How to automate super-targeted emails with Dot & MailChimp

Dot is very proud to announce that our Interactive Content Marketing Platform is now integrated with MailChimp – the world’s leading email marketing platform. So now, all the opt-ins and leads you generate with your quizzes, assessments, interactive videos or contests created using Dot can be fed automatically into your MailChimp account.

In this blog post, we will show you how to become a lead-generating machine and start automating super-targeted emails.

First and foremost, what’s the value of combining interactive content with email automation? We’ve illustrated the concept with an example:


This example illustrates how to use Interactive Content to Automate Emails - using Dot and MailChimp.
This example illustrates how to use Interactive Content to Automate Emails – using Dot and MailChimp.

The concept is simple:

  1. Use Interactive Content to engage your audience, capture leads (with contact info.) and strategically mine data that could be used for segmenting.
  2. Create segmented ‘Lists’ on MailChimp and feed leads generated with your Interactive Content directly into those segmented lists.
  3. Use ‘Workflows’ on MailChimp to automate emails to those segmented lists.

Here are some useful tips to help you get started:

How to generate leads with Interactive Content

The great thing about formats like quizzes and assessments is that they offer immediate, real-time feedback of a score, advice or personalized solution. Marketers can use this to their advantage and gate content strategically to generate leads.

Here are a few different ways to generate leads and opt-ins:

  • Help your audience uncover their needs, pains or gaps with this assessment. Offer them high-value custom advice for their specific situation in exchange for basic contact information.High gate at the start of the assessment: Place your lead-gen form with a maximum of input fields at the very start before your users begin answering questions. This is only to be used if your content and analysis is of high value. If you’re using a quiz contest to generate leads, make sure your prize / give-away if of high value. Click here to view this template.


quiz template with lead-gen form

  • Low gate at the start of the assessment: Like the option above, but with a lower gate of 2-4 input fields. Again, the trick is to make sure that you are balancing the value you offer (content or give-away) with what your audience is paying (amount of required contact information). Click here to view this template.


  • Quiz Template - Challenge your audience to a test in which the results include a score and detailed feedback for each question. Grow your email list by gating the results with an opt-in form.Gate the results: Keep your questionnaire open – let people answer all the questions without requiring them to fill out anything – but gate the results. In other words, require your users to fill out a lead-gen form (high gate or low – you take the call depending on the offered value of the result) to access their results. Click here to preview this template.


  • A quiz with a lead-gen form to reveal full analysis‘Unlock full analysis’ gate: This is sneaky stuff. You only show the most basic part of the result and require the user to fill in their details to ‘unlock’ the full analysis. Click here to view this example.



  • personality quiz with an opt in form before resultsOpt-in before results: With this tactic, you’re not making it mandatory to fill out any form, but suggesting it before the results are revealed to the user. Here, you point out the value of subscribing to your newsletter / blog and encourage people to fill it with a highlighted CTA – and make the ‘skip this’ button less attractive. Click here to see this example.


  • personality test with contest opt-in Opt-in along with results: This is a less intrusive experience for the user, where you place an opt-in form just below or to the side of the results.

Click here to see this example. 


How to feed leads into MailChimp

You can have your leads added automatically to your various MailChimp email Lists. Here are ways to use this feature:

  • Automate super-targetted emails: as explained above.
  • Automate general (non-targetted emails): This for those of you who just want to send immediate emails to new leads – when they finish submitting a lead-gen or opt-in form.
  • Send email alerts to your sales team: Automatically send new leads directly to your sales team – as they are created. You can even create Workflows that sort leads and send the right ones to the right sales representative – depending on segments, locations and more.
  • Keep your email Lists updated: Feed all your leads automatically into your MailChimp Lists and send out your campaigns at a later date.

Watch this video to learn how to integrate Dot with Mailchimp and start feeding leads into your email lists.

How to automate emails using MailChimp

With MailChimp’s Automation workflows, you can easily create and track trigger-based emails that automatically send emails to your subscribers. Using this feature you can decide what triggers an automated email, when it should be sent, to which segment and so on. There are loads of possibilities with MailChimp’s automation feature, which you can read more about here.

Conclusion: Combine two affordable technologies – Interactive Content Marketing Technology ( and Email Automation Technology (MailChimp) for marketing that is much more targeted to match individual needs. Use Interactive Content like quizzes, assessments, interactive videos or contests to capture leads and segmentation data, then automate targeted emails per segment.


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