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Before we get into our core subject, 12 types of Interactive Content, let’s start by explaining what they are.  

You start your day procrastinating on Buzzfeed, taking their new quiz about what type of salad you are (yes, that actually exists). You eventually start working, researching, and reading Interactive Infographics for the proposal you have to present later today. Finally, you see a flight to China offer popping up on your Facebook , your dream destination. The price is not in your currency, so you quickly look up a currency converter to see how affordable the offer is. All these daily activities have one thing in common; besides grave procrastination, the content you consumed was different types of Interactive Content.  

What are the types of Interactive Content? Jump straight to your preferred section:

What is Interactive Content exactly? 

Interactive Content is content where the customer is asked to actively participate rather than passively consume it. In other words, with Interactive Content, your customer enters the story and influences the results. So, it creates an Interactive Experience for the viewer, and the content automatically becomes more memorable to him.  

Interactive Content can be anything that requires the viewers to take action. Through technology, they become a part of the story. 

Pro Tip: Read more about the concept in our blog post What is Interactive Content? 

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Why is it important to create content that is interactive? 

Because Interactive Content solves several problems digital marketers face: 

  1. People’s attention spans are short in a hyperactive online world. Interactive Content captivates users’ attention better than regular static content and keeps people’s attention for longer. 
  2. It’s harder to stand out  on the Internet now than before. Interactive Content is still relatively new and makes you stand out with engaging, personalized, and more memorable experiences
  3. It’s harder to attain people’s contact information with an opt-in form. Interactive Content plays with people’s curiosity. When you offer personalized results, people are more likely to fill in your lead form as they get an unforgettable and unique Experience out of it. 

12 amazing types of Interactive Content to boost results 

In the following sections, you can learn about 12 Interactive Content types and see 12 different Interactive Content examples.  

1. Interactive Quizzes 

An Interactive Quiz is a type of Interactive Content that is usually short and easy to take. It challenges, entertains, and engages participants, and in the end, it provides results based on their replies. An example of a quiz could be “Are you a real Harry Potter fan?’. Quizzes tend to be shareable and taggable on Social Media due to their light and often humorous content. Quizzes are also excellent to boost lead generation.  

There are different types of marketing quizzes, such as knowledge quizzes, personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, etc. You can also add a contest to your quiz to incentivize participation.  

Main benefits of Quizzes: increase awareness, boost engagement, improve lead generation  

Types of Interactive Content - Interactive Quizzes
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2. Interactive Assessments 

Assessments are great Interactive Content examples that provide personalized feedback to the users. Assessments can suggest to users how to improve specific skills, or which outcome would be best for them.  

Interactive Assessment includes questions about a specific topic, like how people work, spend their time, or test their knowledge in a field. Similar to quizzes, they are also optimal for gaining new leads and growing your email list. 

Moreover, Interactive Assessments are great to learn more about your audience. All the answers provided by potential customers throughout the Interactive Assessments can be used later on for retargeting . It helps you get to know your client’s preferences, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  

Finally, Interactive Assessments are great for B2B companies because they can help you provide background knowledge to your sales team. So, once a potential customer books a demo, your sales team is aware of what they need, their preferences, and so on. Therefore, they can tailor their sales pitch based on the answers the potential customers gave. Hence, Interactive Assessments are great Interactive Content types to increase sales.  

There are different types of assessments, such as knowledge assessments, skill assessments, educational assessments, and so on.  

Main benefits of Interactive Assessments: boost engagement, educate your audience, improve lead generation, collect valuable data, and boost sales  

Types of Interactive Content - Interactive Assessments
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3. Guided Selling  

There are many different types of Guided Selling such as Product Recommender, Solution Builders, Gift Finders, etc.  

These Interactive Content examples are the future of online shopping. For example, with a Product Recommender, you can ask users questions about their needs and preferences. Based on their replies, the Guided Selling experience will suggest products that best fit their needs. Product Recommenders work for many different industries, such as retailers, webshops, or even SaaS solutions. Product Recommenders will help you engage with your clients and boost your sales. 

Solution Builders are Interactive Content types where users will answer a series of questions about what features, components, or addons they would like to add to their custom-build solution. The Interactive Experience will then take into consideration their answers and propose a custom build service, product, or solution accordingly. 

Guided Selling experiences are great to boost sales because they help potential customers find exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, Guided Selling experiences are known to improve customer satisfaction and reduce returns.  

Main benefits of Guided Selling experiences: Uncover customer’s needs, boost engagement, boost sales, collect valuable data, and increase customer satisfaction 

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4. Interactive Videos 

In an Interactive Video, like in all other types of Interactive Content, viewers are asked to actively participate in the Interactive Experience. There are different types of Interactive Videos

For example, in a Shopping Video, viewers can click on hotspots to learn more about the products they are interested in. They can also add the products directly to their shopping baskets. In a Branching Video, viewers can decide what happens next, so they become a part of the story. An Interactive Video Quiz, on the other hand, can be used to educate your audience on a specific subject, and then quiz them at the end to boost information retention and engagement.  

The benefits of Interactive Videos highly depend on which types of Interactive Videos you are interested in. For example, Shopping Videos are amazing to boost sales, while Branching Videos are great to increase awareness and engage your audience.  

Main benefits of Interactive Videos: increase awareness, boost engagement, educate your audience, boost sales 

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5. Social Interactive Content  

Social Interactive Content is a special type of Interactive Content that is based on social sharing. The goal of these Interactive Content examples is to encourage participants to create their own Interactive Experiences and share them with their friends, family, and on social media.  

To explain it in words you are familiar with, it is extremely similar to User-Generated Content. The difference is that you create an Interactive Experience that will facilitate users and encourage them to create the content themselves.  For example, you could create a Valentine’s Day campaign where you encourage your audience to write custom letters to their loved ones.  

Social Interactive Content is one of the best Interactive Content types to increase awareness. Moreover, it’s great to engage with your audience because not only they are part of the Interactive Experience, but they design it. Finally, it’s often used to improve brand image because the content they create is meaningful for them. 

Main benefits of Social Interactive Content: increase awareness, boost engagement, and improve brand image.   

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6. Online Advent Calendars 

Did you know that Online Advent Calendars are excellent to boost your holiday sales? Yes, an Advent Calendar, just like the ones you remember from your childhood, only digital and, of course, Interactive!  

A company can design an Interactive Advent Calendar where participants can discover new Interactive Experiences such as contests, discounts, quizzes, games, and so on, each day in December. Of course, you’ll also use your Online Advent Calendar to highlight specific products or promotions. Online Advent Calendars are a great type of Interactive Content to make the most of the holiday spirit, create a buzz, and generate traffic by ensuring your clients come back every day for 24-days. Holiday Calendars are great to improve brand image because they are such fun and memorable Interactive Experiences.  

Remember, you can gate your Online Advent Calendars to grow your email list.  

Main benefits of Online Advent Calendars: increase awareness, boost Word-of-Mouth, boost engagement, improve brand image, and grow your email list.  

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7. Interactive eBooks 

Interactive eBooks bring educational content to life. Adding interactivity to your eBooks is useful when communicating more complicated or dry information because it will help the reader get through it. Moreover, Interactive eBooks are multi-device-friendly, and you can enrich eBooks by embedding Interactive Assessments, Interactive Infographics, Interactive Videos, and more. You don’t even have to download the Interactive eBook, you can read them directly online. But don’t worry, you can gate your eBook to grow your email list.  

As with all types of Interactive Content, Interactive eBooks give you insights into how readers digested your material. With the added interactivity, you receive information about which parts people read, what Interactive Infographics, charts, or videos readers engage with, and what forms they completed. A conventional eBook, on the other hand, only shows you statistics about whether the eBook was downloaded or not.  

Main benefits of Interactive eBooks: educate your audience, boost engagement, capture valuable data, and grow your email list 

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8. Marketing Games 

What’s the best way to gain people’s attention? Games. We all love to play a game to relax our minds. That’s why Marketing Games are so successful, and you should implement them in your marketing strategy today.  

There are many different types of Marketing Games. For example, you have simple games like puzzles, scratch cards, memory games, etc. They are excellent to entertain your audience on social media or your website, cutting the clutter, and differentiating yourself from competitors.  

If your goal is to grow your email list, an excellent idea would be to add a contest with a gated lead form to your Marketing Games. If you want to see unbelievable results, you can also incentivize participation with instant gratification. By making an instant-win contest, you’ll create an even stronger incentive. 

Main benefits of Marketing Games: entertain your audience Increase awareness, boost engagement, and grow your email list 

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9. Interactive Conversation 

Interactive Conversations are often compared to chatbots, but they are actually way better because they use voices, images, animations, or videos rather than only text. Using/ implementing Interactive Conversations is a cost-effective way to engage with your customers 24/7. Plus, in this type of Interactive Content, you can set the tone. You can appear friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and so on. Therefore, this is an incredible Interactive Experience type to improve your brand image.  

Moreover, Interactive Conversations are amazing tools to learn more about potential customers. What are they looking for? What are their pain points? How can you help them best? And so on. You can use this amazing Interactive Content example to narrow your sales funnel and provide your Sales Team with valuable information on the potential clients they are meeting with. Plus, you can add a lead form at the end of your Interactive Conversations to grow ow your email list, or allow them to directly book a meeting to boost conversions.  

Main benefits of Interactive Conversation: boost engagement, improve brand image, collect valuable data, grow your email list, and increase conversions.  

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10. Interactive Infographics 

You can pretty much get what Interactive Infographics are by the name of it. Indeed, they are infographics where you added interactive elements such as pop-ups, interactive graphics, quizzes, Interactive Videos, and so on. So, in the end, you have an enhanced Interactive Experience that  increases awareness and engagement.  

The interactive elements you add to your infographics depend on what types of Interactive Infographics you want to design. For example, if you want to design a timeline infographic, you could think of adding textual pop-ups to add more details without overcrowding the design.  In a How-to Infographic, also called Process Infographic, you could have pop-ups of videos to explain each step more thoroughly.  

Main benefits of Interactive Infographics: increase awareness, boost engagement, and educate your audience 

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11. Interactive Flipbooks 

Interactive Flipbooks are simply amazing. With this Interactive Content type, you can re-use your old and boring PDFs and turn them into a stunning flipbook where you can add interactive elements. 

There are many different types of Interactive Flipbooks. Depending on the type, you can decide to add as many interactive elements as you want. Adding interactive elements like animations, quizzes, videos, calculators, games, product recommenders, etc., will enhance your website visitors’ experience. They’ll be way more inclined to read your PDFs now and they will also retain the information better.  

Yet, the best feature of an Interactive Flipbook is its analytical properties. You’ll be able to learn what sections people read and what interactive elements they engage with. Therefore, you’ll be able to optimize your Interactive Flipbook. You can also gate specific sections with a lead form to grow your email list.  

Main benefits of Interactive Flipbooks: boost engagement, educate your audience, collect valuable data, grow your email list, and increase conversions 

Product catalog flipbook template by dot.vu
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12. Interactive Calculators 

Calculators are amazing types of Interactive Content to embed into your website. There are many different types of Interactive Calculators. For example, visitors can use them to calculate a specific price depending on custom preferences or the ROI of an investment. They can also use it to know how much money they’ll save by using your product or software. Or, how much weight they could lose by following your exercise and diet program.  

In other words, the utilities of Interactive Calculators are extremely versatile and depend on your needs. But, if we generalize, we can say that Interactive Calculators are great to educate your customers on their options. Moreover, they are often used to convince potential customers, so they are great for boosting sales and increasing conversions.  

Main benefits of Interactive Calculators: boost engagement, improve user experience, educate your audience, boost sales, increase conversions 

Product finder with cost calculation template by dot.vu
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Start creating Interactive Content with Dot.vu! 

Interactive Content is the future of marketing. That’s why, at Dot.vu, we worked really hard to build the most extensive and easy-to-use Interactive Content Platform with which anyone can create Interactive Experiences. No coding. No magic. 

These 12 Interactive Content examples are the main ones, but there are so many more Interactive Content ideas you can develop on Dot.vu. The sky is the limit. Explore our marketplace and create a free account to try any of the templates you like!


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