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7 Amazing Boxing Day marketing ideas to seize the season Blog post by Dot.vu

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, offers a golden opportunity to end the high sales season on a high note. With consumers eager to indulge in gifts they might have missed during Christmas, discounts become invaluable. However, effectively engaging visitors and converting them into customers remains a challenge for many retailers. 

In this blog post, we present 7 simple yet powerful Boxing Day marketing ideas to help you make the most of this post-Christmas shopping spree. 

Why invest in Boxing Day advertising campaigns?  

Boxing Day, originating as a day for charitable acts, has transformed into a significant shopping event across the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The surge in Boxing Day shoppers, observed by UK retailers with a 40% increase in 2022, is indicative of a continuing trend. Unlike Christmas, Boxing Day emphasizes self-indulgence and the acquisition of missed gifts.

Historically, this day was marked by gifts to the less fortunate. Today, December 26th is primarily associated with shopping, making it a prime opportunity for businesses. The anticipated surge in Boxing Day shoppers this year further underscores the potential for a successful end to the holiday season.

It’s crucial to recognize that Boxing Day revolves less around traditional gifts and decorations and more around individuals treating themselves and acquiring gifts they may have missed. Consequently, your marketing approach for Boxing Day should differ slightly from that of Christmas.

A well-crafted Boxing Day marketing strategy is essential for standing out and boosting sales, especially considering the rising trend of online shopping. This shift towards online consumer behavior presents a significant opportunity for your brand to capitalize on this shopping phenomenon.

7 Boxing Day marketing ideas 

In this section, we present ideas beyond traditional marketing methods like static discounts, SMS marketing, and emails.   

1. Seamless product discovery  

On Boxing Day, your website visitors will be looking for after-Christmas deals. Do you have many different products and discounted items to choose from?  

You can make product discovery easier with a Product Recommender. Just like in a quiz, online shoppers answer questions regarding their preferred products, style, budget, and preferences.  

The leading most shopped product categories on Boxing Day are clothes, electronics, beauty and makeup products, homeware, and furniture. If your ecommerce store specializes in any of those, the day is yours to seize.  

See this Electronics Product Recommender. Imagine how effortlessly it can guide your visitors toward the right products for their needs!  

2. User-generated content  

Encourage your audience to create content for your brand and help you build awareness around your products. For instance, as a continuation of your Black Friday marketing campaign, you can encourage buyers to share photos of the products they bought, with the chance to win a prize – a discount code for Boxing Day.  

Explore this User-Generated Contest template: quick customization, and you can turn it into your Boxing Day experience:

3. Shoppable Video  

Does your company often use product videos to grab attention? Take your videos to the next level with interactivity: convert them into a Shoppable Video. While watching a video and having fun, visitors can add products directly to their shopping carts without exiting the video.  

4. Marketing Games  

Don’t just display your discounts like everyone else does! Incentivize shoppers to earn their own discount codes. There are many different types of Marketing Games you can use, with a sole purpose: to engage visitors and let them win a reward that will lead to them buying from you.  

Pro tip: Nearly 80% of smartphone users used their mobile devices to complete an online purchase. Remember to optimize and make your Marketing Game mobile-friendly! 

Check out the exciting outcome below, achieved with a swift customization of our dynamic Spin and Win template:

5. Contests  

In the weeks leading up to Boxing Day, launch an engaging contest to build awareness around your products. Giving rewards like discount codes or free shipping will encourage your audience to participate and engage with your brand.  

Pro tip: Share your contest on social media and attract more participants.  

You can turn a fun Marketing Game into a contest. For instance, this Sliding Puzzle Contest where winners can enter a draw would be the perfect contest for your Boxing Day promotional campaign.  

Sliding puzzle contest template by dot.vu

6. Interactive Landing Page  

Turn Boxing Day into Boxing week for maximum engagement. Why only talk about Boxing Day on the 26th, when you can start your campaign earlier? Here is an idea.  

To build up excitement for your Boxing Day offers, you can create an Interactive Landing Page. Instead of simply displaying your deals, invite users to sign up and play a game to win discount codes for when the 26th arrives.  

Check out the exciting outcome below, achieved with a swift customization of our dynamic Black Friday Sign-up Page with Gamification template.

7. Use your Christmas campaign traffic 

Boxing Day is the perfect opportunity to use your Christmas campaign traffic. Did you grow your email list during the holidays? For Boxing Day, you can send a personalized Interactive Experience to impress your audience. 

For instance, you can send a personalized video showcasing your Boxing Day offers, where you address your contacts by their first names. Explore the example below for inspiration:

Boost your Boxing Day marketing with Dot.vu 

Did any of these innovative Boxing Day strategies spark your interest? The good news is, you can effortlessly replicate any of these examples to captivate and surprise your customers. 

Dot.vu stands ready as your go-to Interactive Content tool, boasting an array of customizable templates for Product Recommenders, Marketing Games, landing pages, and more. Dive into our collections and select the perfect experience for your next Boxing Day advertising campaign! 

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