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A business proposal can help you reach more clients and close winning deals. With how important it is, how should you create a successful one? Should you print it? Or should you publish it online? If you are wondering which way to go, the answer is to optimize it for mobile and PC as 42% and 34% of proposals were opened and reviewed on PCs and mobile phones first. Besides how you should publish it, how do you write a business proposal that will win over your clients?  

In this article, we will dive into: 

A business proposal is an important document containing information about your business and how it would solve a potential client’s needs. It showcases a proposed solution based on your expertise and services. For example, if you are an advertising agency, you may come up with a proposal on how you would run campaigns to promote the client’s business.  

Business proposals are crucial in helping your business grow, especially in the B2B market. If your proposal is crafted well, it can help you secure clients and score winning deals. How can you increase your success in closing deals? Creating a business proposal that is optimized digitally for mobiles and PCs makes it more accessible. According to State of Proposals 2023, 42% of proposals were opened on PC first and 34% were reviewed on mobile phones first.  

This means it is better to publish your proposal as a PDF online, or even better, an Interactive Flipbook! An Interactive Flipbook offers more than a static PDF. It presents your proposal in an attractive and engaging manner to potential clients. Moreover, clients get to actively engage with your proposal by interacting with different immersive experiences such as Interactive Quizzes, Polls, or Videos. By creating an unforgettable experience for your client, your offer will stand out  

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There are a few types of business proposals, such as unsolicited, formally, and informally solicited proposals. 

Unsolicited business proposal 

An unsolicited proposal is when a business creates a general proposal to promote its services without being requested by a client. Businesses usually create and approach clients with this proposal. 

Formally solicited business proposal 

A formally solicited proposal is when a potential client requests a proposal from your business. This proposal contains your proposed solution based on the client’s specific needs and requirements. 

Informally solicited business proposal 

An informally solicited proposal is when a client is interested in your business and would like to learn more about what you have to offer but is not obliged to respond.  

Wondering why you should create an interactive business proposal? Well, let us look at the benefits.  

  • It is accessible, meaning clients can look through your business proposal at any time and anywhere. Based on the statistics shared earlier, business proposals are opened first on PCs and mobile phones.  
  • It is interactive. Clients can actively participate in your proposal and learn more about what you have to offer through interactive elements.  
  • You can easily create a business proposal as you can make use of business proposal templates online that already have the structure in place.  
  • You can always customize and edit your business proposal. Conveniently make changes and update your proposal with your latest information or pricing. By using an Interactive Content tool, the changes made to your business proposal will immediately be reflected. This means you can reuse your proposals by editing them with new terms and information for other clients.  
  • It creates a memorable and engaging experience with your clients. An interactive business proposal allows you to create Interactive Experiences that foster engagement with potential clients, making it an unforgettable event for them. 
  • You can analyze and track interactions with an interactive business proposal. With this information, you can gain insights into potential clients such as what they have clicked on and which parts they are most interested in. Adding a quiz or assessment can reveal even more insights and details about their needs.   

Now that you know the benefits of an interactive business proposal, how do you create a winning proposal? Here are tips on writing a business proposal that you should remember. 

Create an attractive title page 

Your business proposal should have an attractive title page as it will be the cover of your proposal. It should convey general information about your business, it should look professional and aesthetic as it sets the tone of your proposal. Make sure not to crowd your title page with too many design elements as it can be distracting.  

Here is what you should include in your title page: 

  • Title of the proposal 
  • Your name 
  • Your business name 
  • Company logo  
  • Contact information  
  • The date you are submitting the proposal  

Write an executive summary

An executive summary details why you are sending the proposal and why you are their best solution. It is like a value proposition that outlines the benefits of your services and how it will help solve your potential client’s problem. Moreover, your executive summary should be concise, and it should explain what your business does and give them an idea of how you will help them.  

Outline the problem and propose a solution  

When writing a business proposal, you should have a page dedicated to the problem you will solve and your proposed solution. State and outline the problems that your potential client faces that your solution will solve. You want to showcase that you understand the problem they are facing and their needs. Additionally, you should frame it in a way that presents your solution as the best choice. Propose a solution that is tailored to your client’s needs, one that shows you specially crafted this proposal for them.  

Make sure this section includes: 

  • A timetable or timeline for your proposed solution – when the solution will be carried out and how long it will take.  
  • Goals and objectives – what the solution will achieve and results that can be seen. 
  • Implementation and deliverables – how the solution will be carried out and delivered.  

Pro tip: You can add an Interactive Timeline Infographic in the proposal that presents your solution in an interesting and engaging way.  

Include Interactive Content and a lead form  

Other tips on how to write a business proposal that will capture your clients is including Interactive Content which can help you engage better with your clients. Additionally, it can help your clients learn more about your business and services in an interesting way, such as through an Interactive Quiz. Moreover, you can find out more about what your client wants or the problems they face by making them take the quiz. By creating an interactive business proposal, you can add Interactive Experiences, hotspots that reveal more information when clicked, and a lead or contact form to collect more details on your client.  

Here is a list of Interactive Experiences that you can add to your business proposal: 

  • Interactive Quizzes 
  • Interactive Popups 
  • Interactive Videos 
  • Marketing Games 
  • Guided Selling  
  • Online Advent Calendars  
  • Personality Tests 
  • Interactive Virtual Tours. 

And more! 

Be sure to add this part when writing your business proposal so you can capture your client’s attention, engage with them, and create a proposal they will surely remember.  

Add your pricing 

You must have this content when writing your business proposal as it is important. It gives your client a better idea of how their money will be allocated and shows that you are transparent. It should also include your products and services and their respective costs. Adding a pricing table makes it easier for clients to read and understand, but you can also showcase your pricing in a way that works best for you. You may not want to add your upfront pricing until you have discussed it properly with your client.  

Pro tip: You can add an Interactive Calculator to this section to help them calculate the cost based on their budgets and needs.  

Share your business qualifications 

Another tip on how to write a business proposal is to add your qualifications to it. Your qualifications can help you appear more credible to your potential clients and can increase your chances of being selected. 

Qualifications you can add are: 

  • Client testimonials 
  • Industry awards 
  • Cased studies 
  • Industry accreditations 

Your qualifications should also detail why you are the best-qualified choice to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals.  

Summarize a conclusion and add a CTA  

Lastly, you can summarize and simplify your proposal into a final section.  

Your conclusion should include: 

  • A brief summary of the proposal and why you would be the best choice for solving their problems and meeting their needs. 
  • The next steps such as what are the following steps once the client has agreed or shows interest in the proposal. This could be scheduling a call or sending an email.  
  • A call-to-action by adding your contact information such as your business email address or telephone number so you can be contacted.  

Want to start writing a business proposal but do not know where to start? Check out our business proposal template and example below.  

Business Proposal Template 

Business proposal template by

Our Business Proposal template is perfect for your B2B business. It is designed to help you impress clients, secure new opportunities, and create a business proposal that is memorable and engaging. Additionally, it contains page flip effects and animations to make your proposal immersive. You can also add clickable elements and other Interactive Experiences easily with our user-friendly tool. Use and customize this professionally designed template to promote your business to potential clients and educate them on what you have to offer.  

A business proposal can open your business to more opportunities, and it can help you promote your products or services. Additionally, it also shows potential clients how you intend to solve their problems and help them meet their needs. By planning and adding the right content to your proposal, you can score yourself a deal! 

Our Interactive Content tool at allows you to create a business proposal that is interactive and engaging. Engage your clients in all the ways you did not know you could! Add Interactive Experiences to your business proposal to make it stand out among your competitors and help you close a deal faster. Create a free account today and explore our customizable templates.  

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