14 Successful ways to increase brand engagement (with examples)14 min read

14 Successful ways to increase brand engagement (with examples) Blog post by Dot.vu

There are many ways to increase brand engagement. Establishing a connection between a brand and its audience goes beyond mere recognition; it involves fostering active participation. This shift from passive awareness to engagement is crucial for a brand’s success. Now is the perfect time to explore creative strategies that transcend traditional marketing approaches and elevate brand engagement to new heights. It’s worth noting that fully engaged customers spend 23% more over their lifetime than the average customer.   

Table of contents: 

Importance of brand engagement

1. Building brand loyalty 

Brand loyalty is the bedrock of customer retention, and fostering engagement is key to achieving it. By strategically engaging with customers, businesses can create a sense of belonging and commitment, transforming one-time buyers into loyal patrons. This emotional connection goes beyond transactions, establishing a lasting bond between the brand and its audience. 

2. Fostering emotional connections  

Emotion is a powerful driver in consumer decision-making. Creative brand engagement strategies that evoke positive emotions can leave a lasting impact on customers. Whether through storytelling, personalized experiences, or Interactive Content, businesses can create emotional connections that resonate with their audience and build a sense of attachment. 

3. Enhancing customer experience 

A thoughtful brand engagement strategy enhances the overall customer experience. From the initial interaction to the point of purchase and beyond, each touchpoint becomes an opportunity to captivate the audience. By seamlessly integrating engagement into every step of the customer journey, businesses can elevate the overall experience and create satisfied, loyal customers. 

4. Impact on long-term brand success 

Long-term success requires sustained customer engagement. Implementing creative strategies positions a brand for continued growth and relevance. By consistently engaging with the audience, businesses can adapt to evolving market trends, stay top-of-mind, and build a solid foundation for future success. 

5. Interactive Content for brand engagement 

Interactive content acts as a game-changer for engagement, turning the whole experience into a lively conversation rather than a one-sided interaction. It’s like inviting your audience to a virtual playground where they can actively join in, play games, take quizzes, and even have Interactive Conversations. 

Picture your audience not just as spectators, but as participants who shape the experience. Whether it’s a fun quiz that sparks aha moments or a game that adds an element of playfulness, Interactive Content makes your brand memorable in a way that traditional approaches simply can’t. It’s about creating moments that stick, turning your brand into more than just a name—they become part of the experience. 

This kind of hands-on approach builds a stronger connection, fostering loyalty as your audience feels genuinely valued and heard. It’s not just marketing; it’s about creating meaningful connections that resonate with today’s audience. 

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Brand awareness vs. brand engagement

Consider brand awareness as the starting point—a bit like people knowing your brand or having heard about it. It’s like being on the map; people recognize the name or logo. 

Now, let’s talk about engagement. Imagine you’re throwing a party. Brand engagement is getting people not just to RSVP but to actually show up, mingle, and have a good time. It’s like turning heads into hands-on experiences. 

So, while it’s great that folks recognize your brand, the real magic happens when they actively engage. This means they’re not just aware; they’re spending time on your website, chatting on social media, or exploring your store. It’s the difference between knowing a friend’s name and actually hanging out with them. 

Understanding this difference is key for a well-rounded marketing plan. Think of brand awareness as the introduction, and brand engagement as the ongoing conversation. You want both—like a good party needs invitations and lively guests. Balancing them creates a strategy that not only grabs attention but also keeps the interest alive, turning one-time glances into long-term connections. 

14 Creative ways to increase brand engagement

1. Building a community 

To boost brand engagement, one effective strategy is to establish a thriving online community. Think of it as creating a virtual space where your audience not only connects with your brand but also with each other. This community becomes a hub for discussions, sharing experiences, and building a sense of belonging. By fostering this online approach, you transform your brand from a mere product or service into a shared experience that people actively participate in. 

2. Event marketing 

Event marketing presents another powerful avenue for enhancing brand engagement. By organizing or participating in events, whether virtual or in-person, you create dynamic opportunities for direct interaction. Attendees get to experience your brand in action, ask questions, and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere you provide. Events generate a buzz that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a deeper connection with your brand. 

3. Social Media 

Maintaining an active presence on social media is a dynamic way to keep the engagement momentum going. It’s not just about posting content but actively participating in ongoing conversations. Responding to comments, asking questions, and sharing user-generated content all contribute to a vibrant social media presence. This active engagement turns your social platforms into lively spaces where your audience feels heard, valued, and eager to stay connected. Social media, when approached with genuine interaction in mind, becomes a powerful tool for building a community around your brand. 

4. Marketing Games 

Incorporating gamification into brand engagement strategies adds an element of playfulness. By turning interactions into a game, you can make the brand experience enjoyable and memorable. For example, if your brand creates a Marketing Game, visitors engage with your brand directly with consequently results in your audience associating your brand with fun and rewards. 

Marketing Games to increase brand engagement

5. Online Contests 

Running Online Contests is a dynamic strategy to boost customer engagement. By creating excitement and encouraging user participation, businesses can tap into the creativity of their audience. For example, having a selfie contest can encourage customers to take creative selfies which will not only put your brand out there for people to see but ultimately increase your brand engagement. Tapping into the competitive spirit in human nature can foster a sense of community and enthusiasm around your brand. 

Online Contests to increase brand engagement

6. Interactive Quizzes

Implementing Interactive Quizzes is a strategic way to engage users. By tailoring quizzes to reflect the brand’s personality and values, you can create an Interactive Experience that resonates with your audience. For example, you can create an Interactive Quiz based on your products and services. And why not add a twist to it? Make it a gamified quiz about your brand/products! This not only educates customers about your brand and products but also encourages active participation.


Interactive Quizzes to increase brand engagement

7. User Generated Content (UGC) 

Social Interactive Content that encourages user-generated content contributes to increased brand engagement. For instance, when customers become active participants in creating and sharing content, they not only strengthen their connection with your brand but also become advocates. This organic promotion can help you to build a community around your brand thus increasing your brand engagement. 

User Generated Content to increase brand engagement

8. Interactive Conversations 

Interactive Conversations take things to the next level compared to traditional chatbots. These conversations go beyond simple text and include voices, images, animations, and videos. This means you can connect with your customers in a more dynamic and personalized way. Not only does it provide a cost-effective means to interact with customers 24/7, but it also gives you the power to shape the tone of the conversation, radiating friendliness, expertise, and reliability to bolster your brand image. When customers engage in an Interactive Conversation, it’s almost as if they’re having a face-to-face conversation. Having an Interactive Conversation part of your marketing strategy offers a valuable window into your potential customers’ preferences, challenges, and how you can genuinely support them. 

Try out this Interactive Conversation to get a feel for it! 

Take Dot.vu’s client for example, Callebaut, a renowned chocolate manufacturer, created an Interactive Conversation to teach professionals and semi-professionals how to temper their chocolate.   

Dot.vu Client Interactive Conversation to increase brand engagement

As a part of the new Callebaut Chocolate School initiative, Callebaut decided to launch an Interactive Conversation to take their customers through the process step by step. The conversation allowed visitors to choose between different methods, depending on their preference.  

9. Guided Selling

Incorporating Guided Selling into your brand engagement strategy enhances the shopping experience. By providing personalized recommendations and guidance, you can assist customers in making informed choices. You can have this experience even as a landing page to make the experience more memorable when a new visitor views your landing page. This method, one of the best ecommerce practices, not only increases customer satisfaction but also deepens the connection between your brand and your audience.  

Guided Selling to increase brand engagement

10. Product Recommender 

Everybody needs help picking a product occasionally, especially when there’s an overwhelming range of selections. Having personalized suggestions based on customer preferences can enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Product Recommenders is a tailored approach that not only increases the likelihood of conversions but also strengthens the customer’s relationship with the brand. Not only that, but customers will also remember your brand as the one who helped them find the perfect product for their needs! 

Product Recommender to increase brand engagement

11. Online Advent Calendar 

Online Advent Calendars can increase brand engagement by offering a fun and Interactive Experience for users. You can build anticipation with daily Interactive Content, discounts, or offers to keep your audience engaged. This approach not only adds a festive touch to the brand but also encourages consistent and daily interactions. With this approach, customers will see your brand as a source of excitement. It reinforces the idea that your brand is attuned to their joyous moments and actively contributes to their holiday spirit. 

Online Advent Calendar to increase brand engagement

12. Interactive Flipbooks 

Creating visually engaging and Interactive Flipbooks adds a dynamic element to brand engagement. This can be in the form of a product catalog or even a game infused within the Interactive Flipbook.  

Think of these not just as catalogs but as vibrant experiences, where each flip is a journey through your brand’s story. It’s not just a static presentation; it’s a playful blend of a product showcase and an engaging game, inviting users to immerse themselves in the unique world you’ve created within the pages. Consumers will remember that your brand didn’t settle for the ordinary; instead, your brand offered an immersive encounter that left them with a sense of connection and delight 

Interactive Flipbook to increase brand engagement

13. Interactive Popups 

Balancing creativity with a seamless user experience in Interactive Popups is crucial for enhanced brand engagement. By incorporating interactive elements that capture attention without disrupting the user experience, you can create memorable and engaging moments. These popups, especially when infused with a game, incentivize customers to become active participants.  

Consider the popup not as a mere notification but as an extension of your brand’s personality. It’s like your brand saying, “Hey, let’s make this experience uniquely yours.” This layer of interactivity doesn’t just enhance brand engagement; it becomes a conversation starter, a way for your brand to express itself in a language that goes beyond words. 

Interactive Popups to increase brand engagement

14. Seasonal Marketing Content 

Aligning brand messaging during the holiday season is a strategic way to heighten brand engagement. Think of it as decorating your brand with seasonal themes, like adorning a tree with ornaments. This isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s an invitation to join the holiday festivities. By tapping into the warmth and joy of the season, your brand becomes a source of positive emotions, resonating with customers on a personal level. 

This timely approach isn’t just about being on-trend; it’s about becoming a part of your customers’ holiday experience. Your brand doesn’t just stay relevant; it becomes intertwined with the festive memories of your audience. It’s like giving them a gift of positive emotions and a sense of shared celebration! 

Seasonal marketing campaigns to increase brand engagement

Ready to increase brand engagement?

As we reflect on the creative ways you can use to increase brand engagement, it’s evident that innovation and creativity play a pivotal role. Businesses that embrace these strategies not only stand out in a crowded market but also create a lasting connection with their audience. 

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