Holiday Marketing, Part V: 7 Examples to Integrate Interactive Contests into your Holiday Marketing Campaign9 min read Holiday Marketing, Part V - Holiday Marketing, Part V- 7 Examples to Integrate Interactive Contests into your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Are you looking for new ways to create a buzz around your brand this holiday season? Do you want to convert visitors into leads? 

The holiday season is a perfect time for companies to promote their brand and increase sales. Did you know that during Cyber Week in 2021, global sales reached $275 billion? The largest single shopping day during this week was Black Friday, with a 2% increase compared to the previous year. And Deloitte forecasts that these numbers will only increase by 7% to 9% during the rest of the holiday season. 

Many companies have identified the enormous potential and benefits of holiday retail sales and created unique and valuable content for their (potential) customers. Interactive Contests can be a great way to differentiate yourself from others, creating an additional buzz, generating more leads, and increasing sales. Moreover, including a lead form in your Interactive Contest allows you to collect even more data and feedback. The collected data will help you improve your future marketing activities. 

Discover in this blog article 7 different examples of how you can integrate Interactive Contests into your holiday marketing campaign! 

7 Examples to integrate Interactive Contests into your Holiday Campaign 

Photo Contest 

The holiday season is a special time of the year to collect memories and share them with others. Hence, consider creating a photo contest with a fun theme such as “How Pets are celebrating Christmas”. Afterward, your customers can either upload their taken photos or upload them into your branded frame and share it with their network online. The customer with the most likes or votes could get a valuable gift.

A Photo Contest can help you give your customers get the feeling of belonging and being part of your brand, and will help you collect user-generated content, which you can use for your fun holiday campaign and create buzz around it. Finally, a Photo Contest is a helpful approach to collect new leads, who are already interested in your brand and have a certain level of loyalty. 

Refer a Friend Contest  

Is the main goal of your holiday marketing campaign to collect leads? Then Referral Contests might interest you. Referral Contests can be a different kind of contest with a referral feature. In other words, if your participants refer a friend, a unique invitation code is generated and shared with the referrals. Once the receiver has registered for your contest, your customers can participate several times, increasing their chances to win a prize. Your participants can claim the prize by filling out a lead form with their information. In this lead form, you can ask for basic information from them, such as first and last name, email address, or postal address. 


Another interactive and engaging idea is integrating Interactive Contest into a quiz. Educate your customers and improve their knowledge about your brand, products, and services, or any other (holiday-themed) topic. Through their answers, you can learn more about your customers and collect Zero- and First-Party Data. For instance, prepare a fun quiz with entertaining questions, and short and original answers. Moreover, another idea is to add a leaderboard, so your customers can see the results and statistics of other participants. Finally, always keep in mind that your customers’ main motivation to participate is most certainly the rewards they can receive at the end of the Interactive Experience. 

Marketing Games 

Is your goal to entertain your customers and create a fun and playful holiday campaign? Generally, Marketing Games are one way to achieve this goal. You can create a memory gamefind the items, tic tac toe, or any other game. Overall, Marketing Games are well received by customers, due to their entertaining and rewarding characteristics. Hence, Marketing Games can help you excite the audience and generate engagement. If you need some inspiration, discover the Marketplace with a wide variety of Marketing Games. 

Spin & Win 

Spin and Win Contests are easy and engaging concepts. Integrate Interactive Contests By creating a lucky wheel, selecting and placing a gift on the wheel, you have created an engaging experience to reward and surprise your customers. Besides that, you can add other elements such as scratch cards or a daily draw and a lead form.

Instant Win 

Who does not like to win gifts and get the prize instantly? Therefore, Instant win templates can be one approach to your holiday marketing campaign. This Advent Calendar template allows each day to open one door and instantly win a prize, whether it is a gift or discount code. In turn, giving your customers an instant win can help to collect leads by using a lead form at the beginning of the experience and in return to reward your customers for the holiday season. 

Online Advent Calendar 

Especially in Western countries, it is common to have an advent calendar. However, instead of having a static advent calendar filled with sweets, you can make yours even more entertaining by creating one digitally! An Online Advent Calendar is a popular tool to entertain, reward and retain your customers during the holiday season, as they will come back every day to reveal a new prize or discount you are gifting them. Moreover, the more entertained your customers are, the higher are the chances that they will refer your Online Advent Calendar to a friend, increasing your website or webshop traffic. In turn, you will be able to collect more leads and increase sales.  

To make your Online Advent Calendar even more engaging, and to differentiate your brand from others, turn it into an Interactive Contest. For instance, you could let your customers collect a certain number of items each day. By promoting the Online Advent Calendar via your communication channels, such as social media or email, and reminding your customers to come back, you will be able to significantly increase the ROI of your holiday marketing campaign. 

Integrate Interactive Contests in your Marketing Campaign this Holiday Season! 

Interactive Contests can help you generate leads and increase sales during the holiday season, as they can be fun, engaging, and rewarding for your customers! However, it requires planning and having specific goals in mind. To ensure your marketing campaign is as successful as possible Integrate Interactive Contests and have a look at Online Contest Cheatsheet.

Finally, it is most important to keep in mind that your customers are your focus. Leverage the spirit of the season and show them how grateful you are for their loyalty, by entertaining and rewarding them.  

On the Marketplace you can discover hundreds of Interactive Content templates. These templates will help you get inspired for your holiday marketing campaign. Or find a template that fits your needs and customize it to your brand with the Quick Edit. If you would like to learn more about Interactive Content, book a meeting with us today! 

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