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You might be asking yourself if brochures are a thing of the past? Well, they are not! Although they may seem outdated, brochures, just like any other print format, have shifted online. The switch from print to digital has made this document format relevant today. There are many industries nowadays that still use it, such as real estate, automotive, tourism and hospitality, retail, and fashion. This is because brochures are a wonderful way for people to understand your brand identity and learn about the products and services you offer. Additionally, this type of format can be effective in reaching your audience as it stands apart from social media feeds or cluttered inboxes. Brochures and catalogues are pretty similar and there is a 170% increase in response rates from catalogues from 2004 to 2018. Moreover, they are engaging for ages 28 – 43 years old as millennials are interested in catalogues.  

Now that we know, the real question is how to create a digital brochure? 

In this blog post we will understand and learn about: 

A brochure is a document that introduces a company, its products, services, and its benefits. You can also highlight products, add descriptions, show offers and add your contact information. Brochures usually contain images, your company logo, a headline, supporting details and facts, and a call to action. A digital brochure is a content format that is published online and can easily be downloaded or shared and it can contain interactive elements. The pages can be flipped digitally, and it is also a form of Interactive Flipbook. 

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Thinking of swapping print for digital? Here are the benefits of creating a digital brochure: 

  • It is more cost-effective than printing as printing has production and distribution costs when added up. 
  • It is eco-friendly as you would not be wasting paper that would eventually be thrown away or contributing to waste.  
  • It is more accessible because you can reach a wider audience online and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere by your audiences.
  • It is interactive compared to static print. Audiences can engage with your digital brochures because you can add Interactive Experiences.  
  • It allows you to analyze and track who has viewed your brochure and which elements they click the most.  
  • It allows for easy updating so you can instantly update your information with the latest and most relevant information without the cost of reprinting. 

Depending on the needs of your business, here are some key elements and content that should appear in your brochures.  

  • Text such as your headlines, subheadings, bullet points, body text, internal links, captions, and call to action (CTA). 
  • Images such as visuals of your products or services and supporting images to support your body text. 
  • Interactive Content like Interactive Quizzes, Calculators, Popups, Advent Calendars, Videos, and Marketing Games.  
  • Descriptions about your company, products, and services.  
  • Product features, specifications, offers and prices.  
  • FAQs, testimonials, case studies, or interviews.  
digital brochure templates

Curious about how you can create your own digital brochure? Read on to find out.  

Decide the purpose of your digital brochure 

Before you make a digital brochure, you need to decide what the purpose of creating one is.  

There are many purposes for creating a brochure, such as: 

  • To increase brand recognition – Showcase your brand identity by displaying your brand’s values, offerings, and unique selling points.  
  • To educate – Create a brochure whose purpose is to provide audiences or customers with information about your brand, product, services, or a certain topic. For example, a travel brochure that covers places and things to do at a destination. 
  • To increase engagement – Captivate your audience and engage with them through the contents in your brochure. You can add interactive elements to increase engagement. Make your brand likeable and build an emotional connection with audiences through these experiences. 
  • To generate leads – Generate leads from your brochure by providing information that is relevant to your potential customers. Share more about your products and services and what they can do for them. Add a lead form to your brochure to help generate leads.  
  • To promote your product offerings – Display the types of products and services that you sell and offer. Add pricing so potential customers are aware of how much your products cost and aid them in their purchase decisions with transparent pricing.  

Choose a brochure creator online 

There are many online brochure creators which you can find online. Different brochure websites and tools have different key features and advantages. Before you can choose one, you need to see if it allows for design flexibility and if it has the features you are looking for. You do not want to start creating and then realize that you cannot continue your project because of the tool’s limitations. Our Interactive Tool at is a great option to create your digital brochure as you can incorporate various Interactive Experiences. There are also alternatives like Flipsnack.  

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Plan the contents of your digital brochure. 

Now that you have your purpose in mind and a tool to help you create, it is easier to plan the contents of your digital brochure. This is the part where you think of what you will want to add and showcase inside your document. The contents of your brochure can be made up of captivating headlines, an explanation of what your brand does, and what products and services you offer. Moreover, you can add company information such as your brand logo, slogan, values, key messages, unique selling points, and more. Additionally, you can add testimonials and case studies to build credibility among your audiences so they will know you are a trusted brand in the industry. 

Pick a layout and design for your brochure 

Once you have planned your content, you can pick out a design and layout for your brochure. This is the fun part where you can choose colors, different layouts, and add design elements and stunning visuals to captivate your audiences. has customizable templates that you can browse through. Choose a template layout that you like or that matches your brand and edit it. They can be edited with the quick editor for those who want to create a brochure quickly and easily. The advanced editor is for those who want to add more customization to their brochure.  

Add Interactive Experiences 

After picking out a design for your brochure you can add Interactive Experiences to it. Interactive Experiences invites your audience to actively participate with your content and brand. It is a two-way street where they can click on items, answer quizzes, and play fun entertaining games. Additionally, by adding these experiences you can engage and create memorable experiences with your audiences.  

Interactive Experiences you can add: 

  • Interactive Videos 
  • Marketing Games 
  • Interactive Quizzes 
  • Interactive Calculators 
  • Interactive Popups 
  • Online Polls 
  • Personality Tests  

And more! 

Finalize your changes and publish your brochure 

Finally, once you have put everything together in your brochure, such as images, texts, and Interactive Experiences, make sure to go through your brochure. Check if you have made all the necessary changes required. Inspect for typos or any design errors and make sure everything looks unified and clean. Is all the information accurate? Is everything up to date and relevant? Once you have finalized your changes you can now publish your brochure. allows you to embed your brochure anywhere such as your website or app and connect to your subdomain of choice. 

Travel brochure  

travel brochure template by

This Travel Brochure template is great for helping your audience find their next travel destination. Provide them with beautifully depictive pictures of a destination and tell them a story through your writing. Immerse your audiences in an adventure that is captivating and enticing. Capture their attention, educate and engage with them through this wonderfully designed brochure. It is perfect for your business if you are in the travel industry.  

University brochure 

university brochure template by

This University Brochure template is perfect for showcasing your university to potential prospects such as students, alumni, and stakeholders. Captivate your audience with this innovatively designed brochure and leave them with a favourable impression of your institute. Additionally, educate them and highlight your institution’s offerings so that they are well-informed about what you do. Use this template to deliver your unique value proposition and convince them to act.  

Hotel city brochure 

hotel city brochure template by

This Hotel City Brochure template is wonderful for enchanting your audience and captivating their attention. Use this template to promote your hotel or stay and guide them on activities they can do in the area or facilities they can use at your hotel. Showcase what your city has to offer with spectacular visuals to increase engagement and client satisfaction.  

Real estate brochure  

real estate brochure template by

This Real Estate Brochure template is great for showcasing the beautiful properties you have listed. Give your audiences an idea of how their new home and property will look and feel like. This brochure design is sleek and innovative and great for capturing potential buyers and engaging with them. Use this template to promote your listing and provide more information about the property.  

Creating a digital brochure has many benefits such as being more cost-effective than print, does not contribute to waste, and can be easily accessed online. Moreover, it is interactive which encourages your audience to connect and interact with your brand. Additionally, it allows you to analyze and track data, generate leads, and update your content easily compared to a printed brochure.   

There are many reasons why you should publish an online brochure and make the switch to digital! Learn how to make an interactive brochure so audiences can engage with your content in an educational and entertaining way. Create your free account today with us and access over 300+ stunning customizable templates to help you create your digital brochure.  

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