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Improve you social media strategy with interactive content

Companies nowadays aim to build a strong presence on popular social media channels. Being active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is an effective way to target audiences and interact with customers. Have you been struggling with your organic reach? Are you asking yourself how to improve your social media marketing strategy?

We got you covered!

Interactive Content can help you improve your social media strategy to boost engagement, stand out from the crowd, and collect marketing information to tailor your future content in line with your audience’s interests.

How to improve your social media strategy with Interactive Content?

Many different types of Interactive Content purposely help boost likes, comments, and shares on your social media channels. Keep in mind that you should always encourage your followers to interact with your brand. The more they communicate with you, the more they get attached. Therefore, you should aim to create interactive posts for your social media channels. Below are four types that are especially good for boosting engagement.

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is an online digital calendar, with 24 doors, and a surprise behind each one. Particularly, the surprise can be a discount on a product, a prize, a free seminar, or whatever you want to grant your customers. This does not only fill your content calendar for 24 days but also encourages people to engage more on your social media.

Therefore, you can post a picture every day to announce which prize you will be given out on that day in the calendar. If you have a special prize, you can also announce the winners and tag them. Until the Advent Calendar launches, you can build suspense with a couple of posts leading up to it. At, we have experienced increasing engagement amongst our clients using the Advent Calendar. Take a look at how Benefit Cosmetics used it to announce the prize each day with very good engagement.



The Poll is usually in the form of a question about people’s habits, such as which items they like the most. The poll includes a question and four possible answers with a picture each. For example, let’s say you are a retailer company with a new line of sports pants. First, you can showcase four different ones and ask people to vote which one they like the most. This sparks debate about the product. To give it a little bit of a push, you can always include a question on social media; ‘tell us why you liked the product you picked?’

What Happens Next video 

A What Happens Next video is a great way to repurpose old videos. If you have a funny video in stock, you can repurpose this content into an Interactive Experience it by recording 2-4 different ending scenarios for it. More specifically, you add a question, like “What happens next?’, and your client can pick the next action. This way, the viewer becomes a part of the story instead of passively watching. This improves the user experience, and the story is tailored to what the viewer wants to see.

People like to comment on which answer they picked and why. If the endings are funny or surprising, people are even more likely to comment and discuss that. You can encourage this by asking, “what ending did you pick?” or “what did you think of the story’s ending?”

Watch a ‘What Happens Next Video’ from Benefit Cosmetics here.

interactive video: what happens next?

Personality test

A personality test includes a series of multiple-choice questions, where each answer option points to a specific personality type. When completed, the user is presented with the personality that fits his/her answers. Personality tests are excellent to boost your commentary section activities. Also, people simply love to comment and share their results: “I got the Luxury couch” or “I am Ron in Harry Potter!” See how the furniture company Møbler set up a personality test about ‘what kind of a couch are you’ and how it was shared on social media below.


How to stand out with Interactive Content on social media?

Interactive Content is good to captivate audience attention, create engagement by involving the users, and connects them to the brand. In addition, it is also effective to connect with the group that uses social media the most, Millenials.

Interactive Content gains better results than traditional content

Interactive Content delivers higher ROI, offers better user-experience and is more memorable to the user. Also, Interactive Content is one of the top martech trends in 2022 for a simple reason: “it’s more effective than traditional content”, and “Interactive Content makes the consumer participate, which therefore creates engagement.” 

Interactive Content is different from traditional because it engages with the user

The Entrepreneur included Interactive Content on a list of 5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Try, for the following reason: “the new forms of content — quizzes and polls, contests, voting, calculators, assessments and animated infographics — are adding a whole new layer of depth to the total user experience.” But more importantly,” the Entrepreneur added, that interactive content is “inviting the user in, to be a part of the brand. They are enhancing connectivity and effectively turning one-time visitors into brand loyalists.”

Interactive Content makes your brand stand out to improve social media strategy

Forbes published a blog about how interactive content is the best way to captivate a millennial audience. It refers to a 2016 poll of North American content marketers, where “81% agreed that interactive content is better than static at grabbing audiences’ attention.”

It may surprise you, that only 46% of marketers are using interactive content according to the Content Marketing Institute. This means you can still get ahead of the curve and stand out on social media by using the interactive content. With many companies fighting for your clients’ attention, there’s a lot of noise on social media. You can stand out by using interactive content and engage with your client on a whole other level than with traditional content.

Collect marketing data with Interactive Content

Interactive Content is a fantastic tool to gather key marketing data about your audience group. It goes beyond the standard information provided through social media channels such location, age and interests.

Interactive Content includes polls, quizzes and assessments for B2B that all ask your clients questions before providing them personalized feedback. Through these questions, you can gain insight into your audience’s interests, likes and dislikes, challenges and strengths. Interactive Content is designed to gather this information for you and organize it into client profiles.

personalized-data-social media
Personalized data mining

This type of key information can help your future social media campaigns. You can look into what really is on your audience’s mind and tailor your content to it. 

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So, how to improve social media strategy? By implementing Interactive Content!

Because there are still many companies not using Interactive Content, your company can use it as a way to stay ahead within your marketing strategy. Be sure to visit the many exciting templates for Interactive Experiences at to get inspiration for your next interactive social media post.

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