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16 Remarkable Fall marketing ideas to differentiate your brand Blog post by Dot.vu

The last quarter of the year is a busy and profitable season for retailers.  

Various holidays take place in the world during the autumn season. The most popular ones are Halloween, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving. Moreover, people celebrate many country-specific days like Octoberfest, Columbus Day, and Diwali. In addition, it is not too early to start your Christmas marketing campaign, as nearly 40% of consumers start their Christmas shopping before November!  

Therefore, your business has many opportunities to boost sales between September and December. As the summer months are gone and the weather is changing, it is time for you to refresh your website and product offerings to match the mood.  

This blog post provides you with five remarkable fall campaign ideas that will differentiate your brand.  

16 Fall marketing ideas that will reshape your business  

Your Back-to-school content puts an end to summer festivities and greets autumn. Get students and their parents excited for a new academic year full of success. This game invites players to collect school supplies and climb the leaderboard.  

Customize this Collect School Supplies game for your fall marketing campaign!

Interactive Content, including gamification, increases customer engagement because the user becomes an active participant in the experience. Therefore, your chances of making a sale are significantly bigger.

2. Interactive Catalog  

The end of the summer season marks the arrival of exciting fall fashion trends. If you are in the clothes, cosmetics, or home décor industry, you can display your offers with a themed Interactive Product Catalog. Instead of passively browsing through the catalogue, your visitors will click on images and answer questions. Therefore, they will feel like a part of your journey.  

You could create a Fall Themed Catalog, or even a Halloween or Black Friday Themed Catalog. Here is an example of a catalog for Black Friday where your visitors can click on every item to read more or go directly to the product page.  

Black Friday Interactive Catalog
Get inspired for your fall marketing campaign with this Black Friday Catalog!

3. Guided Selling  

Guiding your audience toward the right products is the best way to boost sales. As this blog post is about fall marketing ideas, we have two types of Guided Selling Experiences for your business.  

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You can boost sales by helping the buyers who want to purchase products for themselves. For example, many people want to order their dream TV on Black Friday. A Product Recommender will do the trick here. The purpose of this Interactive Experience is to suggest the right products to the right customers. Your visitors answer a few questions and get item recommendations based on their inputs.  

Embedded wine product finder template fall edition
Check out this Guided Selling example created on the Dot.vu platform!

Another great fall marketing campaign could be creating a gift recommendation tool. For those who are looking for an early Christmas gift, this would be a gold mine. The Gift Recommender consists of a few questions the user replies to discover the perfect present for their loved ones. Catering to the early shoppers will help you increase sales next autumn.  

perfect gift finder template by dot.vu
Easily customize this Gift Finder!

4. Halloween Marketing Game

Black Friday is among the most important days for your autumn marketing. Nearly 155 million people shopped during Black Friday 2021 in the USA alone. Imagine the golden opportunities to sell like crazy this year! However, every competitor of yours will release huge discounts. How can you stay ahead?  

Creating fun Marketing Games with instant rewards can attract many new visitors to your web store. Here is a brilliant Interactive Experience for your fall promotion. Hit the pumpkins is an autumn-inspired challenging game where players need to collect 10 pumpkins in 15 seconds to get access to a scratch card and possibly win awesome prizes.  

In addition, creating a Halloween-themed Marketing Games is among the best ways to enhance your Halloween marketing campaigns.

Hit the Pumpkin Game is great for your fall promotion
Customize this Hit the Pumpkin game for your autumn marketing campaign!

5. Interactive Infographics

If you want to educate your customers on an autumn-related topic, an Interactive Infographic will help you create an engaging presentation. The theme can be fun facts about fall, autumn trends, or fall-inspired recipes. Our advice is to add interactive elements, such as clickable images, quizzes, or even videos. The more interaction, the higher the engagement among your visitors. 

Pumpkin spice latte is the symbol of fall. If you are in the food and beverage industry, creating an Interactive Infographic about the delicious autumn drink can charm your audience. Here we have an example we created quickly using the Dot.vu platform.  

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Interactive Infographic about pumpkin spice latte
Check out this Interactive Infographic example created on the Dot.vu platform!

6. Hourly Surprises  

Hourly Surprises is an Interactive Experience that plays into the fear of missing out. Here is an example of a Black Friday Hourly Scratchcards game. Your audience can unlock a scratch card every hour and get a discount on your autumn or Black Friday products. Therefore, you create endless opportunities to boost sales. 

Black friday hourly surprises

Planning a sales campaign for Single’s Day or Black Friday? Display your offers in a stunning landing page where visitors can even win discounts.  

This Black Friday Sale Landing Page boosts excitement for the biggest shopping day of the year. You can easily customize it to fit any occasion, displaying your discounts and customer perks with style.  

Easily create your own Sales Landing Pages for your fall marketing campaign!

Many companies love using video content marketing, and for a good reason! More than 85% of marketers say video marketing has helped them increase sales.  

Make sure to setup your own videos this autumn. For instance, this Black Friday Shoppable Video will set you up for success with its interesting interaction points where viewers can click on their favorite items to learn more.  

Get inspired by this Black Friday Shoppable Video!

Building anticipation to your fall marketing campaigns is a must. This Sales Calendar is a signup page for your upcoming sales, such as Black Friday.  

Encourage visitors to subscribe and get updates on all exciting offerings, so they would be the first to know.  

Customize this Holiday Sales Calendar game for your fall marketing campaign!

You can also encourage visitors to subscribe to your exclusive offers through a stylish popup. Easy to design and launch, this Black Week Popup serves as a lead magnet that gives discount codes in exchange for users’ names and email addresses. You can customize this popup for any occasion: Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more!  

Creating your own fall marketing popup is easy – try it out now!

What can be a funnier way to earn discounts than a quick Spin and Win game? This gamification campaign is a successful method for increasing sales during autumn.  

Easy to play with a simple click, this Single’s Day Spin and Win game rewards winners with discount codes for the big retail holiday.  

Customize this Single’s Day Spin and Win game for your autumn marketing campaign!

This online experience inspires shoppers with personalized offers and recommended products according to their tastes. After answering just a few simple questions, users get tailored suggestions for their shopping spree.  

You can customize this template to fit any autumn holiday.  

Customize this template and suggest products to online shoppers during your autumn campaigns!

Refreshing your website with autumn colors, emojis, and elements will get people to notice you. However, do not overdo it on the design. While using the fall color palette is delightful, ignoring your brand guidelines might confuse your customers. Your logo and font should be there to remind your audience about your company, after all. 

When you create a themed campaign, you can bend the brand guidelines by changing the colors accordingly. However, the most important elements like the logo and font should remain there. After all, you want people to recognize your company immediately.  

The importance of your social media presence is undeniable all year long. However, special days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday are the best moments to connect with your followers on a deeper level. Fall is yet another opportunity to create targeted content and encourage people to share it with others.  

Many types of autumn interactive posts will increase your reach. For example, you can attract followers with Halloween contests and Thanksgiving giveaways. It is alright if you don’t sell any specific autumn products. It doesn’t mean that you can’t adapt your marketing efforts to the autumn’s spirit. You can share a picture on our professional social media platforms of your employees drinking their favorite fall beverages while reading their favorite books. Yes, it’s cliché. But, who doesn’t like cheesy things sometimes?   

You can also increase engagement by encouraging user-generated content. Invite your followers to share their autumn-inspired selfies or photos on their social media with unique hashtags.  

Other examples include polls, tag-a-friend posts, and discount posts.  

Pro tip: Share all your autumn Interactive Experiences on social media to attract visitors.  

Consumers adore discounts, especially during the months before Christmas. Moreover, limited time offers create the fear of missing out. Therefore, you can “pumpkin” spice up your fall marketing with special discounts for your loyal customers.  

Last, but not least, you can attract visitors during the last quarter of the year with autumn-related content. If you run a blog, you can inspire your readers with articles about trending topics. Consumers would particularly like to discover fall trends, recipes, and ideas. You can also record some autumn-inspired videos. For instance, you can teach your customers how to prepare the best pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice latter! Consumers are 131% more likely to purchase from a brand after consuming educational content. Therefore, being generous with the content you create will pay off.

You can boost information retention with an Interactive Video Quiz, where users will test their knowledge with a quiz directly in the video.

Implement these fall marketing ideas to differentiate your brand like never before!  

Implementing the tips from this blog post will help you differentiate your brand next autumn. Thus, you will attract more visitors and buyers to your website during the cooling-off season.  

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content platform that can help you build an unparalleled autumn Interactive Experience for your audience. You can select a template from our marketplace and create a free account to design your own fall campaign. When you are ready to publish, you can choose the subscription plant that best suits your needs!

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