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How to make a captivating Interactive Travel Guide

Travel guides are valuable to travelers as they help them make the most of their trip. They include information on hotels, restaurants, modes of transportation, must-try activities, and focus on various travel sites. Whether it is a guide to the Swiss Alps or the Greek islands, it is an essential strategy in planning their trip. 

Most travel guides come in PDF, an E-book, or a physical travel book. Though it is informational, they do not help you understand your customers better or collect valuable data. 

This blog aims to introduce you to the concept of an Interactive Travel Guide in the form of an Interactive Flipbook. In this guide, you will gain insights into: 

What is an Interactive Travel Guide? 

An interactive travel guide or digital guide is essentially an interactive PDF or an Interactive Flipbook. Unlike traditional static PDFs, an Interactive Flipbook allows you to flip through pages like a physical book that is fully digital. It also prompts your audiences to interact with your content by adding interactive experiences such as Quizzes, Polls, Calculators, and more. Instead of passively consuming content, audiences are now actively engaging with it.  

Read about What is an Interactive Flipbook to gain an in-depth understanding of what it is, it’s uses, benefits, and more. 

Interactive Travel Guide Examples 

Let us look at some examples below now that we understand what an interactive travel guide is.  

A travel brochure, traditionally known as a promotional booklet, advertises hotels, travel packages, and tourist attractions. Moreover, it captivates potential customers with picturesque travel destinations and provides comprehensive information to educate and inform travelers when planning their trips. This medium also offers a convenient means for customers to connect with your travel services. With the advent of digitization, travel brochures have evolved into digital formats, such as Interactive Flipbooks, which are enticing and engaging. 

A city guide serves as an extensive resource providing information about a specific city, including its attractions, landmarks, dining options, accommodations, transportation, cultural events, and local customs. It is valuable for both tourists and residents alike, offering numerous benefits. These include exploration of the city’s highlights, assistance in itinerary planning, recommendations for authentic local experiences, safety tips, and insider insights. Furthermore, it enhances travel experiences by providing essential information and guidance to help travelers make the most out of their visit to a city. 

5 Reasons you Should Make your Travel Guide Interactive 

If you are a travel site, blogger, or publisher and want to increase engagement or create impressionable brand experiences, here are five solid reasons to convince you to shift from boring static content to Interactive Content by utilizing an Interactive Flipbook.  

With increasing digital content online, great content gets hidden because of content saturation. How do you create content that is original or valuable? If it probably already has been written about? This is where Interactive Content comes in. It is exciting, educates, entertains, and is an excellent strategy to help you stand out from competitors.  

When you turn your content interactive, the time of engagement and level of involvement that a visitor or an audience has with your brand increases. Implementing an interactive feature into your content or travel guide encourages participation with your brand, whether through Quizzes, Polls, or an Interactive Marketing Games they can play.  

Furthermore, it improves user experience by providing a unique brand experience they will not forget because you are considering their needs and preferences and presenting them with relevant information, products, or services. 

Interactive Content allows you to generate qualified leads by engaging in a two-way conversation with your audience. You are getting to know them, their needs, their pain points, and what they are potentially looking for. Additionally, Interactive Content is a fun approach to attracting potential customers as it is captivating and different from static content. By interacting with Quizzes, Polls, guided selling, or survey experiences, users enter information about themselves that can be used to convert them. 

Planning and strategizing your Interactive Content well allows you to ask the right questions that will help you understand your potential or current customers. With interactive features featured in your content, you can collect customer data that turns into valuable customer insights.  

When you understand your customers better through data collection, you can create personalized experiences for your audiences, and customers love personalization. It shows that you care, and you know their needs, and when a customer feels this, they are more inclined to be loyal to your brand. Moreover, you give them a great experience and a reason to return to your business, strengthening brand loyalty.  

How to Create the Best Travel Guide 

After reading those five solid reasons, we hope you understand the benefits of Interactive Content and why you should include it in your marketing strategy. You can also look at Tourism Marketing Strategy and Hospitality Marketing Strategies to help improve your marketing efforts in the industry. So now, let us move on to how you can create the best travel guide that helps your content and your brand stand out among your competitors.  

Want to create the best travel guide? First, know your audience and their demographics. You can segment them through age, gender, income, occupation, ethnicity, and marital status. You can also segment them through psychographics like their lifestyle, interests, values, and beliefs. If your target audiences are digital nomads, then you can create a guide including travel locations that are perfect for them and offer these types of travel visas. 

Choose a destination you would like to write about. To write a guide that travelers would be interested in reading, you could pick one from a list of popular destinations or write about a trending travel destination like Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam. Doing research and utilizing Google Trends can help you identify travel locations that are popularly searched.  

Planning your content will help your readers learn about the place they are travelling to and play a role in how they plan their travel itinerary. Include essential content like accommodation and recommend top hotels or the best budget-friendly hostels they can stay at. Add language like the national language and secondary languages used by the locals. Moreover, include currency used, where, and how to get the best conversion rates.  

Furthermore, what is the local culture? What are popular dishes in their cuisine that you need to try? Incorporate insider information like hidden gems, tourist hotspots, and must-try activities. Lastly, provide information on the modes of transportation available and make your guide informative by including historical and cultural facts. 

To create the best travel guide, you need to make it interactive. Convert your travel guide PDFs into Interactive Flipbooks and start incorporating Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Videos, Personality Tests, Polls, and more! Making your travel guide interactive will help you engage with your audience and help them retain better the information provided because of the memorable experience.  

Your travel guide can be even better if you gate your content. Gating your content means locking certain pages or information in your Interactive Flipbook. To access extensive information on the guide and unlock insider travel secrets, readers will fill in a lead form with particulars such as their name, email, city, job title, and contact number. With this, it can help you collect potential leads.  

How to turn your Travel Guide into an Interactive Flipbook 

Are you ready to turn your travel guide interactive, increase engagement, and collect customer data? If so, turn your lifeless static PDFs into captivating Interactive Flipbooks with this list of Interactive Experiences. Interactive Experiences will allow readers or consumers to interact with your content by their actions, choices, and input.  

This Interactive Experience is an engaging way to entertain and educate your readers and collect helpful data. You can use the Simple Trivia Quiz template to test their general knowledge by asking them facts about the location they are traveling to or quiz them on the local currency, national dish, or national flower.  

Utilize this experience to understand your audience and discover insights about your customer or reader. For instance, you can create a Visual Poll to uncover which travel destination the majority of your readers are interested in traveling to. Are they more interested in traveling to Thailand or Vietnam? Based on the poll and the data gathered, you can write about the destination that gained the most votes.  

Games are super entertaining because it makes consuming content exciting instead of mundane. Keep your readers amused and interested in flipping through your content by adding games such as  Spin and Win and more. You can do this by allowing them to Solve a Puzzle of a travel location or letting them spin the wheel to decide their next travel destination.  

The Simple Calculator helps readers or consumers make sensible decisions before purchasing that can drive sales. Additionally, it assists consumers in calculating the value of a product and could be a unique way to improve the user experience. For instance, you can help them convert their currency to the local currency of their travel location or understand their budget so you can show relevant information to them. Based on their travel budget, recommend suitable tour packages.  

Planning a trip can be hectic for travelers. Why not make it enjoyable with an Interactive Video experience? Help your customers plan their next adventure while also giving them a taste for it. Interactive videos are engaging and informative and help you gain customer insights.  

There are different types of interactive videos. Branching, Personalized, and Shoppable Videos, Branching Videos allow customers to choose their travel adventures. Let them choose between relaxing or thrill-seeking activities, laid-back restaurants or electric bars, and trying the local cuisine or sticking to something familiar. This fun experience can lead them back to planning their next holiday with you. 

Create your Interactive Travel Guide 

Now that you understand what an interactive travel guide is, why, and how you should create one, you can make your travel guide engaging and exciting for your audience.   

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