12 Epic Interactive Halloween marketing campaigns to surprise your customers14 min read

12 Epic Interactive Halloween Marketing Campaigns to surprise your customers

Halloween is extremely popular in the United States, where people spend billions of dollars on decorations, food, and costumes. Nonetheless, other places, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and a growing number of European countries, celebrate it too.  

Here comes an important question for all fellow marketers – are your Interactive Halloween Marketing campaigns ready? Halloween is on the 31st of October, but people start thinking about costumes, broomsticks, and witches long before that. In fact, quick research on Google Trends shows that consumers have this special day in mind as early as late August.  

A quick research on Google trends show that people start thinking about Halloween in August

With increasing pressure from competitors, your company needs to innovate to give a great time to your audience. The season of tricks or treats allows you to unfold your creativity and create memorable experiences. In general, holidays create the perfect opportunity to enhance your seasonal marketing.   

Many buyers will search online before purchasing. Therefore, companies need to adapt and focus on online campaigns. That’s why it is a fantastic idea for marketers to come up with Interactive Halloween Marketing Campaigns this year.  

This blog post has twelve interactive Halloween marketing ideas that will help you boost sales in October.  

12 Examples of Interactive Halloween Marketing Campaigns 

One sure thing to keep in mind is that gamification in marketing should be at the core of any Halloween advertising campaign you design. Furthermore, Halloween is a fun holiday with trick-or-treats, haunted houses, and costume parties. So, when you build a Halloween Interactive Experience, making use of spooky elements like witches and skeletons will entertain your audience.  

Below, I’ll present 12 examples of fun and gamified Interactive Halloween Marketing Campaigns. 

1.  Spin & Quiz  

Spin & Quiz is an easy-to-implement and highly engaging mini- audience game. To participate, visitors will have to enter their email addresses, and then they can spin the wheel. The wheel will land on a random category. Then, the participant needs to answer a question related to that category. If players get a certain minimum of the answers right, they get a chance to win a prize.   

Of course, you’ll need to create a Halloween-themed Spin & Quiz. Therefore, the experience’s overall design should contain Halloween elements such as vampires, pumpkins, and ghosts. Moreover, the quiz questions can also be related to Halloween to make it even more fun for your users. 

Spin&Quiz game for your Halloween marketing by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Spin & Quiz

2. Maze Quest 

In a Maze Quest, participants will need to find the right path to the treasure to get a chance to win a prize. They can find the treasure by unlocking different keys in the maze. Every time they’ll want to unlock a key, they’ll have to click on it and answer a question. If they answer wrong, they will not be able to open the path. In that case, they can click on the key again to get a new question or click on another key, if possible. There is a maximum of 6 mistakes allowed. In addition, players have only 120 seconds to solve the maze.   

This is one of the most charming Interactive Halloween Marketing campaigns because it’s highly engaging and contains two different games in one: a quiz and a maze. Again, you can choose quiz questions that are related to Halloween. However, you can also ask questions related to your company if you want to take this opportunity to educate your audience on your values, mission, or vision. 

Maze Quest Game for your Halloween marketing by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Maze Quest

3. Slot Machine Game 

In a Slot Machine Game, the participants simply must hit the “Play” button. Then, they win a prize if they land on a winning combination. This Halloween marketing campaign is less complex than other Marketing Games. The interactions are limited to clicking on a single button.  

However, it’s one of the easiest Halloween Interactive Games to implement. All you need are four different images for the slot machine, a background image, and your logo. 

Spin&Win Game for your Halloween promotion by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Slot Machine Game

4. Memory Card Game 

A Memory Card Game is a well-known activity that can make a great Halloween marketing idea to boost sales in October. In a Memory Game, you have different cards facing down. On each turn, your visitors turn over two cards and keep them if they are the same. If not, they need to memorize the cards and try again. The game’s goal is to collect the most pairs of cards.  

Again, you’ll want to create a Halloween Memory Card game. So, you can have different Halloween images under each card, such as pumpkins, witches, monsters, and skeletons.  

Memory Card Game for your Halloween promotion by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Memory Card Game

5. Hit the Pumpkins Game 

In this Halloween marketing campaign, the goal of your participants is to collect 10 points in less than 15 seconds. The participants have to click on all the good pumpkins as quickly as possible to collect points. At the same time, they should avoid tapping on a bad pumpkin, or they will lose a point.   

This is a great interactive Halloween game for increasing brand awareness in November. More importantly, you can ask your audience to compare and share their score with family and friends to increase your reach.  

Hit the Pumpkins Game for your Halloween advertising by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Hit the Pumpkin Game

6. Spot the Difference Game 

In a Spot the Difference Game, participants study two highly similar pictures. They’ll have to spot the differences between the two images. Of course, you’ll want to have Halloween-themed pictures. If a participant succeeds in finding all the differences, they get the chance to participate in a contest by filling out a lead form.  

This Interactive Experience has two main benefits. Firstly, you can take this opportunity to promote a new product in the pictures. Secondly, you can grow your email list with the contest

Spot the Difference Game for your Halloween advertising by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Spot the Difference Game

7. Wheel of Fortune 

Similarly to a Slot Machine, a Wheel of Fortune is one of the most effortless Interactive Halloween Marketing campaigns to implement. You simply need to design a Halloween-themed wheel and voilà, you have a spooktacular Interactive Experience.  

The number of interactions in this experience is relatively low. That’s why it is important to provide tempting prizes to encourage participation and grow your email list. Keep in mind, if you give discounts as prizes, you will boost your sales.  

Wheel of Fortune Game for your Halloween marketing campaign by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Spin & Win Game

8. Puzzle 

Puzzles are quite fun for your participants, and they are also easy to implement. It’s just an image that you divide into different sections to create the puzzle pieces. Again, you’ll want to make sure to choose a Halloween-themed image. If the participant can solve the puzzle under the time limit, the solved puzzle image becomes a scratch card that participants can scratch reveal a prize. 

With this Interactive Halloween Marketing campaign, you can promote a product in the puzzle image, grow your email list by gating the experience with a lead form and influence your brand image positively with a joyful experience. 

Puzzle Game for your Halloween marketing campaign by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Puzzle

9. Hourly Surprises experience 

Another mind-blowing Interactive Experience to have next Halloween is an Hourly Surprises experience. With Hourly Surprises, your audience can unlock different prizes or discounts throughout the day on the 31st of October. You can also add gamification elements to your Hourly Surprises experience to engage your audience even more. For example, you could add a Scratch & Win Game under each lock.  

While this experience is a bit more complex to implement than the games we have introduced so far, the benefits are worth it. Your audience will return to your website a couple of times in the day to unlock different doors. Thus, you increase brand awareness. In addition, you succeed in growing your email list and positively influence your brand image with this innovative and exceptional experience. Finally, by having different offers and discounts and website visits throughout the day, you boost your sales. It’s an all-in-one Interactive Halloween Marketing campaign. 

Hourly Surprises experience for your Halloween marketing campaign by Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Black Friday Hourly Surprises experience

10. Interactive Halloween Posts

Social media is one of the best places to connect with your customers. Facebook, Instagram, and other channels often serve as a bridge between your followers and your website. Therefore, creating entertaining Interactive Halloween posts can significantly boost your online presence.  

Let’s explore some examples that will get your audience in a festive mood. Interactive social media posts can be anything from sharing your spooky Interactive Experiences to running a User-Generated Halloween contest on Instagram. The main goal of creating these posts is to activate your followers and encourage interaction.  

Here is our list of ideas for your social media Halloween interactive posts:  

  • Polls. Interact with your audience by asking relevant questions.  
  • Tag-a-friend post. Encourage your followers to mention the people they want to spend Halloween with.  
  • Discount posts. Offer special discounts to the people who comment on your Halloween posts.  
  • Contests and giveaways. Running a giveaway with your Halloween-related items will increase your reach on social media in October.  
  • Link to your spooky Halloween Interactive Experience. Do you have any of the previously mentioned Marketing Games on your website? Do yourself a favor and share it on social media so that more people can access and enjoy it! 
  • User-generated contest. See the section below! 

11. User-generated Halloween content

Let’s have a closer look at one of the most engaging interactive Halloween posts you can create. Running a user-generated contest on social media will help you attract more followers and customers.  

Throughout October, you can encourage your audience to share their best Halloween photo with a unique hashtag. Then, you can pre-select the best pictures and let people vote for the best one. The result of this campaign will be increased brand awareness.

User generated contest for Halloween by Dot.vu
Check out this User-generated contest experience created on the Dot.vu platform

12. Personality Test: Find the best costume for you  

Finally, you could create a Halloween-themed personality quiz. Every Halloween, it’s hard for most to find out what they should dress in. So, as a company, you could help your audience to choose their next Halloween costume by giving them ideas based on their personality.   

In other words, participants will answer a couple of questions, and then they will be presented with costume ideas that fit their personalities. If you are a clothes retailer, a great idea could also be to suggest products to help customers make their own costumes. For example, if you advise a participant to dress as a witch, you could promote different black dresses that could be used for that. Thus, boosting your sales. 

Personality Test for Halloween marketing: promote your clothes with Dot.vu
Click on the image to try this Personality Test

Start creating epic Halloween marketing campaigns today! 

Halloween will be here before you know it! Make a difference this year by creating unparalleled Interactive Halloween marketing campaigns.  

Some of the Interactive Experiences in this blog post are easy to design and implement, while others require more time and special skills. So, when choosing which one you’d like to make, consider your resources.  

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content platform with a variety of gamification templates you can customize for your Halloween promotional campaign. Create a free account to work with any template from our marketplace. Nothing can stop you from creating a stunning Halloween experience that engages!

*This blog article was updated by Ivanina Topuzova on August 22th, 2022.

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