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4 Great travel brochure examples to attract more visitors blog post by Dot.vu

Have you found yourself considering a destination after looking at a travel brochure? That is because they are a great source of information and inspiration when it comes to travelling. Although they may seem outdated in today’s day and age, they are still popular and common in the hospitality and tourism industry. Businesses still create and publish brochures as it helps them promote their products and services. Moreover, travellers find brochures handy when planning and considering a trip.   

Based on this Brochure Distribution Research 2018, there is a 67% to 79% increase in visitors picking up brochures for their trip. Additionally, a significant 68% of the 18 – 24 age group use brochures. Furthermore, brochures are the second most used resource for planning a trip as 52% of visitors reported using brochures, maps, and travel guides to plan their visit. In addition, 85% of visitors become aware of an attraction or business because of picking up a brochure.  

These statistics show that brochures are still relevant and that they are very useful to travellers so let us look at some travel brochure examples which you can use.  

In this blog post, we will discover: 

A travel brochure is a document that promotes travel destinations, sightseeing attractions, activities to try, accommodations, and vacation packages. Travel agencies and publications publish them to help travellers plan their trips and inspire their next vacation. It acts as a handy guide providing local insights and educating travellers on all they need to know about a destination. Additionally, it is printed and displayed at hotels, tour agency offices, or travel fairs.  

In recent times, travel brochures have shifted online and can be published as a PDF or an Interactive Flipbook. An Interactive Flipbook is content that audiences can participate in and engage with. For example, they can answer Interactive Quizzes, click on hotspots to reveal more info, play Marketing Games or engage with an Interactive Video. It is content where audiences are active participants, unlike static content where they are passively consuming.  

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Creating an Interactive travel brochure has many benefits, such as: 

  • It increases engagement with your content as audiences interact with it by answering quizzes or playing games.  
  • It helps generate potential leads as you can add a lead form to your travel brochure to collect contact information of those who are interested in your services.  
  • It allows you to collect zero-party data by gating your content, so your audiences are willingly filling in their details for more information. 
  • It allows you to track and analyze data such as clicks, page views, progress and actions carried out. 
  • It helps you boost sales by allowing you to add stunning visuals and descriptions that educate audiences and convince them to make a sale with your business. 
  • It improves brand experience as you are providing your audiences with a unique and memorable experience.  

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To create travel brochures, here are 10 elements that you should have in your brochure. 

1. Captivating visuals and animations 

Visuals are a key element in travel brochures as they help draw attraction to your services or destination. They help showcase the beauty a destination has to offer and give a glimpse into the adventure travellers will embark on. Travellers will know what to expect, experience, and see on their trip through the visuals you use. Adding animations can help draw attention and highlight a certain piece of content.  

2. Clear and attractive headlines 

Writing clear and attractive headlines can bring your reader’s focus to a certain section of your brochure. It allows the readers to easily skim through the brochure and find information that is relevant to them. You can use headlines to differentiate information such as activities, cuisine, or attraction sites.  

3. Map  

What’s a travel brochure without a map? A map allows users to navigate their travel destination easily. It helps them locate the nearest convenience store, local restaurants and bars, accommodations, attractions, and transportation. Add a map to make your brochure valuable and helpful to travellers.  

4. Cultural etiquette 

It is good to include information about the cultural etiquette of the destination you are promoting. Educate travellers on things they should or should not do. Some cultures have customs that should be respected and by informing your audience they can be well prepared for their trip. For example, in certain countries, it is advised to dress modestly, and this can help travellers pack appropriately for their trip.  

5.  Attractions and activities 

Travel or tourist brochures are useful because they are a great source of information for travellers. This is why you must include information such as attractions and activities to try in the area. Provide them with information on historical sites, agricultural stops, and arts and culture centres they can visit. Include activities that are special and popular in the area, whether it is a sightseeing river cruise or water rafting.  

6. Local cuisine & must-try dishes 

Many destinations have cuisine or food that is uniquely special to that area, so highlight them in your brochures. Give your audiences local insights on dishes or drinks they must try on their visit. Introduce them and enchant them with local delicacies so that they plan a trip there to try it out for themselves.  

7. Accommodation and hotels  

It is important to include accommodation and hotels your travellers can stay at during their trip. This can help travellers plan their trip better and explore various accommodations based on their budget. Add recommendations for different types of budgets and travellers. For example, hostels for those on a budget, unique boutique hotels in the area, and luxurious hotels for those looking for relaxation and comfort.  

8. Insightful information

Your travel brochure should have insightful information about the destination such as currency, languages used, types of transportation available, safety tips and visa requirements. Including information like this in your brochure is vital to travellers as they can prepare themselves, so they have a smooth trip.   

9. Local stories and testimonials 

Personal stories or testimonials provide an authentic touch. Hearing from locals or past travellers can give insights that aren’t available in generic travel guides and can add depth and trustworthiness to your brochure. 

Add a genuine and authentic touch to your travel brochure by including testimonials from travellers and stories from the locals. This can help build credibility among travellers and you will become a trusted source when it comes to travel. Adding stories from locals can provide your travellers with more insights and make them feel warm and welcome.  

10. Contact Information and call-to-action 

This is a key element that you should not skip when creating your brochure. You want to ensure your audiences are convinced and want to act after reading your brochure. To do so, you need to add a call to action, maybe it is redirecting them to your website or contacting you through your contact information provided. Add information such as your website, social media, contact number, and email address.  

Now let us look at travel brochure examples and templates you can use for your business. These templates are fully customizable to fit your business needs and your branding. You can recreate these templates to make it yours or use them as inspiration when creating your own travel brochure.  

1. Travel Brochure Template 

travel brochure template by Dot.vu

This Travel Brochure template is one of the travel brochure examples which you can use for your business. It is perfect if you are a travel agency, tour guide, or a travel publication. Moreover, it has a clean aesthetic design which brings focus to your stunning visuals. This layout allows you to add multiple images to captivate your audiences. Furthermore, you can add interactive and clickable elements in this brochure so that when clicked, it will reveal extra information about a picture. Additionally, you can also add a lead form at the end. Use this template to let travellers discover a beautiful journey that awaits them.  

2. Hotel City Brochure Template 

hotel city brochure template by Dot.vu

Another travel brochure examples you can explore is this Hotel City Brochure template. This template is great for hotels, resorts, and villas in the city. With multiple grid layouts, single image pages, and complimenting white spaces, this travel brochure is perfect for showcasing your accommodations. Its design is clean, sleek, and professional which can portray your business in a trusted manner. Use this template to promote your hotel and provide insightful information to travellers such as activities they can do and attractions they can visit in the area.  

3. Art Museum Exhibition Guide Template 

art museum exhibition guide template by Dot.vu

This travel brochure example is great if you work for an arts and culture centre that is trying to increase footfall and awareness of your premises. This Art Museum Exhibition Guide template allows you to promote your art installation or historic fairs that are ongoing in your museum. Moreover, travellers or visitors can learn more about the art or artefact in your museum through the information provided in this brochure. In addition, you can add interactive elements such as clickable images and Interactive Quizzes to entertain and educate.  Educate travellers and increase your brand awareness with this template.  

4. Parks and Recreation Flyer template

parks and recreation flyer template by Dot.vu

This Parks and Recreation Flyer template is another travel brochure example you can use for your business. It is great if you want to promote recreational parks in the areas or gardens that travellers can visit. Additionally, you can promote facilities and activities visitors can do in your park and programs that you run. This brochure template also has clickable elements, and you can also add a contact form at the end. Use this template to educate and showcase the beauty of nature.  

Travel brochures are a wonderful promotional tool to help increase brand awareness, engage with your audience, generate leads, and improve brand experience. It allows you to beautifully showcase what you have to offer and include insightful compact information that will benefit travellers.  

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