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Business portfolios are documents that are important for businesses, they help companies to keep track of everything in one place. Moreover, they may be useful to potential stakeholders to help them discover more about a company. Although they are super useful and important, they are not so much fun to read. But what if I told you there was a way you could make it sparkle and make it more fun, interesting and entertaining? 

Want to know the secret to creating a business portfolio that stands out and elevates your brand identity? Keep reading to find out.  

This article will uncover: 

A business portfolio can be defined as a document that holds information about a business or an organization. It contains details such as what a company does, its goals, mission, products, projects, and assets. A portfolio is useful for your business, helping you organize information and make informed decisions. Additionally, it serves as a guide when developing strategies that allow you to reach your business goals. Moreover, the purpose of creating a business portfolio is to showcase your competitive advantage and value in the market. With a great portfolio, you can attract new businesses and build growing partnerships.  

In addition, you can bring your portfolio to life by switching from print to digital by using an Interactive Flipbook. Interactive Flipbooks allow you to make your content more engaging and interactive. They allow you to flip through pages like an actual book, add animations, include hotspots, and more. Audiences can click on certain areas to reveal more information and they can also play Marketing Games or take an Interactive Quiz. You can make your content more appealing and entertaining with Interactive Content.  

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The benefits of creating an Interactive business portfolio are:  

  • It is sustainable as you would not be contributing to waste or wasting resources every time you need to publish new information for the following year.  
  • It is accessible because you can reach potential businesses and partners from anywhere in the world and at any time. 
  • It allows you to analyze and track who has viewed your business portfolio so you can see which information they are most interested in.  
  • It allows you to conveniently update your portfolio so you can keep potential businesses and partners up to date with the latest information of your organization. 
  • It is interactive and engaging, allowing you to showcase your business in a stunning way and attract potential stakeholders or partners. 
  • It allows you to generate potential leads for your business because you can add a lead form.  

Pro tip: Keep your lead form short to reduce drop-off rates.  

Now that we have discovered the benefits, let us dive into how to make a business portfolio that is interactive.  

1. Select a format and the right portfolio builder tool 

Based on your industry or business, select a format that would help you showcase your business best. Do you prefer a landscape or portrait format? Landscape is great if you have lots of images that you want to showcase in a wider view and portrait is suitable if you have a lot of text. Before you consider these formats, it is important to research templates and the information you want to include. After you have considered the type and style of document for your portfolio, you need to choose the right portfolio builder tool.  

There are many tools out there. We recommend you look at the features and limitations of their software. You do not want to work on your project and realize you must scrap it due to software restrictions. is an Interactive Content tool and portfolio builder tool that can help you create and design stunning business portfolios. An added advantage of our tool is you can add Interactive Experiences to make your portfolio stand out. We also have fully customizable templates which you can select and edit to make it yours.  

2. Include business information and company profile

Next, once you have selected your tool and format, you can compile all the information you will be adding to your portfolio. Include information about your business and your company profile.  

If you are not sure what else to add, here is a list of basic details you can add: 

  • Name of your business 
  • Business location or address 
  • Mission statement 
  • Branding information 
  • Names of executives 
  • Company history 

3. Detail products and services

You should include what your business does and what you offer, such as details about your products and services. Describe and talk about your products or services in detail, go into what is special about them, how they are different, and how they are carefully manufactured. Additionally, you can talk about what your product aims to do for your customers and the problem it intends to solve. If your product has a wide range of its own, you can create a portfolio specifically dedicated to it.  

4. Illustrate by adding visuals and key elements

Visuals are important when it comes to business portfolios. It helps convey and showcase certain things that text cannot do. By adding visuals to your business portfolio, you can bring your company’s story to life. Additionally, photos can help you display your products and services and showcase your projects.  

5. Add successful projects

It is important to also dedicate some spotlight to the successful projects you have worked on. Highlighting your projects can show potential businesses and partners how great you are at managing them and effectively overcoming challenges. When you add projects to your portfolio, you should go into detail and describe each project. For each project you can explain what the objective was and what the outcome was and accompany them with pictures.  

6. Note down affiliations and business relationships

Another thing you should include in your portfolio is to note down business affiliations and relationships. You want to showcase the good partnerships that your company has with others, whether it is with vendors, suppliers or organizations. Additionally, you want to share about organizations you are affiliated with. Noting this down helps you assess how well you are doing and helps you keep track of your business relationships in one place.  

7. Include testimonials and customer success stories

You should also have a section in your business portfolio dedicated to testimonials and customer success stories. This helps you showcase how your business has successfully helped others and how your service or product has benefited them. By adding this to your portfolio, it allows you to humanize your brand, build credibility and trust, and increase your social proof.  

 8. Add contact information and CTA

One thing you should never skip is adding your business contact information and a call to action. You want potential stakeholders or customers to be able to contact you after viewing your business portfolio. Adding your contact information allows them to reach you easily and you also need them to act, whether it is visiting your website or getting in touch with you through email.  

Need some inspiration for creating your own business portfolio? Here are a couple business portfolio examples and templates from us.  

Brand Portfolio 

Brand portfolio template by

This Brand Portfolio template allows you to showcase your brand’s essence and achievements. Educate your audiences, potential partners, or clients and promote your products and services. Additionally, tell your company’s story and build credibility with this brand portfolio template that is interactive. Engage and entertain your readers through hotspots or by adding Interactive Experiences to your portfolio.  

Business Proposal 

Business proposal template by

This Business Proposal template is perfect for attracting potential stakeholders and building new partnerships. Its design exudes professionalism to help you impress and persuade your potential clients and businesses. Use this template to educate your audience and showcase your products so you can expand your business opportunities.  

Fashion Portfolio  

Fashion portfolio template by

This Fashion Portfolio template is perfect for businesses that want to share their stories through visuals. Capture your audience’s attention with this design that is bold and engages your audiences through interactivity. Use this template to showcase your skills and promote your content.  

Brand Presentation 

Brand presentation template by

This Brand Presentation template is useful for brands who want to showcase and elevate their brand identity. This design is fun, colourful, and fresh which is perfect for making your brand appear fun and relatable and it helps you leave a lasting impression. Use this template to educate your audience and promote your products in a stylish way. Make use of its interactivity by adding animations, clickable elements or Interactive Quizzes to entertain your audience and provide a unique brand experience.  

Having a business portfolio is important for your business. It helps you keep track of everything in one place and it serves as a guide when developing strategies for your business. There are many benefits when it comes to making your portfolio interactive. It is sustainable in the long run and highly engaging for audiences, resulting in higher engagement.  

Using our Interactive Content tool, you can create a stunning business portfolio for your company that is fun and interactive. Present your company in an interesting way to potential stakeholders and add Interactive Experiences such as Marketing Games or Interactive Videos to stand out. Create your free account today and access customizable templates to start creating your own business portfolio.  

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