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Edutainment has been around since the 1950s with roots traced back to Walt Disney. It was used by the company to educate through storytelling and animations. It later played a role in television shows such as Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer for children. These shows encouraged viewers to participate. It also made learning fun, enjoyable, and entertaining.  

Now, with many forms of media, edutainment has expanded. It makes learning fun and easy through movies, music, and even games. Using edutainment is a great method to educate students or customers about your products. As a business, you can use it in marketing to educate customers and make learning exciting for employees.  

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Edutainment, short for education entertainment, is the use of entertainment media to educate. Media such as audio, music, videos, movies, and Interactive Games are used in learning. Moreover, edutainment is used to make learning enjoyable and interesting. It is content used to teach subjects or topics but has entertainment value. Additionally, it is used by organizations and governments to circulate information and influence opinions and behaviours. In addition, brands and businesses use edutainment to educate customers about their products and services.  

Here are the benefits of using edutainment for your business website.  

  • It makes complex subjects easier to digest because of its format.  
  • It makes learning fun and enjoyable as it has entertainment value.  
  • It engages audiences and makes them actively participate in the learning journey. 
  • It enhances remote learning through content such as video, audio, music, and online games.  
  • It makes audiences retain information better because of emotionally engaging material.  

Let us explore the different methods of edutainment to foster learning that is engaging and entertaining for your audiences.  

Games are a form of edutainment that teaches and engages audiences. It encourages them to participate by playing the game to learn. Additionally, games entertain your audiences and hold their attention. This way you can deliver your message and educate them. For example, this Guess the Phrase game can be used to entertain while educating customers on your product names. Additionally, Marketing Games can be used to engage your customers. It also allows you to collect their data which can help you generate leads.  

Educational Video Quiz with Reward Interactive video template

Interactive Videos can be an entertaining method to educate and encourage active participation. It can be used as a tutorial, to tell a story, to talk about topics, and to quiz audiences. For example, you can use Interactive Video to make a tutorial on how to use your products or software. Moreover, customers can watch the video and actively engage with it through quizzes. Quizzes could help test their knowledge of the subject to see if they retain the information. You can use Educational Video Quiz with Reward to educate customers. Furthermore, teach them about your products and reward them with discounts.  

educational flipbook interactive flipbook template

An Interactive Flipbook turns static content Interactive with quizzes, Marketing Games, assessments, Interactive Videos, and elements. Make your business materials engaging by adding assessments and quizzes to your Interactive Flipbook. For example, if you are a museum, you can turn your guide into an Interactive Flipbook. By turning your business documents Interactive, you will surely engage your audiences. Use an Internal Educational Flipbook for your business to showcase your products and to speak to your readers. Moreover, you can create engaging manuals and guides for your organizations when onboarding new employees. 


Adding Interactive Quizzes is a form of edutainment that allows audiences to actively participate in learning. Customers can learn about your products and features by answering quizzes. This experience can be made exciting through gamification. Adding leaderboards, badges, and scores makes learning about your services interesting. For example, test your customer’s knowledge of your brand by adding a Simple Trivia Quiz. Additionally, you could make them take an Educational Quiz after a video tutorial to see if they retained information. An Interactive Quiz makes your customers well-informed about your services. Moreover, it can educate, entertain, and help you generate leads for your business.  

learning language application on phone

Learning applications are edutainment that actively engages audiences through Interactive elements. It makes learning effective, interactive, and captures the interest of learners. For example, language learning applications such as Duolingo. Learning any language is fun and effective. It uses delightful content, game-like features, fun challenges, and AI to help you learn. Furthermore, picking up a language becomes fun and achievable with edutainment applications. You can do the same for your business by creating an Interactive application. Add Interactive Experiences into your app to make learning about your brand exciting. It can also help you increase sales by generating leads and engaging with your customers. 

Make learning educational and entertaining with edutainment. Use Marketing Games, Interactive Videos, Interactive Flipbooks, Interactive Quizzes, and learning applications to make it enjoyable and informative. Additionally, keep your customers engaged and hold their attention with these examples. Moreover, learning about your services can be exciting with Interactive Content.  

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