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Think e-commerce, think interactive marketing! Why? How else can you offer personalization, boost engagement, and entertain your customers – all at the same time?  

Interactive marketing involves implementing business strategies that encourage customers to interact with your brand to achieve various objectives, such as increasing sales, generating leads, and collecting valuable customer insights. It uses Interactive Content to encourage this interactivity. Studies show that Interactive Content is able to effectively generate conversions at least 70% of the time

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Many retailers and eCommerce brands have already shifted their marketing strategies to take advantage of interactivity to improve their results and achieve immense success. 

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can use Interactive Content to seize this opportunity and cater to your customers’ preferences, capture their attention, and convert them into paying customers immediately. 

What is an eCommerce quiz? 

An eCommerce quiz is sometimes also referred to as a product quiz or product recommendation quiz. Users will need to answer a few questions and based on the answers given, different personalized product recommendations will be listed. Each list is specifically tailored to the shopper’s preferences. This helps deliver a customized shopping experience for customers. 

An eCommerce quiz makes it a lot easier for customers to find the products they need. It also prevents the customer from being overwhelmed with options, also known as experiencing a choice overload. This phenomenon can cause the customer to avoid making a decision and just leave. Instead, with an eCommerce quiz, the customer would just need to answer a few questions and be given a selection that perfectly fits what they’re looking for. This would then lead to a quicker purchase decision.  

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that can provide a personalized experience. It also increases your chances of getting new leads, with 83% being more willing to provide their personal information to get that kind of personalized experience. 

On’s Interactive Content Platform, our eCommerce quizzes are listed as Product Recommenders and Gift Finders. You’ll be spoiled for choice with our user-friendly, customizable templates that can help you achieve all this. Go through our Product Recommender templates to discover various ways you can help customers narrow down their search and find the product or service that they’re looking for.  

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11 ECommerce quiz examples to inspire you 

Here are some examples of product quizzes to ignite ideas and get you started: 

Gift Finder Quiz 

Any time is a good time to shop for gifts! Whether it’s for the holidays or birthdays, you can help your customers shop for the ideal gift with this 3 Questions Product Recommender.  

This template would prompt users to answer three questions about who they are shopping for and what their budget is. This will help narrow down the results and the user will get three product recommendations. There is an add-to-cart option so your visitors can directly add the items to their cart for a seamless purchase. 

Retail Product Quiz 

Here is an example of how you can use an eCommerce quiz for your retail products. In this example, it’s a quiz to find the best sun care product for their skin. This Sunscreen Finder template consists of 3 simple questions. After answering the questions, they are given a list of products that match their needs. From the results page, the products can be added directly to the shopping cart. 

Have a different retail product besides sunscreen? This template can be customized easily on our platform. You can modify the design, questions, and text and customize your product data source without writing a single line of code. Or, you can browse our Product Recommender collections to find a template that suits your brand. 

Food & beverage product quiz 

Thirsty? Help customers decide on their choice of beverage by offering them a Product Finder experience in the form of a quiz. In the example below, the eCommerce quiz is designed to help customers select the right wine based on their taste preference. 

Beauty & Cosmetics Product Quiz 

Add fun and excitement for your visitors with gamification elements. While helping customers find their preferred products, they are entertained by the slot machine element. It’s so fun, they might want to try it out more than once. And that is possible, with the “Try Again” button.  

Beauty Routine Recommender Quiz 

Help customers find the perfect look with this Makeup Matcher quiz. Based on the user’s selection of occasion, skin tone, and skin type, the ideal makeup bundle will be suggested. Increase your sales by offering bundle discounts to encourage customers to purchase all the suggested items at once.  

Electronics Product Quiz 

This Electronics Product Recommender quiz template is ideal for electronics retailers. It provides suggestions based on the selected criteria. A perfect template to simplify the purchasing process and users can directly add items to their basket.  

Interactive Video Quiz 

A video quiz with product recommendations is a unique way to present your products and services. Visitors would be able to visualize your products better – it’s like having a 24/7 model constantly showcasing your products! 

The Perfume Shop is the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer with 215 stores across the UK & Ireland. They decided to create an Interactive Video Quiz with product recommendations to engage their customers in a memorable way for their Father’s Day campaign.  

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Product Swiper Quiz 

Sometimes words just isn’t enough. Or perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of answering text questions, use this Product Swiper template and let your customers narrow their search by choosing photos that best describe what they are looking for. Users can swipe left or right, depending whether the image fits what they want. Based on their choices, customers will be given a set of products that suits their preference. 

Open-Question Product Recommender Quiz 

If you have products that require inputs from the user, this Branching Product Finder would be suitable for your business. In this template you can help customers find the right products by asking 3 questions. You will need to tailor the questions to suit your product categories.  

Not only will your visitors get help in finding their desired products, they also get to participate in a Wheel of Fortune game to stand a chance to get a discount! In order to play, they’ll need to provide their contact information, therefore generating leads for you in the process.  

Product Recommender Quiz Popup 

A popup is a great way to help customers locate the products they want without disrupting their flow. You can embed this Product Recommender Quiz Popup in your eCommerce shop, blog posts, or on any web page.  

Seasonal Product Recommender Quiz 

Get visitors in the mood for the summer holidays with an aesthetic eCommerce quiz template. Users would need to choose an icon that matches their mood, and they will be presented with 3 tips and 3 products.  

Best practices: Creating your eCommerce quiz 

Here are some best practices to guide you on your next eCommerce product quiz: 

  • Provide a solution. Your product quiz should be focused on helping customers find the product they want. Craft quiz questions that are directly related to your products and the interests of your target audience. For example, if you sell footwear, you can ask about purpose, style preferences, and color. 

  • Generate leads in a non-intrusive manner. Right before the results page, add a lead form to get their name and email address. This will add leads to your email subscription list and gather valuable first-party data to help you understand your customers’ preferences better. 

  • Incentivize customers to make an immediate purchase. Using our Product Recommender templates, your results page will show product recommendations catered to the needs of the user. Include a discount or offer to entice the user to make an immediate purchase.  

  • Add a progress bar. A progress bar gives users an idea of how many questions they would need to answer. This will reduce drop-outs and increase the probability of customers completing your quiz. has this progress bar addon that can be easily added to your eCommerce quiz template. 

  • Optimize for mobile. Make sure that your e-commerce quiz is mobile-responsive. Many customers shop on their mobile device, so it’s important that the quiz functions seamlessly on all screen sizes. Worry not! All templates on are configured to work perfectly on any mobile device. 

  • ‍Promote your quiz. Use various marketing channels, such as social media, email, and your website, to promote your e-commerce quiz. Create attractive graphics and catchy headlines to capture the audience’s attention. 

  • Follow up. Check up on customers who did not make a purchase. Send follow up emails to remind them about your offers. You can also use the data you collected to personalize your follow-up emails. 

Level up your eCommerce game today! 

E-commerce quizzes have emerged as a powerful tool to enhance the online shopping experience, increase engagement, and boost sales in the world of online retail. By implementing them effectively, you can gather valuable customer data, provide personalized recommendations, and ultimately drive sales.  

To stay ahead of competition, you will need to be innovative and offer a good customer experience. ECommerce quizzes are a creative way to achieve both of these goals.  

Save time in creating eCommerce quizzes from scratch and gain more value for your efforts by using’s Interactive Content Platform! Create your free account and effortlessly customize any one of our templates by following our step-by-step guide. So, if you’re looking to elevate your e-commerce game and drive results, it’s time to embrace the power of e-commerce quizzes with! 

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