hearts and experience the power of gamification with this Valentine’s Game!

What do people buy for Valentine’s Day?  

According to the National Retail Federation, the top 5 gifts consumers planned to give in 2023 were:  

  • 57% Candy
    • 35 million of chocolate boxes are sold for Valentine’s Day 
    • Over 1B worth of chocolate is being bought in the U.S 
  • 40% Greeting cards
    • Approximately 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged industry-wide 
    • Valentine’s Day is the 2nd biggest holiday for giving greeting cards.  
    • Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives and husbands, sweethearts, and pets.  
  • 32% An evening out
    • Similarly, 41% of people said they would “love to receive a gift of experience”; this includes restaurants, spas, etc.  
  • 21% Jewelry
    • Total spending on jewelry was expected to reach $6.2 billion in 2022. 
    • Men are twice more likely to buy jewelry than women 
    • However, women are planning are buying jewelry for Valentine’s Day more and more 
    • 14% of women planned to buy jewelry in 2022 

While not included in the most popular gifts, around 20 percent of pet owners buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets. It was estimated that $751.3 million would be spent on Valentine’s Gifts for pets this year.  

How can these Valentine’s Day stats help you find the best Valentine’s Day Marketing ideas?  

One sure thing, not only flower shops and chocolate manufacturers should have Valentine’s Day Campaigns. These stats showed us that lots of companies can actually benefit from creating Valentine’s Day promotions.  

For example, clothes manufacturers can create campaigns to help their customers find the best Valentine’s Day outfit for their dates. Pet shops can have Valentine’s Day discounts on bones or other treats for cats and dogs. Restaurants and Spas can collaborate and offer Valentine’s Day experience packages. In other words, reflect on what you can offer your customers for Valentine’s Day. How can you help them and spread love?  

10 successful Interactive Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas  

Here is a list of 10 Interactive Valentine’s Day Marketing ideas to make customers fall in love with your brand this year! 

1. Interactive Greeting Cards 

As you have seen before, greeting cards are the second most common gift for Valentine’s Day. But what if you could simplify this buying process or, even better, offer it for free. Create an Interactive Experience where users can easily design, add their message and send Valentine’s Day greeting cards to their loved ones on your website. This is also very helpful for senders who live far away from their loved ones and want to save on shipping costs.  

Mother's day card template by dot.vu
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/mothers-day-card

2. Interactive Quote Generator  

Another Interactive Valentine’s Day Marketing idea could a Quote Generator. The idea here is not to help your customers with their Valentine’s Day shopping and planning but rather to send something from you to them to show your appreciation.  

In this experience, visitors enter their names and email addresses to sign up for an inspirational quote. The feeling generated from this positive experience can help customers to develop a personal connection to the brand.  

Pro Tip: You can also add a small gift to this experience, like a discount code or samples.  

interactive Valentine's day campaigns with a quote generator
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/quote-generator

3. Interactive Calculator 

Another idea could be to follow in The Perfume Shop’s footsteps. They created, using Dot.vu, an Interactive Love Calculator for a campaign to test true love. By entering their name and the name of their partner, customers were able to learn their “true love percentage”. They could share the results on their SoMe, succeeding in increasing brand awareness.  

Moreover, it was also a great way for the company to suggest products on the result page. Additionally, customers were able to share their results on social media. Giving customers the ability to share results allows the company to reach a larger audience.  

We have a Love Calculator template available on Dot.vu. Check it out here:  

Love calculator template by dot.vu
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/love-calculator 

4. Valentine’s video

This stands out as one of our cherished Valentine’s Day campaign ideas, albeit a bit more challenging to execute. Delight your devoted customers with a personalized video, where you address them by their first name, mention their favorite product category, and even offer an exclusive discount code for their upcoming shopping spree. 

Crafting such personalized videos becomes a reality with Dot.vu, thanks to the URL data addon.  

Pro tip: Send the personalized video through email. Using the data URL addon, customer data will be passed through the URL, making the video display the user’s first names.  

5. Interactive Quiz 

Not sure which products you should promote for Valentine’s Day? By asking a series of questions that are targeted toward your products, you can gain insight into which items are more desirable for customers to purchase on Valentine’s Day. You can also use these quizzes for lead generation. Do not forget to gate your quiz with a lead form, so you can use these answers to offer your customers a more personalized experience on your website. Also, they can be used to create more segmented emails.  

See the simple Valentine’s Quiz template on Dot.vu. You can adapt this 6-question quiz to engage your customers for your interactive Valentine’s Day campaign. Also, by offering a prize at the end of the quiz, you can help to encourage purchases on your website with desirable discount codes for limited-time offers.  

interactive Valentine's day campaigns with an interactive quiz
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/valentines-quiz

6. Marketing Games 

Marketing Games are not only fun ways to engage your audience, but they are also ways of getting customers to return for more visits. Spin and Win games help companies generate leads by offering a prize or discount. These prizes can be in addition to a promotion or used on specific products that the company wants to target during the campaign.  

Pro tip: Send email reminder to encourage customers to play your Valentine’s Day Marketing Games.  

Another great Valentine’s Day Marketing idea could be a small game where participants pick Valentine’s Day cards for the chance to win prizes and discounts. Take a look at this template available on Dot.vu:  

Discount card surprises template by dot.vu
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/discount-card-surprises

7. Gift Finders 

A Gift Finder is a Guided Selling experience for customers to find the perfect gift for a loved one. Start by deciding which items you want to promote for Valentine’s Day. Then, create a short questionnaire of a few questions to help customers find which of these items would be a perfect gift for their loved ones.  

By gating this experience, you can learn a lot about your customer’s preferences and use this later for retargeting purposes.  

Pro tip: Cater to last-minute shoppers by keeping your Gift Finder until the 14th of February.  

Ideal gift finder template by dot.vu
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/ideal-gift-finder

8. Interactive Infographic 

Another great Valentine’s Day idea could be to create an Interactive Infographic. For example, you could use an Interactive Infographic to teach customers how to create Valentine’s treats. Often, we are solely focused on selling, but educating our customers and nurturing our relationship with them is very important as well. And Valentine’s Day seems like the best of occasions, right?  

One of the prominent benefits of an Interactive Infographic is to help your company educate customers on how to use your products and services with more ease and interest. From links embedded into each step of your infographic, you can draw user attention to more detailed information on how to use your products. Customers are more engaged with content in an Interactive Infographic and are more likely to return for future visits if the information gained is helpful.   

how to graphic, interactive infographic for your interactive Valentine's day campaigns
You can find the template here: https://dot.vu/marketplace/template/process-how-to-interactive-infographic

9. Valentine’s Day Interactive Posts  

Remember to make an appearance on social media on Valentine’s Day. But, please, don’t just simply give boring greetings in a simple post; go the extra mile and create Valentine’s Day Interactive Posts. An idea could be to share the Interactive Valentine’s Day campaigns you have decided to create, such as the Gift Finder or the Online Greeting Cards.  

Another idea could be to create other types of Valentine’s Day Interactive Posts, such as polls, user-generated content, and so on. Take a look at our blog post on Interactive Social Media posts.  

10. User-generated content

Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing. Create a special hashtag for your customers to use when they post about love on social media. Pick some favorite posts and have a friendly competition—let people vote for the best ones. 

This way, you get user-generated content, and your customers can spread love on social media. Moreover, when you interact with them by liking and commenting on posts, your brand becomes more noticeable during this love-filled time. 

Enhance engagement with these Interactive Valentine’s Day marketing ideas  

When searching for great Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, choose ones that are fun and involve your customers. Using Interactive Content will make your Valentine’s Day campaign more enjoyable and your customers feel closer to your brand.

Did you like the Quite Generator, the Marketing Game, the Valentine’s Day quiz, or another idea from this blog post? You can make them yours with Dot.vu!

With ready-made customizable templates, you can create an interactive Valentine’s Day campaign quickly and easily, with no coding required. Sign up for a free account and start creating!

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