Interactive Calculator: 6 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience

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Interactive content isn’t just a great way to entertain your customers. In fact, 66% of marketers say that using interactive content led to greater audience engagement. This is one reason why many marketers are seeing the value of using an interactive calculator to reach customers and get them to keep coming back!

Interactive calculators not only attract customers to your site, but they also encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer to help increase sales. However, what are interactive calculators and which ones would benefit your company? 

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to help you customers while giving them an enjoyable experience on your site? Have you considered using interactive content to give your customers more of what they need?  

What is an Interactive Calculator? 

An interactive calculator is an online tool that requires buyers to insert data into a form in order to get an instant, calculated answer. These answers will help them turn a pain into a gain and is calculated based on a custom formula defined by you. They may be searching for help with buying a house, creating a budget, losing weight, etc. 

Interactive calculators are very helpful for customers who are looking for quick answers to their problems. These customers have decisions to make and are looking to other companies to make their lives easier. Also, in recent trends, you can see that interactive content as a whole is growing in popularity. In fact, interactive calculators are widely used within the Software as a Service industry, which itself is predicted to generate $141 billion in 2022. Using interactive content like an interactive calculator can be just what your SaaS marketing strategy needs to set your company apart from the rest. 

6 Types of Interactive Calculators 

Companies from a variety of different industries can find ways to incorporate marketing calculators onto their websites. These tools are great at boosting engagement and lead generation. Much like with other interactive content, marketers see the benefits of using interactive calculators. They realize that the interactive experiences they create by using an interactive calculator match with the needs of their customers. 

When looking to see if interactive calculators will work for your marketing strategy, have a look at these 6 examples. They are great suggestions for turning static visitors to your website into engaged buyers! 

1) ROI Interactive Calculator 

You can help your customers feel more at ease with their decisions by using a return of investment (ROI) Calculator. For example, customers calculate the amount of time, money or work that is needed in order to produce a specific outcome. Will what they invest in your company pay off for them in the end? Help customers make more educated decisions with an interactive calculator. These tools can factor the ROI of anything from financial matters to health-related topics.  Learn more about the benefits to using ROI Calculators on! 

2) Service Pricing Calculator 

Highlight your company’s services with a Service Pricing Calculator. Show customers what you have to offer. Specifically, you should include all the details they will need in order to choose which service is best for them. This type of interactive calculator can help convert visitors into paying customers. This is because it offers quick and easy choices to those with problems to solve and provides a clear path to the checkout.  

Interactive Service Calculator, interactive content, interactive experience
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3) Product Finder with Cost Calculator 

Guide customers to the perfect product with the Product Finder with Cost Calculator. Within this type of interactive content, customers can not only find the product that will fulfill their needs, but they will also be able to calculate the cost-per-use of the item. Show your customers how your products can prove to be valuable and cost-effective, buy choices. 

4) Savings Calculator 

Interactive savings calculators are great tools to help your customers calculate their savings. By filling in forms with various elements such as monthly contributions, interest and years, your customers can determine if they will have enough money to make a future purchase based on their current saving habits. A savings and/or budget calculator will show your customers how your service is the cost-effective solution to help them reach their financial planning goals. 

interactive savings calculator, mortgage calculator, budget calculator, interactive content
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5) Fitness Calculator 

Your customers may be looking for guidance in leading a healthier lifestyle. You can help them by incorporating a health and wellness calculator onto your website. This interactive calculator allows customers to answer questions based on their personal habits and gives them a personalized result. Showcase how your products and services can give customers added value in your call-to-action at the end of the experience to guide them to your web shop. 

6) Love or Friendship Calculator 

Entertain your customers with a love or friendship calculator. These interactive calculators can be a big hit for your next Valentine’s Day or friendship campaign. Customers will fill in various forms with their information and that of a friend or a loved one to calculate compatibility scores. On the result page, you can post information about your products or services that are relevant to the experience. This is a great way to showcase your offerings and create a need for your products and services within your customers.  

 online love compatibility generator
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Benefits to Marketing with using an Interactive Calculator 

Finding new ways to attract and retain customers on your platforms is the constant job of the marketer. However, you can get an advantage over the competition if you are focusing on giving customers enjoyable experiences. Bringing value to a customer isn’t something they often forget and will help you build relationships with customers. Using an interactive calculator can give customers the value the seek, but it can also give your company many benefits. 

Boost lead generation 

Insert a lead form at the beginning or ending of your interactive calculator to convert more visitors into leads. Customers are more likely to give their personal data if it is in exchange for something they value. By gating the end of your content with a lead form, you can generate leads. Specifically, customers may need to give their information in order to unlock the results of the calculator at the end of the experience. 

Enhance your email marketing strategy 

The important data that you receive from lead forms can help you in reaching your customers later in your marketing strategy. This data allows you to promote your products and services in email newsletters to those who may find them relevant.  

Increase traffic 

By helping your customers make a decision or answer a question, you can encourage more people to visit your website. This will lead to them learning more about your company and gaining interest in your products.

Empower Sales 

Interactive calculators are great at improving sales and ROI. Interactive calculators show customers real-life situations in which your products or services can solve their problems and fulfill their needs. Customers like buying from companies that are helpful. 

Are you ready to see how an Interactive Calculator can bring value to your company? 

Overall, interactive content has many benefits and examples that will work with a variety of marketing campaigns. It is the task of the marketer to determine which type would be best to reach and offer value to customers. For many industries, interactive calculators are a fantastic choice for companies. These tools set companies apart from the competition while creating memorable experience for customers in the meantime.  

Visit to see the many templates for interactive calculators and get inspired. Also, you can learn more about how to create your own with’s informative blog posts. Check out the one about the 9 Easy Steps to Creating an Interactive Calculator.  

If you would like more inspiration on which type of interactive content would be best for your company, see all the great examples in’s marketplace. Also, you can request a demo if you would like more help in the process. Let us show you how can work for you! 

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