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27 stunning magazine layout examples that will boost your brand identity to new heights blog post by dot.vu

Magazines are popular reads among many, they cover a wide variety of topics and interests. Before social media, people read magazines to discover new recipes, new fashion styles, or business news. They could even receive tips and tricks related to their interests. Now in the digital age, you can find that magazines have made the switch to digital publications.  

According to this Magazine Industry Statistics, there is a 30% increase in online magazine consumption. This points towards a significant trend of digital reading habits. Moreover, this Digital Newspapers and Magazines statistics show that the number of users is expected to grow to 1.6 billion by 2029. It is also projected that the revenue in this industry will reach US$40.23bn in 2024. This makes it a fantastic opportunity for you to shift from print to digital or virtual magazines. To attract more audiences, it is vital to have a magazine layout design that is stunning and versatile.  

In this blog article, we will explore: 

A magazine layout is the way content and design are arranged and displayed in a magazine. It is also the process of setting out materials on pages such as images, texts, and white space so that there is a balance. Having a good magazine layout is important as it attracts readers and increases readability. With a great magazine layout design, it makes your brand look professional and you can distinguish yourself in the industry. Besides creating valuable content, a beautifully crafted magazine layout can help you connect with your readers. Whether you are publishing a print magazine, an interactive magazine, or an Interactive Flipbook, it is crucial to have a structured magazine layout.  

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There are 9 key elements in a magazine layout that you should always include when designing your magazine. To make a stunning magazine layout, you need to know these elements: 

  • Headline – The headline is a text that draws readers to the page and the content. It draws readers in because it is catchy, interesting, and compelling. Moreover, it is usually bigger than other texts and it is written in bold. Additionally, it denotes a particular topic and content on a page.   
  • Introduction – An introduction is a write-up that gives information to your readers about what the content or topic will entail. It should captivate readers and spark their curiosity so that they will continue reading.  
  • Body Text – The body text is the content of your topic. It goes into detail about the subject you are writing about, and it provides readers with valuable information. It is lengthy and descriptive and should be engaging. Furthermore, it also takes up the most space because of multiple paragraphs.  
  • Bylines – The bylines acknowledge the person or team who worked on the content or article. It is the author’s name, and it can be written in the same size as the body text under the headline.  
  • Sub-headlines – The sub-headline divides the content into different sections making it easier for readers to digest it. It helps readers explore different compartments of content. Moreover, you can look at it as a mini headline that breaks apart your text.  
  • Pull quotes – Pull quotes are quotes that you add to your article to give it dimension. It can be intellectual and relatable to your readers, and it is displayed in a different font that stands out 
  • Image caption – The image caption describes and complements the image and is usually placed right below it.  
  • Folio – The folio is the magazine’s footer. It includes the page number, name, and issue date of the magazine placed on the bottom left and right. 
  • Box copy or panel – The box copy or panel is a popup box that gives important facts related to the article. It is usually statistics, dates, or anything factual written briefly.  
A good magazine layout follows these principles:

Purpose of magazine – You need to determine the purpose of your magazine. Will it be story-based or image-based? Knowing the purpose of your magazine and the audience you intend to write for can give you an idea of how it will look, its layout, and the content you will write.  

Hierarchy – Hierarchy is important as it helps you arrange and frame your content. It prioritizes essential information and design. Every page has its hierarchy from cover to back. For example, an image comes first, then a headline and body text. It is how you showcase your information and key takeaways with design.  

Content Balance – Balance makes your content appear readable and aesthetically pleasing. With the right balance, you can draw attention to key elements and information on your page. You do not want your page design to look too cluttered or too empty. It is best to have the right balance between white space, content, and design elements.  

Readability – To have a good magazine layout and design, your magazine needs to have readability. Is your writing readable and comprehensible to readers? Can the text be read? Choosing the right font size and colour adds to the readability of your magazine. Make sure to check and make changes to your widow, orphans, and rags in your paragraph to ensure smooth reading. Moreover, your end goal and how you communicate should be clear. 

Now that you know how to make a good magazine layout and its key elements, let us look at some stunning examples. Here are 27 interactive magazine layout ideas for your brand and different industries. Interactive magazines allow you to incorporate Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Polls, Quizzes, Videos and Marketing Games. This provides your readers with rich content that is educational, engaging, and entertaining.  

Business and Branding  

Business and branding magazines are designed to reflect your brand business or industry. It gives readers a view of what you specialize in and what you do. Moreover, it showcases your brand identity, your products, and your strengths. With a business magazine, you can speak to your target audience, increase brand recognition, and generate leads. Additionally, you can engage with your readers through interesting content or Interactive Experiences.  

1. Brand Portfolio Template 

Brand Portfolio Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Brand Portfolio template lets you elevate your brand’s credibility and presence. Showcase your brand’s journey and stories, your products, and projects you have worked on.  Allow readers to gain a deeper understanding of your brand, educate them on what you do and promote your products.  

2. Brand Guideline Template  

Brand Guideline Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Brand Guideline template allows you to establish your brand identity. Such as your typography, colour palette, logo and design elements. Create an Interactive brand guideline and share it with stakeholders in your company. Use it so that everyone in your organization has a cohesive understanding of your identity. Additionally, it can help you prepare for marketing campaigns or manage your brand.  

3. Business Proposal Template 

Business Proposal Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

Our Business Proposal template is a great way to present your business to clients, investors or stakeholders. Push your business forward and unlock exciting opportunities with a professionally designed proposal. Share your brand story and how your brand intends to solve a problem on the market with your products or services. Moreover, this template helps you create an impactful and lasting impression on your stakeholders.  

4. Automotive Presentation Template 

Automotive Presentation Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Automotive Presentation template allows you to showcase your new products and services. Use visual elements and this magazine layout to display stunning images that reflect the essence of your products. Moreover, utilize it to educate, entertain, guide and advise your readers. It is fully customizable, and it is great in capturing attention because of its eye-catching design. 


Fashion magazines are great for flaunting your range of amazing styles for different seasons and occasions.  Showcase your fashion items such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Put together fashionable looks and styles and gather them into a lookbook. Additionally, promote different clothing such as swimwear or office wear. You can also showcase your styling fashion skills and experiences.  

5. Fashion Lookbook Template 

Fashion Lookbook Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Fashion Lookbook template is perfect for displaying new styles and your new clothing line. Showcase your brand style and identity, put together fashion looks and compile them with this lookbook. Attract audiences with the trendiest fashion styles in this fashion lookbook. 

6. Sportswear Lookbook Template 

Sportswear Lookbook Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Sportswear Lookbook template is a wonderful way to showcase your products and boost sales. Educate viewers on how to style your clothes and provide them with guidance on how to care for them to increase their longevity. Provide information on materials or the technology used to create them.  

7. Fashion Catalog Template 

Fashion Catalogue template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

Our Fashion Catalog template is a clean and sleek design to promote your clothing products and increase sales. With this fashion catalog, you can create a lasting impression and increase brand recognition. Use images to capture readers’ attention and create high emotional reactions with this template.  

8. Fashion Portfolio Template 

fashion portfolio template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Fashion Portfolio template allows you to highlight your fashion skills, works, and experiences.  Share your story, your goals, and your journey in fashion. Let audiences get a glimpse into your work and your specialty with this bold template.  


Lifestyle magazines allow you to relate to your audiences on different topics that are relevant and relatable to them. Topics such as photography, interior design, or events. Go in-depth into topics of interest to your audiences. Provide them with valuable information and lifestyle tips and tricks. 

9. Magazine Design Template 

Magazine design template by Dot.vu

This Magazine Design template is trendy and colourful. Captivate readers with this magazine layout design and educate them on several topics. Inspire and inform them with beautiful visuals, eye-catching cover art, and an array of interesting topics. You can also use it to promote your content assets such as videos, pictures, or a blog post.  

10. Interior Design Magazine Template 

 interior design template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Interior Design Magazine template allows you to promote and showcase your business with style. Impress and allure potential customers with your interior design skills. Moreover, share house styling and decorating tips and tricks with your readers. This layout design lets you share visually pleasing spaces with your audiences to keep them informed and entertained on the latest house styling trends. Additionally, promote popular house decor items with this template.  

11. Photography Guide Template 

phototgraphy guide template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Photography Guide template lets you promote your business and workshops. Introduce potential customers to various levels of your workshops, your service, and yourself. Furthermore, utilize this template to expand your business by showcasing your photography skills, your brand identity and your voice. 

12. Event Festival Guide Template 

Event Festival Guide Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Event Festival Guide template can be used to promote your upcoming event and drive attendance. Use this template to highlight the artists or shows you have lined up. Additionally, provide your audience with more information regarding your event such as where it is held, how to get there and more. Moreover, you can also include an itinerary with this template so audiences know what to expect.  


Food magazines can be used to share food recipes, cooking tips, and origins of a dish. Additionally, you can showcase a step-by-step guide on how to make a certain dish, including pictures every step of the way. Furthermore, this will help your readers easily recreate the dish. Moreover, you can also use a food magazine to promote your restaurant menu and dishes.  

13. Food Recipe Book Template 

Food Recipe Book Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Food Recipe Book template allows you to feature a delicious collection of recipes and culinary delights. Additionally, captivate and delight your audiences with this template as you can feature an array of rich content. Furthermore, inspire your audiences’ kitchens with mouth-watering recipes that they can explore. 

14. Recipe Book Template 

Recipe Book Template by Dot.vu

This Recipe Book template will take your readers on a mouthwatering adventure. Additionally, present your tasty recipes and promote your finest ingredients with this template. Moreover, use this bold and bright-coloured design layout to attract audiences to dive into this recipe book. Furthermore, this magazine layout allows you to add delicious-looking pictures and instructions to guide your audiences in making the best dishes.  

15. Restaurant Menu Template 

Restaurant Menu Template by Dot.vu

This Restaurant Menu template lets you turn your menu digital so you can always update it with the latest items without the costs of reprinting. Moreover, you can make food ordering convenient for customers and boost your sales with this template. Display fun facts and increase opportunities for your business with this virtual menu. With this template, you can make ordering online easier and give them more insights into their dishes before they place an order.   

16. Restaurant Menu Booklet Template 

Restaurant Menu Booklet Template by Dot.vu

Our Restaurant Menu Booklet template lets you create an extraordinary virtual restaurant menu. Display high-quality pictures of your dishes so customers know what to expect. With this template, customers can navigate your dishes and menu with ease. Moreover, they can also get a better idea of what they are ordering. Additionally, you can promote a course meal and your best-selling items with this design, and it is also visually appealing.  


Travel magazines highlight different travel destinations and countries. Furthermore, it dives into the attractions, culture, and history of a destination. Moreover, it also includes places to stay, activities to do, and food to try.  

17. Travel Brochure Template 

Travel Brochure Template by Dot.vu

This Travel Brochure template is wonderful as it allows your audience to find their next adventure. Additionally, it is enchanting because of its marvellous visuals and enticing descriptions that call them to explore these destinations. Furthermore, this template lets you highlight top breathtaking destinations they can visit and is a valuable tool if you are in the travel and hospitality industry.  

18. Hotel City Brochure Template 

Hotel City Brochure Template by Dot.vu

This Hotel City Brochure template provides your guests with entertaining activities within your hotel area. Moreover, it is a stunning way to engage with customers and enhance your brand image. Additionally, this template is simple and easy to use, and you can add valuable information about your city like things to see, do, and taste. Furthermore, increase engagement and client satisfaction by educating customers with this hotel city brochure. 

19. City Guide Template 

City Guide Template by Dot.vu

This City Guide template is helpful and educational as it helps travelers navigate the city.  It also helps them discover destinations, helpful FAQs and more. Additionally, this template allows you to add a detailed map pin-pointing destinations, attractions, and FAQ sections to ensure your readers have a wonderful travel experience. They can also easily contact you for their next vacation with the contact information section.  

20. Art Museum Exhibition Guide Template 

Art Museum Exhibition Guide Template by Dot.vu 

This Art Museum Exhibition Guide template is great for museums and exhibitions. This eye-catching and informative guide will attract visitors to your attraction. In addition, give your audiences a brief explanation and view of your museum or exhibition. Moreover, share visually pleasing images and facts about the art or displays in your museum. Furthermore, promote your next exhibition with this template.  


Shopping magazines or product catalogs are a wonderful way to promote your products, especially if you are a B2C company or a retail business. Showcase your multiple product offerings, including visuals together with information about it. Let customers browse through your offerings to help increase your sales.  

21. Furnishing Catalog Template 

Furnishing Catalog Template by Dot.vu

This Furnishing Catalog template lets you highlight home décor products that your audience can browse through. Add visuals and detailed descriptions to help them find the best furnishing for their home. Additionally, inspire them to transform their space with this catalog. Moreover, display your product offering with this sleek and modern magazine layout to engage and entice your customers, boosting your sales. 

22. Book Catalog Template 

 Book Catalog Template by Dotvu

This Book Catalog template  allows you to display your collection of literature to captivate readers and increase sales. Morevoer, engage with your audience and capture their attention with this book catalog template. Showcase your top picks and latest selection of books and add more information such as author insights. With stunning visuals and concise summaries, your audience will be keen on exploring new reads.  

23. Beauty Product Catalog Template 

Beauty Product Catalog Template by Dot.vu

This Beauty Product Catalog template is great for highlighting your latest beauty line and collection of beauty products.  Additionally, present your brand identity and style with this beautiful catalog template and promote your products to boost your sales. Moreover, you can even include beauty tips on how to use your products and teach them how to recreate makeup looks.   

24. Jewelry Catalog Template 

Jewelry Catalog Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Jewelry Catalog template allows you to display your collection of jewelry elegantly because of its minimalistic design which draws attention towards your products. Furthermore, promote necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with this template and increase your sales. Additionally, you can include styling tips to provide value to your audiences  


With a report magazine, you can create reports on your business, trends in the market, and more. Moreover, you can add statistics and use visuals to display clear data visualization. Additionally, include insights and facts in your business reports to increase transparency. A company report is a great way to keep your stakeholders informed on your business and business activities.  

25. Company Report Template 

Company Report Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Company Report template allows you to showcase insights and transparency with key data and visuals. Moreover, our carefully crafted Company Report template allows you to display your organization’s works. Provide valuable insights, an overview, progress and perspective with this magazine layout that is clear and concise. Additionally, this template helps you build trust and confidence in your brand. 

26. Company Annual Report Template 

Company Annual Report Template magazine layout examples by Dot.vu

This Company Annual Report template adds a professional and fresh touch to your company’s annual report. Tell your brand’s story with this template and amaze your stakeholders. Moreover, you can use stunning visuals and statistics to hold your stakeholders’ attention. In addition, communicate your brand effectively with this template.  

27. Climate Report Template 

Climate Report Template by Dot.vu

This Climate Report template is a fantastic way to showcase your sustainability efforts to your stakeholders. Keep your audience and stakeholders informed on climate and sustainability trends. Include data and statistics and use visuals to communicate key takeaways. Moreover, give your audience valuable insights into the planet’s climate.  Additionally, provide readers with a deeper understanding of environmental changes and potential impacts. Use this template to educate and keep your readers informed while engaging with them.  

With the right magazine layout design, you can attract readers who are within your target audience. Furthermore, you can also build a meaningful relationship with them through valuable content that is engaging, educational, and entertaining. A great magazine layout design helps communicate your brand identity effectively and increase brand recognition. Additionally, a stunning magazine layout can help you showcase your products in an aesthetic way and boost online sales.  

Our Interactive Content tool at Dot.vu allows you to create stunning digital magazines that are interactive to highly engage with your readers. Add Interactive Content to your magazine such as Marketing Games or Interactive Videos to help differentiate your publication in the industry. Worry not about designs or creating Interactive Experiences as we have 300+ customizable template to choose from. Create your free account today to access them and to publish your first Interactive Magazine! 

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