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Word-of-mouth marketing continues to reign supreme when it comes to the various types of marketing strategies. This enduring and ever-relevant approach is centered around using the innate power of human conversations, personal recommendations, and the strength of genuine interpersonal connections to popularize products and services. It’s a fundamental facet of how people have always made choices, and remarkably, it remains just as potent and impactful in the digital age, where information flows faster and wider than ever before.  

Word-of-mouth marketing strategy is the most used method by companies, resulting in an impressive 92% effectiveness in driving brand awareness and growth. 

In this blog post, we will delve deep into the world of word-of-mouth marketing and explore how it can be supercharged with Interactive Content. 

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What is word-of-mouth marketing?

Before we dive into Interactive Content and its fusion with word-of-mouth marketing, let’s start with the basics. What is word-of-mouth marketing? 

Word-of-mouth marketing definition

Word-of-mouth marketing is the art of leveraging the power of recommendations and personal experiences shared among people to promote a product, service, or brand. It’s the trusted advice you seek from a friend when you’re buying a new phone or the rave reviews that lead you to try out a trendy restaurant.  

How often do you find yourself influenced to buy a certain product recommended by someone in your life? Word-of-mouth marketing is not just a marketing tactic; it’s a fundamental aspect of how people make choices in their daily lives. In fact, 20% of people talk about their favourite products with friends or family every day. 

Benefits of word-of-mouth marketing

The enduring appeal of word-of-mouth marketing can be attributed to its numerous benefits: 

Benefits of word-of-mouth marketing
  • Trustworthiness: Recommendations from friends and family carry a high degree of trust. People are more likely to believe and act on the advice of someone they know. 
  • Cost-effective: Unlike traditional advertising, word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t require a massive advertising budget. It relies on the organic spread of information. 
  • Virality: A single positive word-of-mouth recommendation can reach a broad audience through multiple conversations and social media shares. 
  • Longevity: Word-of-mouth recommendations have a lasting impact. They create a brand’s reputation over time and lead to customer loyalty. 
  • Increased sales: McKinsey & Co reported that word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions

These statistics underline the incredible power of word-of-mouth marketing and why it should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Notably, 64% of marketers agree that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing. 

What is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing?

In the good old days, word-of-mouth marketing was all about the magic of personal recommendations, that is often exchanged between friends and family about products or services. Those friendly conversations really had the power to spread the word. 

But in today’s digital age, things have gotten a major upgrade. Digital word-of-mouth marketing taps into the incredible potential of the internet. It’s like a global meetup where people, brands, and influencers come together. In this online world, recommendations, reviews, and shoutouts are shared on places like social media, review websites, and forums. That means information can go viral in just seconds, no matter how far apart everyone is. Furthermore, the digital word-of-marketing has brought us into a whole new era of connection and influence, creating a buzzing network of sharing information without limitations.   

Now, let’s dig into how Interactive Content can make this digital word-of-mouth marketing even more awesome. 

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Using word-of-mouth marketing with Interactive Content

Word-of-mouth marketing, as potent as it is, can be further amplified when combined with Interactive Content. Interactive Content engages and involves your audience, encouraging them to participate, share, and become advocates for your brand. By integrating interactive elements into your marketing strategies, you can create a more immersive and memorable experience for your customers.  It not only grabs their attention but also encourages them to spread the word about their positive experiences. The power of Interactive Content lies in its ability to turn passive consumers into active participants, driving conversations and word-of-mouth recommendations.   

Let’s explore how Interactive Content can supercharge word-of-mouth marketing through various examples. 

10 Online word-of-mouth marketing examples

1. Gamified Social Interactive Content 

One of the most exciting forms of Interactive Content is social marketing games. These are online games, quizzes, or challenges designed to entertain and engage users, all while subtly promoting a product or service. What makes them powerful is their innate shareability. People love to compete, challenge friends, and share their scores or achievements, making these games ideal for an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Social Interactive Content like this taps into the statistic that 72% of consumers get news about products and companies from friends and family. 

In this engaging game, participants are tasked with collecting valuable items while skillfully avoiding obstacles to accumulate points. These points grant them entry into a friendly competition with a chosen companion. As soon as players collects a sufficient number of points, they have the exciting opportunity to invite a friend to join them in this exhilarating game.  This not only boosts user engagement but also generates word-of-mouth brand awareness.  

Word-of-mouth marketing game template

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2. Personalized Social Interactive Content 

Imagine taking Social Interactive Content a step further by allowing your customers to create their own Interactive Experiences and share them with their family and friends. This not only empowers your customers but also multiplies the reach of your brand through word-of-mouth. With each share, your brand’s story becomes more than just a marketing campaign; it evolves into a shared experience, fostering a deeper connection between your audience and your products or services. 

Personalized Social Interactive Content for word-of-mouth marketing

For instance, imagine empowering your audience to become the protagonist of their own story all by customizing the content to align with their answers to five thought-provoking questions. This personalized storytelling experience not only immerses them in a tale that’s uniquely their own but also creates a sense of authenticity and connection like no other. Once it has been crafted, they have the power to effortlessly share it with a dear friend or beloved family member. 

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3. Seasonal Social Interactive Content 

Harnessing the power of seasons and holidays in your word-of-mouth marketing strategy can be a savvy move. Crafting Interactive Content tailored to specific times of the year enables you to tap into the emotions and sentiments associated with these moments, heightening engagement, and driving word-of-mouth recommendations.  

By connecting your brand with the spirit of each season or holiday, you not only encourage your audience to share their experiences with friends and family but also create a sense of community and togetherness around your brand. As a result, these seasonal campaigns extend beyond your existing audience, reaching new prospects and potential advocates, making it a strategic and emotionally resonant approach to marketing. 

Seasonal Social Interactive Content for word-of-mouth marketing

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4. Guided Selling 

Guided Selling helps customers make informed decisions and, in turn, share their experiences with others. This approach involves creating dynamic and engaging content that guides customers through their decision-making process, providing them with valuable insights, recommendations, and personalized experiences.  

As customers engage with this Interactive Content, they not only gain confidence in their choices but also experience a sense of connection with the brand. Consequently, satisfied customers are more inclined to share their positive experiences with friends and family, sparking organic word-of-mouth recommendations that can significantly expand a brand’s reach and influence. 

Guided Selling template for word-of-mouth marketing

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5. Product Recommender for B2B 

Product Recommenders are sophisticated tools that businesses employ to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. These systems utilize data analytics and algorithms to suggest products that align with an individual’s preferences, based on their previous interactions, purchase history, and sometimes even their demographic information.  

word-of-mouth marketing for b2b

When used effectively, Product Recommenders can be a powerful tool for encouraging word-of-mouth marketing and driving business success. In fact, statistics show that 91% of B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making buying decisions. This underscores the importance of leveraging interactive Product Recommenders as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy to tap into the significant influence of word-of-mouth recommendations in the B2B sector. 

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6. Online Advent Calendars 

Online Advent Calendars are engaging and anticipation-building tools that can be used strategically. They not only boost customer engagement but also create a sense of community and excitement around your brand. By using online Advent Calendars, businesses can craft a unique experience for their customers. Each day, participants eagerly anticipate what new and exciting offering awaits them, fostering a sense of excitement and involvement that can deepen their connection with the brand, ultimately contributing to the growth of word-of-mouth marketing. 

For example, as participants engage with this unique Weekly Advent Calendar and experience the joy of unlocking exclusive gifts, they’re likely to share their positive experiences with their friends, family, and social networks. The act of sharing their delight and anticipation can generate valuable word-of-mouth marketing for your brand, extending its reach to a broader audience and attracting new customers who want to be part of the excitement. 

Online Advent Calendar template for word-of-mouth marketing

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Look no further than Benefit Cosmetics for a stunning example of an Online Advent Calendar. Their strategy? A unique, branded Advent Calendar featuring 24 daily locks designed to captivate their customers across 11 different European countries. Unquestionably, the results were nothing short of spectacular.  

Case study: Benefit Cosmetics online advent calendar for word-of-mouth marketing

Their audience response was outstanding, amassing over half a million hits as beauty enthusiasts flocked to unlock the calendar’s daily surprises. This surge in engagement translated into tangible growth as Benefit Cosmetics welcomed a staggering 75,000 new subscribers into their community. This success story demonstrates how the fusion of Interactive Content and brand vision can not only engage an audience but also drive significant word-of-mouth marketing, transcending borders to leave a remarkable impact. 

7. Interactive Quiz 

Interactive Quizzes are a fun way to engage your audience and encourage them to share their results with their social networks. Quizzes can be related to your industry or product, subtly promoting your brand. They not only provide entertainment but also offer valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and interests, which can be invaluable for tailoring your marketing strategies effectively.  

Typically, when participants engage with and share these quizzes, they become potential advocates for your brand. Their discussions, recommendations, and shared quiz results with their connections contribute to increased brand visibility and foster word-of-mouth marketing. This organic, word-of-mouth approach can significantly expand your brand’s reach in an engaging and authentic manner, helping you to tap into new customer networks and build trust within your target audience. 

Interactive Quiz game for word-of-mouth marketing

8. Contests 

Online Contests are a fantastic way to engage your audience and encourage them to share their participation with friends. Whether it’s a photo contests or a user-generated content competition, online Contests generate excitement and word-of-mouth buzz. These interactive events create a sense of community among participants, fostering a connection not only with your brand but also with other like-minded individuals who share their interests.  

When people compete, vote, or collaborate in these Contests, they often share their experiences, entries, and thoughts on social media or within their personal networks. Additionally, this social sharing and engagement can spark conversations and trigger curiosity among potential customers, leading to increased brand exposure and word-of-mouth marketing as participants and observers discuss the Contests and the brand behind it. 

Selfie Contest template for word-of-mouth marketing

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9. Interactive Video 

Using Interactive Videos are a dynamic way to immerse your audience and encourage them to take action, such as sharing the video. Interactive elements like clickable hotspots, quizzes, and branching narratives make the video-watching experience engaging and memorable. 

For example, creating an Interactive Product Video empowers you to showcase your products and convey your brand’s core principles within a high-quality production environment. By highlighting the values and fundamentals that drive your business, you create a compelling narrative that resonates with your customers. This immersive experience not only informs but also inspires viewers, making them feel an integral part of your mission and success story. Consequently, they are more likely to share the video with their peers, leading to a ripple effect of word-of-mouth marketing that can expand your brand’s reach and presence in the market. 

Interactive Video template for word-of-mouth marketing

Callebaut, a leading name in the chocolate industry, is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to inspire and engage its customers with the magic of chocolate. In a remarkable instance of utilizing Interactive Video, they introduced an immersive experience known as “Build a Chookie.” This Interactive Video allowed visitors to handpick their favourite ingredients to create a unique chocolate treat, with one of Callebaut’s skilled chefs assembling it virtually. The experience culminated with an option for viewers to download a personalized recipe tailored to the ingredients they had selected. 

Case study: Callebaut's Interactive Video for word-of-mouth marketing

The results of this Interactive Video campaign were overwhelmingly positive. Callebaut not only received an enthusiastic response from their customers but also successfully achieved their primary goal – to raise awareness about this innovative concept. This case study illustrates how Interactive Videos can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and generating word-of-mouth buzz within the industry. 

10. Personality Tests 

Personality tests aren’t just a source of entertainment; they can be a fun way to gain insights into your preferences and quirks. When they’re well-designed, they have the power to kickstart conversations and trigger word-of-mouth recommendations. Moreover, these tests often tap into our innate curiosity about ourselves and our desire to connect with others. The temptation to share your personality test results on social media and challenge your friends to take it as well can create a chain reaction of participation and enjoyment without a doubt.

Personality Test template for word-of-mouth marketing

This not only deepens the connection between the individual and the brand behind the Personality Test but also enhances the social element, as participants bond over shared experiences and encourage one another to explore the test, contributing to the test’s popularity and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. 

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Ready to tap into the power of digital word-of-mouth marketing?

Interactive Content not only captivates your audience but also encourages them to eagerly share their experiences and recommendations with friends and family. Overall, these compelling statistics illuminate the profound impact of word-of-mouth marketing on purchasing decisions, brand trust, and consumer behaviour. 

In summary, incorporating these insights into your marketing strategy, remembering that a well-executed word-of-mouth marketing approach with Interactive Content can pave the way for lasting success. By overall embracing Interactive Content, your brand can unlock the full potential of this timeless strategy. 

Ready to use the power of word-of-mouth marketing with Interactive Content? With the ability to create captivating Interactive Content with any of’s customizable templates, you can inspire your audience to share your content, foster brand advocacy, and gain valuable insights to enhance your marketing strategy. Get started today and witness the power of digital word-of-mouth marketing in action! 

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