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Event brochures can successfully promote and generate hype and excitement about your event if it is well-designed and contains the proper content. They are also a great influence as a significant 65% of consumers have made purchases influenced by brochures they received, which shows how effectively they influence consumer behaviour. This means how your brochure is designed and what you put on your brochure is important.  

So, what content should you include in your event brochure to ensure success? Keep reading to find out! 

This article will help you uncover: 

An online event brochure is a virtual document that promotes an event and contains important details about it. It is used to inform audiences on what the event is about, and when and where it will be held. Moreover, it is perfect for promoting any kind of event, whether a music festival, sports event, or a trade show. Additionally, it also includes an itinerary, so attendees know what to expect and what activities will be carried out.  

Brochures have been a marketing tool that helps brands communicate with their customers. Traditionally, they were disseminated as print but now in the digital era, they can be shared online as a PDF or published as an Interactive Flipbook. An Interactive Flipbook is content that audiences can actively interact and engage with instead of passively reading. It is essentially Interactive Content that contains Interactive Experiences such as Marketing Games, Interactive Videos, Quizzes, Popups, and Guided Selling.  

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Now that we understand what an event brochure is, let us uncover what to include in a brochure. 

Add an attention-grabbing headline

You want to capture attention towards your event and drive footfall, that is why you should write an attractive headline. Depending on what type of event you are hosting, write something that summarizes the event, which is fun, interesting, and catches their attention. Additionally, make sure to keep it concise, no more than 10 to 12 words.  

Include eye-catching cover and visuals

The main cover of your event brochure should stand out instantly and pique the interest of potential eventgoers. Moreover, it should have key visuals or elements that relate to your event and colors that match the theme and branding. An event brochure reflects your brand, if it is well designed and put together people will positively associate your brand with quality and trust that your event is well organized. On the other hand, a poorly designed brochure can reflect badly on your brand and event, it would make you appear unprofessional. It is also important that you fill your event brochure with visuals that are aesthetically pleasing and that best describe the vibe of your event.  

List important event details 

The next event brochure content you should remember is important details about the event. Details you should include are: 

  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Venue or Location 
  • Organizer details and logo 
  • Sponsors (if there are any)  

These details will help your potential attendees know when and where your event will be held and discover general information about it.  

Have an itinerary or event program 

Another event brochure content you should have inside your brochure is an itinerary and event program table or list. This information gives your eventgoers an idea of what will happen at the event from start to finish. Additionally, it lets them know what to expect and what activities will happen. You can either create a table or list for your itinerary depending on what is suitable and add timings for each activity.  

Include a map of your event location

What you can also add to your brochure is a map. A map allows attendees to locate your event. It gives them a visual idea of where it will be, which makes it easier for them to find you. You can include recognizable landmarks, where they can park, and if there is special access and entries for those who have disabilities. Adding a map is a beneficial event brochure content for attendees.  

Add Interactive Content

An interesting event brochure content you can include is Interactive Content. Interactive Content helps captivate and engage your audiences, and it is exciting. It can also help you generate excitement and raise awareness of your event. Moreover, potential customers can actively participate in your event brochure instead of passively receiving information.  

There are many Interactive Experiences you can add to your event brochure such as: 

  • Interactive Quizzes 
  • Interactive Popups 
  • Interactive Videos 
  • Marketing Games 
  • Guided Selling  
  • Online Advent Calendars  
  • Personality Tests 
  • Interactive Virtual Tours. 

And more exciting experiences.  

Interactive Virtual Tours are great if you are creating a virtual event. You can also add other exciting elements to your event brochure, such as hotspots that reveal more information when clicked. Moreover, you can also gate the contents in your brochure by adding a lead form. This way you can grow your email list or collect contact information for your event. By implementing gated content best practices, you can skyrocket your lead generation. Implementing interactive event ideas to your event can help you be memorable to attendees and encourage them to stay longer and interact with you.  

Include contact details and CTA  

It is important to have your contact details and a call-to-action in your event brochure content. Having your contact details in your brochure allows potential attendees to contact you for more information. You can include contact details such as telephone number, email address, and your social media accounts. In addition, adding a call-to-action allows potential customers to take the next step after encountering your brochure. Ask yourself what action you want them to take. 

  • Do you want them to follow your social media to stay updated on the latest news about your event? 
  • Do you want them to purchase tickets to the event?  
  • Do you want them to subscribe to your email list for special access to the event? 

Depending on what you would like them to do, write a suitable call to action.  

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Need some convincing on why you should create an interactive event brochure, here are some of its benefits: 

  • It is more cost-effective compared to print. Printing a physical brochure is more expensive compared to publishing online. 
  • It helps you reach a wider audience. By publishing your event brochure online, you can reach potential event attendees unlike physically distributing it, which could be a hit or miss of your target audience.   
  • It is easy to distribute. It is much easier to share your event details and brochure if it is published online compared to if it is printed.  
  • It can boost your engagement with Interactive Experiences. When you create a digital brochure for your event, you can add these experiences which are highly engaging for audiences.  
  • It allows you to captivate your audience and promote your event in an exciting way. Potential eventgoers can learn more about your event by interacting with Interactive Experiences such as Interactive Quizzes.  
  • It allows you to analyze and track interactions with your event brochure. With this information, you can gain insights and act on them. 

Need an example of creating your event brochure? Take a look at this event brochure template. 

Event Festival Guide template

event festival guide Interactive Flipbook by

This Event Festival Guide template is perfect if you are an event organizer or if you are managing and throwing an event for your brand. It is wonderfully designed in a classy black-and-white style to support your event information and draw attention to the details. Use this template to promote your event and to guide and advise attendees. Moreover, you can also entertain your potential attendees by adding Interactive Experiences. Additionally, it has all the necessary layouts for your event and is fully customizable so you can add your own event information.  

An event brochure helps you generate awareness and attention towards your program. It also provides your eventgoers with more details on it. Because an event brochure is a great marketing tool, it is important to plan out its content properly. With the right content in your brochure, audiences can learn more about your event.  

Moreover, adding Interactive Content can make your event brochure more exciting. With our Interactive Content tool, you can create Interactive Content that is fun and engaging for your audience. Promote your event in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd and captivates attention. Create your free account today with us and access customizable templates to create your event brochure.  

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