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How to make a booklet online that will boost engagement Blog post by

Booklets are technically small books that are compact and informational and focus on a specific subject. They are useful for various industries and can be used as a tool for marketing, an event guide, or product instruction. But they also contain long information and do not have animations which can decrease the reader’s intention of reading. After a while, the information in booklets may lose relevance due to time as information changes.  

How can you change this, especially if booklets are a valuable tool for your business and industry? The answer to making booklets remain useful and enticing to your audiences can be found if you keep reading.  

In this blog post, we will uncover: 

  • What is a digital booklet? 
  • Benefits of creating an online booklet   
  • How to make a booklet online 
  • Booklet examples and templates 

What is a digital booklet? 

Digital booklets are essentially online booklets used as promotional or informational material for a business. They can be produced in any shape, size, or colour and contain no more than 48 pages. Additionally, businesses use booklets to promote their company, products, and services as they are attractive and effective. Because they are digital, online booklets can be easily published and shared.  

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There are astonishing benefits when you make a booklet online, such as: 

  • They have great shareability, which makes it easier to reach potential customers. You can share your booklet via email or messages through links.  
  • They are easily accessible to your audience and potential customers. Audiences can access your booklet with a few clicks online at any time and anywhere.  
  • They can be interactive, which allows you to add Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Quizzes, Personality Tests, and Marketing Games. Your audiences can interact with these experiences, making them fun and interesting.  
  • They are highly engaging because of Interactive Experiences and features that allow audiences to click and interact with an image, quiz or game.  
  • They allow you to generate leads because you can add an interactive lead form to your booklet. By gating your content or a certain page, audiences will have to fill out the lead form to access more information.  
  • They allow you to capture and analyze data which allows you to see how your content has been consumed and interacted with.  

Want to know how to make a booklet online? We will explain in detail below so you can create your own promotional booklet to attract potential customers. 

Identify your target audience 

Before you can start creating your online booklet, you need to identify your target audience.  

  • What are their demographics? 
  • What are their psychographics? 
  • What are their beliefs and values? 
  • What problems and stresses do they face?  

When you know who you are trying to target, then you can start to plan and craft your content for your booklet. The key message will come to mind once you have this laid down.  

Use an online booklet maker

Once your key audiences have been identified, you can search for an online booklet maker. There are various online booklet makers, but how do you consider one? You would need to look at and compare their features.   

Ask yourself these key questions before you settle on one: 

  • What do I want to showcase or have in my booklet? 
  • What features do they have? 
  • How customizable is it? 
  • Are there ready-made templates? 
  • What are the software limitations? 
  • What is their pricing? And does it fit my budget? 

When you have this in mind, then you can start filtering through till you find a booklet maker that is suitable for you. If you are looking for a versatile online booklet maker, our Interactive Content tool is perfect for that. You can create stunning Interactive Flipbooks that are highly engaging and attractive to capture your audience. With our online booklet maker, you can add Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Polls, Quizzes and Marketing Games to educate and entertain your potential customers.  

Select your format and design  

Now that you have selected your online booklet maker, choose a format and design. Doing initial research can help you with this by looking at various designs and templates online. Once you find out what style and format you like best, then you can start creating your booklet. At, we have a collection of customizable templates you can choose from, which makes this step easier. If you have a visual brand guideline, it is important that you implement it into your design as it helps build brand awareness. 

Plan out your content

After you select a design, you can now start planning out the content you want to include in your online booklet.  

Here is a content checklist for your booklet if you are not sure what to include:

  • A clear captivating headline 
  • Your company’s name and tagline 
  • A background into your company 
  • Mission and vision statement 
  • Highlight your products and services 
  • Why people should choose your company 
  • Client testimonials 

Include visuals

Now that you have your content, you can start adding visuals like your product photos. If you do not have professionally photographed pictures, you can use stock photos, license-free photos, or generate AI pictures. Visuals are important in your booklet as they allow audiences to visualize your product, services, and your brand. Use visuals and colours that best represent your brand’s image, tone, and manner.  

Make it interactive by adding Interactive Experiences  

To make your booklet more interesting and attractive to readers, you can make it interactive by adding Interactive Experiences. Interactive Experiences allow your audience to engage with you and it creates memorable experiences for customers. 

Audiences get to play an active role in participating with your content instead of passively reading. You can add Interactive Videos in your booklet for entertainment and education and put clickable hotspots that reveal more info when clicked. Interactive Content is a great customer engagement strategy if you want to boost your engagement.  

Here is a list of Interactive Experiences you can include: 

  • Marketing Games 
  • Guided Selling 
  • Interactive Videos 
  • Interactive Calculators 
  • Online Advent Calendars 
  • Interactive Quizzes 
  • Interactive Popups 
  • Interactive Virtual Tours 

And more! 

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Add contact information and CTA

Now that your booklet is almost all put together, you can now add your contact information and a call-to-action to make your customers act. Include contact information such as an office number, email, website, and social media so they can reach you. Your call-to-action should make customers contact you or visit your website.  

Publish and embed onto your website

You are all set now to make your booklet live! Publish it and embed it on your website and your booklet is ready to be shared. Share it in your email newsletter and social media to direct traffic towards your booklet.  

Here are some booklet examples and booklet templates which you can use as inspiration. These templates from us are fully customizable so you can design them to fit your needs and to match your branding.  

Real Estate Booklet

real estate booklet template by

This Real Estate Booklet template is perfect for real estate agencies or home developers. Showcase your properties with styles and innovation as this booklet allows you to attract potential customers and engage with them. Make your properties come to life with Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Videos that audiences can interact with. With this template, you can add images, text, and hotspots to keep viewers engaged. 

Restaurant Menu Booklet

Restaurant Menu Booklet by

This Restaurant Menu Booklet template is wonderful for restaurants or cafes. Display and promote your culinary delights with this layout and design that allows you to add multiple visuals. Make your booklet fun and engaging by adding Marketing Games such as a Reveal Guessing Game for audiences to discover the menu of the day. Use this template to boost sales and promote your products.  

Event Festival Guide

Event festival guide template by

This Event Festival Guide template is great for any industry organizing an event. With this design and layout, you can create exciting attention towards your event and drive attendance. Use this template to guide, advise, and entertain your audience with information about your event to get them excited.  

Digital booklets are a great promotional and marketing tool for your business as they can be easily shared and accessed by your audience. They are very informative and can help potential customers discover about your brand and products with just a few clicks. Not to mention, it can be made interactive which boosts your engagement unlike a traditional booklet. 

Our Interactive Content tool at allows you to create and publish a stunning interactive booklet. Add Interactive Experiences to create a booklet that is highly engaging and entertaining. Create your free account with us today and make a booklet online that will leave a lasting impression.  

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