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7 Types of Interactive Flipbooks to help grow your business

Have you heard about different types of Interactive Flipbooks yet? If so, leave a comment under this post and share your experience with me. For those of you who haven’t heard about this type of Interactive Experience, I am giving you a brief introduction now.  

An Interactive Flipbook is an Interactive Experience that looks like an online book or magazine. In addition, viewers can turn the pages and flip through like if they were physically engaging with the experience. Read our ultimate Interactive Flipbook guide to learn everything you need to get started with Interactive Flipbooks.

PDFs became old and boring, which comes with rarely any value in them. Most of the time, we download a PDF to look for a specific stat. So, we quickly browse through the PDF to find what we are looking for and probably never reopen it again. We don’t interact with most of the content in a PDF, and we rarely download one if we can avoid it.  

How to turn your old PDFs into stunning Interactive Flipbooks?

Creating Interactive Flipbooks or flipping your old PDFs into them has started to be very popular. Companies began seeing the need for adjusting content to their target audience: they are giving them a better kind of content instead. A type of content that is more engaging and visually appealing.  

What’s even better is that you can do all of that with our easy-to-use superb interactive content platform here at Dot.vu. First thing you need to do is upload your old PDF. Then, decide your type meaning if you want to integrate a product catalog directly into your Interactive Flipbook. This would allow your product information to stay up-to-date automatically. Next, make it interactive with the help of our tools and gate the pages you want your audience to unlock in exchange for some personal data. Finally, place it anywhere, on any channels, and you’re ready to roll. 

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7 Types of Interactive Flipbooks

Here we go, 7 types of Interactive Flipbooks for you to learn about. They all come with great benefits that can help your business grow, so read them carefully.

1. Interactive eBook  

Interactive eBooks are types of Interactive Flipbooks that combine text, images, and video with rich interactive elements such as interactive graphics, questions, assessments, or polls. It does not require downloading, and your users can consume them on any device screen.  

The great thing about this interactive experience is that it helps you to go beyond the downloadable static PDF eBooks. You can create an Interactive eBook that is engaging and beautiful on all screens. It comes in handy when you are trying to better engage with your audience and collect insights about them. Also, you can help your lead generation by including a lead form in it. You can collect audience insights, and track your audience by looking at what they read, watched, clicked on, or answered in your Interactive eBook. That sounds like an awesome opportunity to me! 

Industry-wise, eBooks are quite universal as well, and there are loads of opportunities in many different industries. However, the most popular categories according to a study are mystery, romance, science fiction so mainly consumer books. But also books with business-related subjects and different educational topics are quite popular. Imagine for one second how grand it would be to have a book full of interactive elements. Your readers would fall in love with it.

2. Interactive Lookbook  

Interactive Lookbooks are types of Interactive Flipbooks in which your brand display products and offerings in a highly visual and interactive way. The goal is to drive your visitors to the website and the products they like in the shopping cart.  

Typical interactive elements in a Lookbook are interactive product images, shoppable videos, shopping quizzes, and more. With an Interactive Lookbook, you get the opportunity to promote your products. Therefore, you’ll also boost your sales. A superb solution for everyone, right? Happy customers, happy business!  

An Interactive Lookbook is quite versatile. So, you can use it in any scenarios you’re trying to showcase products and services in a highly visual and interactive environment. However, it is essential to note that the popularity of lookbooks is primarily in the fashion industry.  

Click on the image to see an example of an Interactive LookBook

3. Interactive Story  

An Interactive Story is a form of digital entertainment where the story is not made in advance. The author only creates the different storylines with different actors in it. Then the users get to pick based on their own decisions and interactions with the story world.  

With the help of this, you get to increase the ever-decreasing attention span of your audience. You can include multiple interactive elements to boost your engagement rates, time spent on the website, and social shares.  

Interactive storytelling is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for decades. But simply, the technology was not at the development level where this could have been done in other industries. So, the only business where it really had a presence is the video gaming industry. Since technology has evolved a lot ever since then, now companies started to pick up on it, and you should not miss out on it either. Interactive storytelling is gradually migrating from PC and video games onto smartphones and even TVs. Thus, creating multiple opportunities for you to advertise your brand for your audience and engage with them better than ever before.  

Interactive Stories are, for example, a great type of content for any non-profit digital marketing company. It would allows their audiences to shape their own stories, thus resulting in higher engagement.

4. Interactive Magazine  

Interactive Magazines are types of Interactive Flipbooks that replace the old and boring magazines. Instead of passively reading and consuming the content of a magazine, with an interactive magazine, you get to incentivize participation. You do that by asking your audience to interact and actively participate. What a dazzling opportunity, right? You can include clickable points that display more information on products, employees, authors, celebrities, interactive images. Possibilities are endless.  

Also, you can embed videos in it to make it even more engaging and attractive for your audience to interact with. You’ll see numbers like never before. It’ll help you to increase your engagement rate. Eventually, boost your sales by collecting more quality leads through a lead form you can place in your magazine. Hence, you’ll also expand your email list.  

An Interactive Magazine is pretty much adaptable for most of the industries. But, in general, consumer magazines enjoy the most popularity. It depends on the area of business you are focusing on, but you’ll find success with and Interactive Magazine once you have a large enough audience. 

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examples of interactive flipbook
Click on the image to see an example of an Interactive Magazine

5. Interactive Manual (for school)  

I am sure you never liked reading and processing a long and tiresome manual with tiny letters on it. That’s over, just imagine it to be filled up with interactive elements increasing the chances that people would read and follow the rules of these manuals. Sounds fantastic, right?  

You can include and mix text, images, and video with rich interactive elements to make it more attractive and engaging for the reader.  

They would be great to implement in schools for teachers and students. You could be helping them to process a super long document that is mandatory to read, but at a faster pace. And since it is spiced up with interactive elements it would even grab their attention. Also, it would help them to remember the specific rules needed to be followed. 

6. Interactive Recipe Book  

Cooking is fun, but also tedious and undesirable for some people. But imagine that you could create an Interactive Recipe Book so even the ones who hate cooking would get a chance to enjoy it to a certain extent. That just sounds too good to be true. I got that but believe me, but interactivity adds to the level of joy and fun that cooking can give to people.  

You can include clickable points combined with text, images, short videos to make it more exciting for your users. As a result, you’ll be able to collect valuable insights about your users and effectively learn about them.

Click on the image to see an example of an Interactive LookBook

7. Interactive Guide  

The great thing about Interactive Guides is that they are versatile, so they can be adapted in any industry. Guides have come a long way ever since the first versions came out. The digital transformation helped to achieve a level where now you can use them as Interactive Guides. They run on your website to help your users understand how your products work.  

They can effectively help you by getting you more qualified leads, retaining your users on your website, and lowering your support costs. It comes with great benefits, and if you find the right tools, it is easy to make them without the need to even do any of the coding. Think about it!  

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To conclude this blog post  

It is crucial to help your business by innovating the ways you’re trying to engage with your customers. If you lose sight of it, you might wake up one day realizing that your customers are gone. So, you must keep up with the trends and not let your competitors to tempt YOUR customers.

Thanks for staying until the end of this blog post. I hope I could inspire you with these 7 Types of Interactive Flipbooks to help you come up with some brilliant ideas.

Also, if you want to learn more about Interactive Flipbooks, feel free to visit our marketplace, where you can freely browse our ready to customize templates. Besides, you can read another blog post on Interactive Flipbooks to extend your knowledge around the concept. 

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