23 Stunning Interactive Flipbook examples you need to try23 min read

23 Stunning Interactive Flipbook examples you need to try

How about turning your old, static PDFs into dazzling Interactive Flipbooks? What about enabling your customers to have virtually a real-life experience by turning pages like a physical book or magazine?  

Interactive Flipbooks are the modern way to represent any PDF as an engaging Interactive Experience. With Interactive Flipbooks, which are digital and mobile-friendly, you provide engaging content and connect with your customers anytime, anywhere. You can enrich your flipbooks with various Interactive Experiences, such as polls, Quizzes, Interactive Videos, Marketing Games, and more.  

Depending on your industry, you can use many different  types of Interactive Flipbooks like eBooks, lookbooks, Interactive Magazines, and product catalogs.

Before you dive into creating your own, get inspiration from this blog post. We have gathered 23 flipbook ideas for different industries and departments: 

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23 Interactive Flipbooks examples

Any company can benefit from using Interactive Flipbooks. Let’s find out what types of industries and departments would improve performance by repurposing their static content into captivating Interactive Flipbooks! 

1. Retail industry 

Print magazines and newspapers, showcasing the latest offers and trends, are proven methods to engage consumers and increase sales. However, in today’s digitized world, every retailer should consider showing their offers not only in print but also digitally. By mixing the print and digital approach, you, as a retailer, can attract more potential customers. 

But static digital is not enough either. To meet customer demands, you should level up and go interactive.

Interactive Lookbooks can be a great retail marketing idea to give your customers an overview of your products. Moreover, you can introduce your customers to new offerings and exclusive discounts. To enhance the experience with your Interactive Lookbook, consider including interactive touchpoints, like Product Recommenders, contests, Marketing Games, or quizzes.  

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Digital magazine examples are a great inspiration for boosting sales in the retail industry. The reason is the interactions that encourage viewers to consume your content actively. Let’s have a look below. 

Click on the image to experience an example of using Interactive Flipbooks

Click on the image to experience an Interactive Lookbook

2. Hospitality industry 

Interactive Flipbooks can do wonders for improving your hospitality marketing

As companies operating in the hospitality industry heavily depend on customer satisfaction, providing engaging content is a must. Transforming restaurant static menus, travel opportunities lists, city guides, and service offers into digital flipbooks will set any organization apart from competitors. 

A Hotel City Brochure is a wonderful flipbook example that:

  • Provides 24/7 availability across different locations and devices
  • Makes it easy for you to update information in just a few clicks
  • Improves your hotel’s search engine optimization

3. Real estate industry 

Crumbling infrastructures, keeping up with home staging trends, and competition from non-traditional markets. These are some of the challenges real estate agents face nowadays. Thus, at every step of the sales funnel, real estate agents need to focus on standing out from the competition with the right real estate content

Interactive Catalogues can be one innovative way to provide your clients with the best possible experience. Moreover, you can showcase the properties in your portfolio better and help your clients make investment decisions easier. Include interactive touchpoints, such as videos, calculators, and hotspots, to give your clients detailed information. In addition, you can use polls, quizzes, and lead forms to understand their needs. In turn, it will be easier for you to find the right property for them, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.   

The Interactive Flipbook example below will save you and your client’s time. 

Interactive Flipbook example for the real estate industry

Click on the image to experience an Interactive Catalogue

4. Publishing industry 

Digital technology, the rise of the internet, smartphones, tablets, and eReaders have shifted how we read and purchase books and magazines. Furthermore, consumers’ approaches to gathering information have changed. Therefore, in the past years, the publishing industry started adopting a hybrid approach, offering books and magazines in various formats. 

One of the new approaches is creating Interactive Magazines. Interactive Magazines allow readers to engage actively with your content. For instance, hotspots feature more information on products, prices, shops, etc. Moreover, embedded videos, polls, and quizzes incentivize participation. Clicking, touching, or swiping to perform different actions, from a simple page turn to purchasing a product directly through your magazine, are new ways to boost sales. 

Interactive Flipbook example for the publishing industry

Click on the image to experience an Interactive Magazine

Another great idea is making your eBooks interactive. Interactive eBooks are types of Interactive Flipbooks that combine text, images, and video with rich interactive elements such as interactive graphics, questions, assessments, or polls. It does not require downloading, and your users can consume them on any device screen.   

The great thing about this Interactive Experience is that it helps you to go beyond the downloadable static PDF eBooks. You can create an Interactive eBook that is engaging and beautiful on all screens. It comes in handy when you are trying to better engage with your audience and collect insights about them. Also, you can help your lead generation by including a lead form in it. You can collect audience insights, and track your audience by looking at what they read, watched, clicked on, or answered in your Interactive eBook. That sounds like an awesome opportunity to me!  

Industry-wise, eBooks are quite universal as well, and there are loads of opportunities in many different industries. However, the most popular categories according to a study are mystery, romance, and science fiction so mainly consumer books. But also books with business-related subjects and different educational topics are quite popular. Imagine for one second how grand it would be to have a book full of interactive elements. Your readers would fall in love with it. 

Using an Interactive eBook software doesn’t require sophisticated technical skills and endless hours of coding. With Dot.vu, you can easily create your own eBook using customizable templates. 

5. Fashion industry  

Leveraging Interactive Flipbook software brings value to both your organization and customers. To showcase the newest trends and new clothing lines virtually sets your fashion brand apart as an innovative organization and authority in your field.  

Consider creating a Fashion Catalog with the purpose of: 

  • Accessing a global audience on multiple devices 
  • Simulating an interactive shopping experience where users can engage at their own pace  
  • Updating all new information, seasonal refreshes, and item availability in an instant  
  • Collecting data through all interactions within the flipbook  

6. Event industry  

The contemporary event industry requires building a strong online presence and harnessing the latest digital technologies. Interactive Content, and Interactive Flipbooks, in particular, are designed to help you boost your event marketing efforts. 

An Event Festival Guide is a fantastic flipbook example, suitable for: 

  • Enhancing overall attendee experience 
  • Applying real-time updates and notifications in just a few clicks, an option that is impossible with traditional print 
  • Collecting data and analytics through interaction within the flipbook 

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7. Beauty industry  

Competition in the beauty industry is extremely tough. The cosmetics market value is expected to rise to 758 billion US dollars in 2028, compared to 507 in 2018. So, how do you stand out beyond your product offering?  

Let us present you our Beauty Product Catalog, one of the most beautiful online flipbook examples that can help you stand out.  

Why it works well in this industry? 

  • Showcases products in a beautiful setting 
  • Educates consumers on how to use beauty products 
  • Enhances online shopping, especially if you enable viewers to shop directly in the flipbook 

8. Automotive industry  

Competition in the automotive industry is tough and keeps growing. In fact, expenditure on digital automotive advertising in the US will grow to $21.22 billion in 2024, paving the way for more intense competition in the global market. Creating an Interactive Flipbook can set your online content apart with a relatively low budget, saving you both time and financial resources.  

An example can be an Automotive Presentation that showcases your products and related services. Go an extra mile by adding clickable hotspots that reveal further information, and other interactive elements to keep visitors engaged.  

This flipbook example works particularly well with this industry because it: 

  • Allows for a dynamic showcase of vehicles, their features, and design  
  • Serves as a fantastic brand storytelling tool 
  • Simplifies technical information 
  • Increases audience engagement by allowing viewers to explore products and features at their own pace 
  • Can provide global reach thanks to its digital formats 

9. Interior design industry  

Demonstrating your skills in the interior design field, along with your accomplishments, is a great way to stand out. Another way is creating insightful and educational content that inspires potential customers to enhance their home or office look. By doing so, you make a difference and make them remember your brand as a trusted source of information and inspiration.  

You can create a virtual Interior Design Magazine to share interior design ideas and connect with your audience. Remember to use stunning visuals and clickable hotspots so users can find their way around and stay longer. 

We love this flipbook example because it: 

  • Promotes products and services seamlessly 
  • Serves as a valuable educational tool for potential customers 

10. Visual art and creative industries

Companies and professionals in the visual art and creative industries must be extra creative when it comes to their online content. Creating a visually stunning Photography Guide will break complex features and techniques down while engaging your audience like never before.  

Consider this flipbook example to:

  • Showcase your artistic talent and styles in a highly accessible digital format
  • Promote services and exhibitions, sparking interest through Interactive Experiences
  • Build an innovative brand

11. Jewelry  

Building an online presence is crucial for jewelry companies like yours. To increase exposure and brand awareness, you need to create high-quality online content and Interactive Experiences. A Jewelry Catalog in the form of a flipbook is a stunning way to showcase your products. Here is why it works well with your sector:  

  • Seamlessly incorporates storytelling, enabling you to communicate your brand story while making users part of the journey  
  • Improves customers experience as it allows customers to browse products on the go, be it on their laptops or mobile phones 
  • You can adapt your Jewelry Catalog for any retail holiday or event to create excitement and anticipation around your seasonal offers 

12. Restaurant industry  

With a growing demand for online content in the restaurant industry, an Interactive Flipbook can help you meet customers’ expectations for finding information virtually.  

Nowadays, most restaurants have recognized the need for a digital menu. Whether they present it on their website or social media, consumer trends in the restaurant industry show a need for a digital menu version. Consumers want to browse through the restaurant’s offerings before deciding where to dine next. 

Interactive Flipbooks allow you to turn your printed or PDF menu into an appealing online experience. Moreover, by using Guided Selling, clickable images, and videos, you can help your customers choose what to order. Other interactivities, like quizzes and polls, make their stay at your restaurant even more exciting and keep them busy while your staff prepares the orders. Finally, you can collect data through gated content to get more customer insights. To maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, consider rewarding your customers with restaurant insights, recipes, or discounts for their next visit. 

13. Parks and recreations  

Developing a parks and recreation program that communities want to attend is quite challenging. In our fast-paced lives, people have other priorities, including being active online. So, creating an Interactive Flipbook can help you reach a broader audience and showcase your projects in a stunning and engaging way.  

14. Education 

Keeping your admissions guides and course catalogs updated without the need to reprint them is the biggest advantage of flipbooks. An Online University Brochure can set your educational institution apart, attracting potential students.  

Turning your content into a virtual University Brochure is a great idea because it: 

  • Makes a good first impression on prospective students and their families 
  • Provides accurate information on your courses with the possibility to update the data quickly, which is impossible with traditional printed brochures and books 
  • Helps establish your brand as an innovative institution 
  • Saves financial resources as creating an online University Brochure is a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience 

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university brochure template by dot.vu

15. Manufactuing  

One of the biggest mistakes manufacturing companies make is not taking their marketing into the public, online space. A solid digital marketing strategy paves the way for increased visibility and brand awareness, attracting both customers and new talent.  

Here is where an Interactive Flipbook steps in. For instance, you can create a Digital Catalogue to:  

  • Showcase your products or components with clickable elements to reveal detailed specifications, descriptions, and applications  
  • Facilitate B2B transactions by making product and component discovery easy  
  • Position your organization as a leader and innovator in its field   
  • Support customer service by providing clients with all necessary information in one place 

16. Museums  

An effective museum marketing strategy can help you attract both repeat and new visitors who are unaware of upcoming exhibitions and events. Meet your customers online and create a virtual Art Museum Exhibition Guide to visualize some of the awe and beauty that visitors to the museum might experience. Consider using this flipbook example because: 

  • Compared to traditional print, an online Art Museum Exhibition Guide makes your content easily accessible to anyone across different devices 
  • Such digital format facilitates user engagement through different interactive elements  

17. Travel industry 

A company operating in the travel industry can’t survive without travel and destination storytelling in some form. Creating online Interactive Content takes you a step closer to attracting attention, converting more customers, and increasing sales. Traveling is no longer an exclusive activity; it is almost a necessity for many people. Here is where an Interactive Flipbook steps in to help you set your offerings apart.  

Consider enhancing your tourism marketing strategy with a virtual Travel Brochure which:  

  • Inspires potential travelers and create excitement around your offers 
  • Facilitates trip planning with plenty of photos, useful tips, and practical information which is accessible at any point and on any device  
  • Builds trust and credibility, as the online nature of the brochure allows you to update information in just a few clicks 
  • Reduces clutter by hiding certain information behind clickable hotspots 

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18. Food and beverage 

Although the food and beverage industry provides necessary goods to consumers, differentiating your products from the competition is challenging. Here is where engaging and Interactive Content can make a big difference.  

As a company that sells and distributes food and/ or drinks, you need to meet customers where they are now: in the digital world. Did you know that almost half of the American population does their grocery shopping online? 

You can create a Grocery Catalog to display your monthly offers and increase sales. Allows your customers to browse your products from the comfort of their homes, selecting the food and drink items they want to buy.  

You can also educate your customers with a Food Recipe Book. Enable visitors to flip through the pages of a recipe flipbook that will inspire them to cook and recreate a fantastic atmosphere in their kitchens. By doing so, you increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction.  

Another idea for beverage companies is publishing a Spirits Gift Guide to help shoppers find the right gifts in your product catalog. 

19. Healthcare

An effective healthcare marketing attracts and engages patients through online content, delivering health information and guiding them through their healthcare journey. As a competitive niche, healthcare requires engaging content formats that break out of the ordinary.

Explore the Hospice Newsletter example below, offering a blend of informative, supportive, and community-building content. It is beneficial for the healthcare industry because it:

  • Educates and informs about hospice care services virtually, allowing your audience to flip through the pages as if it were a physical newsletter
  • Offers guidance on healthcare planning through different interactive elements

20. HR department 

Not all Interactive Flipbook ideas in this blog post are for external use. Let’s see how you can use flipbooks internally.  

Educating your employees doesn’t have to be a tedious activity. In fact, you can convert your internal training materials into engaging flipbooks. You can use your existing educational documents and add different Interactive Experiences to boost information retention. For instance, you can use the following: 

  • Quizzes to test your employees’ knowledge.  
  • Marketing Games to entertain the readers.  
  • Interactive Video to increase engagement.  

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The internal Educational Flipbook below is one of the most innovative digital flipbook examples. Any employee will prefer engaging with the training materials rather than reading boring PDFS.  

Internal educational flipbook template by dot.vu
Click on the image to try the Educational Flipbook

21. Sales department  

Onboarding new employees is a crucial activity in any organization. The better the onboarding process, the more successful the company becomes. With Interactive Flipbooks, you engage your new employees fully. You can enrich your educational flipbook with several interactive touchpoints to keep readers focused.  So, your employees will go from reading text-heavy documents to actively clicking, answering questions, and playing games. In fact, gamification in training enables people to have fun and remember more while learning.  

This Sales Training Flipbook is one of the best digital flipbook examples. Every department can use it to educate and onboard their new employees. 

Sales training flipbook template by dot.vu
Click on the image to flip through the pages of this Sales Training Flipbook

22. Business development department 

An Interactive Flipbook serves as an invaluable tool for business development representatives in their efforts to drive growth. Turning a traditional business proposal into an interactive one can significantly boost your strategy.  

An online Business Proposal is a great flipbook example because it:  

  • Keeps potential clients engaged with the content 
  • Showcases your creativity as a company  
  • Provides analytics for you, allowing you to track every single interaction and understand your prospective customers better 

23. Finance and accounting department 

Adding interactivity to your annual reports is a forward-thinking approach that will help you engage stakeholders more effectively. Go beyond static and boring annual reports and level up. Here are some of the benefits:  

  • Increase accessibility regardless of stakeholders’ location or devices  
  • Achieve richer data presentation through clickable hotspots, animations, and other interactive elements 
  • Replace non-sustainable printed reports with more environmentally friendly digital annual reports  

Bonus: A Climate Report that is suitable for any industry

With the increasing consumer demand for “green products,” establishing sustainable goals is a must for most businesses. According to Deloitte, more than 70% of organizations have increased their sustainability investments in recent years. Are you one of them? Then showcase it in a stunning Climate Report! Publishing such a report is suitable for any industry, such as agriculture, energy, construction, manufacturing, real estate, water resource management, tourism, transport, logistics, healthcare, and more!  

Publishing an online Climate Report helps your business: 

  • Build transparency and trust 
  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility in a highly engaging way 
  • Educate stakeholders effectively through interactive elements 

Can you take these Interactive Flipbook examples to real life?  

Dot.vu is an Interactive Content platform that enables you to create beautiful Interactive Flipbooks without coding.  

Each digital flipbook showcased in this blog post is derived from our extensive collection of templates, all of which are ready for customization. We provide you with the flexibility to tailor any template to meet the unique demands of your industry, enabling you to infuse interactive experiences that captivate and engage your audience.

You can discover more concepts in our Interactive Flipbook collection:

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Ready to implement these Interactive Flipbooks examples in your industry? 

Interactive Flipbooks offer boundless creative opportunities, from aesthetic design to functional innovation. Transform your vision into unique, captivating experiences for your audience with our flipbook software. Eager to delve deeper into the world of Interactive Flipbooks and discover their benefits?

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