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9 Interactive Experiences for your Mother's Day marketing campaign

Looking for interactive Mother’s Day campaign ideas? Ideas that are going to boost sales without spending your entire marketing budget? You are at the right place!  

Mother’s Day has been highly commercialized throughout the years. While some may complain about it, others, like us marketers, certainly will not. Yet, it is important to keep your Mother’s Day campaigns aligned with the goal of this holiday, which is celebrating motherhood. Plus, you also want to stay away from cliché campaigns. You can achieve that by creating Mother’s Day campaigns that are both original and interactive.    

Mother’s Day ads are an integral part of your seasonal marketing strategy, and you need to find out how to create unique ones. Sounds like what you are looking for? Then, keep reading!  

Facts about Mother’s Day

Although we believe every marketer should understand the importance of Mother’s Day as a retail holiday, let’s go through some irrefutable reasons to leverage this special day. Here are some facts about Mother’s Day:  

  • People in more than 200 countries celebrate Mother’s Day. 
  • In 2022, Americans planned to spend more than $30 billion on Mother’s Day- related gifts and activities.  
  • Mother ‘s Day is one of the most lucrative holidays for florists.  
  • Mother’s Day is also a popular occasion for buying cards.  
  • Apart from cards and flowers, people also tend to purchase other presents like gift cards, clothes, accessories, and books. 
  • Almost half of Americans want to buy a gift that is different from the traditional ones. Therefore, every retailer can capitalize on the special day by crafting innovative Mother’s Day marketing campaigns.  

9 Interactive Experiences for your next Mother’s Day Campaign  

1. Delight moms with an Interactive Mother’s Day Personality Test   

Create a light and fun Mother ‘s Day personality test to amuse your audience. A great example could be: What type of mom are you? This is an easy Interactive Experience to put in place. It doesn’t require much time. Plus, it is perfect for engaging with your audience in a convivial way.  

Furthermore, Personality Tests enable you to learn more about your customers and collect zero and first-party data. Later on, you use the data you collected during this campaign to send targeted offers. Moreover, you can boost sales by advertising specific products directly in the personality test.  

Pro Tip: Allow participants to share the result of the test to gain more visibility   

interactive Mother's Day campaign : Personality Test
Click on the image to try the Interactive Experience

2. Share the best mom’s recipes with an Interactive Cookbook   

The idea here is to let your customers create their own cookbooks based on a few of their mom’s recipes. They would simply have to enter each recipe’s ingredients and main steps. Plus, they could also add a small dedication to their moms on the front page. Finally, they could share their cookbook on social media.   

There are two ways to profit from this interactive Mother’s Day campaign. First, you can raise awareness by having your Interactive Cookbook used and shared. Second, you can add product placement in the cookbook to increase sales.   

3. Encourage your customers to write letters to their moms with Social Interactive Content   

In this new world that we live in, post-Covid, it’s not everyone that can spend Mother’s Day with their moms. That’s why an interactive Mother’s Day campaign that brings closeness to family members that can’t spend Mother’s Day together can be very successful.  

An idea would be to help your customers send awesome Mother’s Day letters to their moms. Ask your designers to do their magic and design different Mother’s Day letters. Allow your customers to personalize and write their own messages in the letters. Encourage them to share it on their social media or to send it directly to their mom by email. 

You can use this template for other special days too. For example, writing a letter is among our top suggested Father’s Day campaign ideas.   

Because Mother’s Day is right around the corner, you can use this ready-to-be-customize template from Dot.vu:   

interactive Mother's Day campaign : Social Interactive Content
Click on the image to try this Interactive Experience!

4. Bring moms down memory lane with a “Has it happened” Interactive Experience Test   

Create a fun and light interactive experience where Moms go through a series of questions and answer if it has happened or not. For example, did you ever forget your child at kindergarten?   

Allow moms to write their stories under each question. Plus, encourage them to share their answers on social media to increase visibility.   

This is a great way of gaining new visitors to your website. Remember to advertise your bestsellers within the Interactive Experience to boost sales.   

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to advertise your bestsellers within the Interactive Experience to boost sales.   

5. Guide customers into finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift with a Product Recommender   

For most of us, Mother’s Day is simply about giving a gift to our moms. Nothing to be ashamed of! Unless you have been giving your mom store-bought chocolate and a flower bouquet every year for the past 5 years… In that case, you might be interested in finding new ideas.   

But rest assured, you are definitely not the only one. That’s where an eCommerce company can distinguish itself. It is by helping their customers find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Suggest products to your customers with a Product Recommender. A Product Recommender is a great way to increase sales because it turns mediocre gift-givers into confident buyers.   

If you are looking into having Mother’s Day ads as well, advertise your Product Recommender on Google Ads. That’s a great way to get more visibility.   

Pro Tip: Make life even easier for your customers by offering free wrapping and delivery for any Mother’s Day gift.   

interactive Mother's Day campaign : Product Recommender
Click on the image to try this Interactive Product Recommencer

6. Promote motherhood love by having a “Share the best text from your mom” Interactive Contest   

For this interactive Mother’s Day campaign, you’ll want to create an online contest to find the “best Mom text.” Participants will need to share the best text message they have received from their mom. In exchange, they will enter a draw for the possibility to win something valuable of your choice. An idea for a prize could be a day at the Spa or a giant gift basket.   

To encourage participation and interest, you could also let participants vote for the “Best mom text.”

7. Show mothers your appreciation with an Interactive Virtual Tour   

This Mother’s Day marketing idea is about creating an Interactive Virtual Tour for Moms. Think of something the moms in your audience would enjoy visiting. Of course, it would be best if it was somewhat related to your company and your product offerings. For example, a chocolate company could create a Virtual Tour of their factory. They would give free access to this tour on Mother’s Day. This would be seen as a nice gesture to show their appreciation to all moms.  

This interactive Mother’s Day marketing idea will nurture your female clientele and increase loyalty. Plus, you can offer a special discount at the end of the tour.  

Pro tip: Gate the Interactive Virtual Tour with a contact form to get new leads. 

interactive Mother's Day campaign : Interactive Virtual Tour
Not sure what an Interactive Virtual Tour looks like? Click on the image to try one!

8. Nurture the moms in your audience by inviting them to a special marketing event in their honor   

Creating a marketing event to honor moms is a fantastic idea. Firstly, because it shows them your appreciation and gratefulness. Secondly, because it’s a great way to promote your best products to them.   

Hire your best caterer, make sure the cocktails are on point, and find a reliable DJ. Create a magical event where moms can have fun. Make sure you include lots of stands where participants can try your products. Give free samples and professional help to boost sales and gain customer loyalty. You could also think about organizing a hybrid event to allow online participation as well.  

Pro Tip: Use interactive experiences to promote your event.   

9. Make moms happy by offering them Hourly Surprises on Mother’s Day   

Think about an Hourly Surprises experience as an interactive online event on Mother’s Day. During the event, every hour of the day, your customers can unlock new surprises. The surprises can be discounts, free participation in a contest, free samples, and so on.   

Start planning this event by researching what products are the most appealing to the moms in your clientele. Then, create different surprises involving these products or services.   

This is a good and interactive Mother’s Day campaign to generate new leads and grow your email list.   

Interactive Mother's Day Campaign: Hourly Surprises
Click on the image to try an Hourly Surprise Campaign!

Ready to implement your next interactive Mother’s Day campaign yet?  

We hope you find this blog post insightful and that you have tons of new ideas for your next interactive Mother’s Day campaign. Keep in mind that your campaign should be original and as interactive as possible. Because, as you probably know, interactivity is the future of digital marketing.  

If you need help making your future campaigns interactive, don’t hesitate to use our Interactive Content platform with more than 19 types of Interactive Content.  

You can turn any of the Mother’s Day marketing ideas from this blog post into your unique campaign. You can do so by creating a free account, picking a template, and customizing the design to match your brand!

This blog post was updated by Ivanina Topuzova on March 25th, 2023.

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