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10 Exciting advergaming ideas you need to know for your business Blog by Dot.vu

Advergaming is not new to the scene, it has been around since the 80s. Brands like Coca-Cola, Chupa Chups, and Burger King have used advergames to advertise their products. They have successfully used games to entertain and engage their audiences. Moreover, advergaming has increased their sales tremendously and got customers interested in their products. 

Advertising can usually be intrusive and annoying, especially when it gets in the way of watching a video or listening to music. This makes us listeners or viewers sometimes feel bothered or bombarded. Advergaming changes this as customers voluntarily expose themselves to ads by playing the game. Moreover, audiences are entertained and this can make your brand likeable.

In this article, we will learn about: 

Advergaming or advergames are games created to promote your brand and products. It involves designing and developing a game that seamlessly integrates with ads. Moreover, it is a form of non-intrusive ads that invite audiences to actively participate. With advergaming, your viewers do not experience ad fatigue. Additionally, it is more effective at making your brand likeable and getting potential customers interested in your brand. Furthermore, audiences can interact and engage with your advergame and discover about your products. 

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Let us explore the benefits of advergaming for your business.  

  • It boosts brand awareness by creating a fun and memorable experience for audiences.  
  • It increases engagement with your brand through audiences playing your game. Audiences get to actively participate and engage with your brand. 
  • It generates potential leads when customers sign up with their email to play the game. Furthermore, you can send them emails to connect and convert them into sales. 
  • It attracts attention and new customers as games are exciting and attractive. Additionally, people love playing games at any age whether young or old. 
  • It allows you to advertise your products in a fun, interesting, and interactive way. Customers can learn about your products while being entertained.  

Gain some inspiration for advergaming with these fun game ideas for your business. 

Advent calendar with daily puzzle game template by Dot.vu

This Advent Calendar with Daily Puzzles is a fun way to surprise your customers. It is an advergame that keeps your audience coming back for more. Additionally, use this game to entertain your audience, test their skills, generate leads, and boost your sales. Audiences must come each following day to unlock and complete a puzzle within a certain limit. You can utilize this game to promote your range of products by making them into puzzles. Keep your audiences coming back for more with this gamified 24-day advent calendar. 

Valentines day shooter game template by Dot.vu

This Valentine’s Shooter Game will surely make users fall in love with your brand. You can engage and entertain your audience with this advergame. Additionally, this game idea allows you to also promote your products. The goal of the game is to hit a certain number of hearts within a certain time. If your audience wins you can reward them with discounts on your product. To increase sales, add a CTA button at the end of the game to lead them to your website and showcase your products. This game is also customizable which means you can customize it according to your brand.  

Catching game template by Dot.vu

The Catching Game is another Marketing game that provides your audience with an engaging experience. This advergame idea can be used to increase awareness of your brand. Furthermore, it can help you promote your products, grow your email list, and generate leads. It is an immersive game that allows users to catch falling objects within a limited time. Use this game to display your products, the falling objects can be replaced with your range of products. Reward customers with a prize or discount for winning the game to encourage participation and boost sales.  

Gotta catch them all game template by Dot.vu

Gotta Catch Them All is an advergame that provides your customers with an exciting challenge. Immerse your audience in and entertain them with this game. Moreover, you can also use this game to promote your products without being unintrusive. To play the game, audiences must catch the car before the time ends. Instead of a car, you can customize the game by adding your product or brand visuals. 

Shopping game template by Dot.vu

The Shopping Game is an Interactive Marketing Game that is fun and exciting. This advergame can be used to promote your brand and products. It is an entertaining way to grow your email list, generate leads, and qualify leads. This game is simple and fun for players. Moreover, the game objective is for players to avoid objects to collect points and reach the leaderboard. Use this game to promote your brand by adding your own products and visuals as elements in the game. Additionally, you can also reward customers who earn the most points with prizes or discounts. 

Promotional sliding puzzle game template by Dot.vu

The Promotional Sliding Puzzle game is an engaging game that puts your audience up against a captivating challenge. It is an easy-to-play game that allows you to promote your products using puzzles. Moreover, you can entertain audiences, boost sales, and test their skills. This advergame motivates audiences to spend time interacting with your brand as they try to solve the puzzle. At the end of this game, use the product recommender to recommend products to your audiences. Spark curiosity and build anticipation for audiences as they put the pieces together. 

Where is the product game template by Dot.vu

Where is the Product guessing game is engaging and exciting. This advergame can be used to promote your brand and products. It is a game that turns brand interactions into an unforgettable experience for your audiences. Furthermore, this advergame allows you to generate leads, grow your email list, and boost your sales. Additionally, it will also keep your audiences entertained. This advergame sends audiences on a scavenger hunt to find the product hidden in the picture. Moreover, audiences have a limited time to find it to win. Use this game to promote your best-selling product. This template is customizable so you can add your own product.  

Drag and drop wishlist game template by Dot.vu

This Drag and drop Wishlist game is a fun way to interact with your audiences. It also gives them a chance to win discounts and exclusive prizes. Moreover, it allows you to entertain your audience, generate leads, and boost sales. This game turns their shopping journey into a fun experience for your audiences. It allows them to select and arrange the top 4 products based on their liking. Once products have been chosen, customers can unlock personalized discount codes. Additionally, if the audience’s first pick is a popular product, the game sends them into a lucky draw. This makes it super exciting, and they can win exclusive prizes. Furthermore, you can promote multiple products using this game.  

Multi-Choice Product Game

Multi-choice product game template by Dot.vu

The Multi-Choice Product Game is another advergaming idea for your business. It allows you to highlight your best-selling products to audiences. Moreover, it is entertaining for audiences as their knowledge will be tested. Additionally, this game allows you to generate leads and boost your sales. You can customize this game however you like, whether it is 3 products or more. To play the game, audiences must select products that are bestsellers. The timer starts when a product is selected, and top scorers stand a chance to win prizes. Furthermore, this simple and captivating game puts your products at the top of your audiences’ minds. 

Product puzzle game template by Dot.vu

This Product Puzzle Game is an attractive and interactive game that is amusing. It allows you to make promoting your product entertaining for audiences. Moreover, it can also keep them entertained, help you generate leads, and boost sales. Audiences can play by clicking the arrows so that all images become one picture. Additionally, you can incentivize those who engage with the puzzle with a discount code. This will encourage them to check out your store and boost sales. Furthermore, adding your product as the puzzle can help audiences remember your brand. Try this advergame to engage customers and promote your product. 

Now that we have explored advergaming ideas for your business, let us look at the examples below. 

 Here are some advergaming examples done by some popular brands.  

Sneak King Advergaming by Burger King

Burger King released a couple of advergames in 2006 to promote their burgers. They released Sneak King, PocketBike Racer and Big Bumpin’ made for Xbox 360 video game consoles. Moreover, customers could obtain and play these games if they bought a value meal at Burger King. Sneak King’s is about sneaking around to deliver 4 different meals from Burger King to hungry NPCs without being spotted. It was so popular that 2 million copies of the game were sold. It is a splendid example of advergaming used to promote your products and increase brand awareness.  

Chex Quest Advergaming

Chex, a cereal brand, released an advergame in 1996 to promote their cereal to children ages 6 to 9. They released the game Chex Quest which is made for those who own PCs. Additionally, the game can be found and obtained as a gift from purchasing a box of cereal from Chez. The game is a non-violent first-person shooter inspired by the video game Doom. Players must navigate their environment as enemies try to attack and immobilize them. Moreover, players can increase their health and attack enemies with cereal-themed power-ups, weapons, and ammunition. The game received positive feedback from many, and 2 sequels were later developed. It also helped Chex boost their sales tremendously. 

Coca Cola Pepsi Invader Advergaming

The Coca-Cola Company released Pepsi Invaders, an advergame released in 1983, also known as Coke Wins. The brand worked with Atari to develop the game for Atari 2600. Moreover, it was made to boost Coke’s employee morale and only 125 copies were distributed. “Atari goes better with Coke” was printed on the box for the games and was handed out together with an Atari 2600 console to their salespeople. The game is a fixed-shooter game like Space Invaders. Instead of shooting aliens, players must shoot the name Pepsi and their logo within 3 minutes.  

Chupa Chups Zool Advergaming

Chupa Chups the lollipop brand collaborated with Zool a video game, to advertise their brand in 1992. Zool is a fast-moving platform game of a gremlin who must pass through seven lands on Earth to rank as a ninja. Additionally, Chupa Chups sponsored the game and was featured as a level on the game. The brand, its logo, and its products were seen in the first level called Sweet World. Moreover, the game was received well by many for its graphics and sound.  

Advergaming is a fun and engaging approach to advertising your brand and products. It is non-intrusive, and it helps you escape fatigue. This means you can get new customers interested in your brand without annoying them with ads. Advergaming is great, it helps you increase your brand awareness, and it amusingly engages with your audiences.  

Use our Interactive Content tool at Dot.vu to get started on advergaming. Turn your ads into advergames that will surely entertain and engage your customers. Our platform allows you to create Marketing Games without having to code so you can promote your products. To get started, simply create a free account today and access over 350+ customizable templates.  

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