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Since the pandemic has changed, the buyer behaviors of many online shoppers, marketers are looking for ways to increase customer engagement in order to turn interested visitors into paying customers. By adding Interactive Content to their websites, companies can make the user experience more enjoyable and informative. Moreover, customers stay longer on a company’s platform and engage with their brand. 

How to increase customer engagement online with Interactive Content 

In recent years, customer behavior, as well as their expectations have changed. Today, customers expect more than static content, which is trying to simply sell them products that have no obvious value. Thus, marketers increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of Interactive Content. Thus, marketers are starting to create better interactive marketing content strategies to catch their customers’ attention and elevate their brand.

Interactive Content is a great way to learn more about your customers and to generate quality leads. In addition, it is also a way to increase customer engagement on your website. Let customers take an active role in how they learn about your products and services with fun experiences. 

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With increased engagement comes longer retention on your site. As stated in Forbes, an increased dwell time on your site can reflect well on your company and boost SEO. In turn, it will be easier for customers to find you in search engines. 

This makes engagement an important part of reaching new, potential customers and increasing your sales. Let Interactive Content help you get the ball rolling with this process. At Dot.vu, we understand the importance of adding interactivity to enhance marketing campaigns.  

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7 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement 

Learn how to increase customer engagement online with these 7 different interactivities.

1. Marketing Games  

Marketing Games are a fun possibility to boost engagement. This is because of the feeling that your customers get value in exchange for the time spent on your website. This enjoyable experience can also be enhanced by making participation incentivized. Hoping to win a prize, customers will stay on your website until the end of the game. Give those participants who did not win the game another chance to win. This is possible by allowing them to return to your game daily until the end of your campaign. Therefore, more website visits and time spent with your brand will help to turn these interested participants into loyal customers. 

an example of marketing game to help increase customer engagement
Click on the image to try out the Unicorn game example!

2. Interactive Contests  

Interactive Contests are exciting additions to your marketing campaigns, incentivizing your customers’ and their loves ones’ participation. Ensure offering enough value of the prize, as well as the experience, that customers will have within your contest. In turn, this will increase your chances for more customer engagement. Studies show that  71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. Interactive contests are a great for referral marketing, inviting more visitors to your site to engage with your brand. 

3. Interactive Quizzes  

Interactive Quizzes are one of the most popular forms of interactive content. They get customers engaged in the experience from beginning to end since participants eagerly anticipate the result of the quiz. You can increase customer engagement on your platform by making the quiz very unique to offer customers a memorable experience. To make the experience more entertaining and more valuable in terms of information, ensure to ask fun questions. Interactive quizzes are also great ways to highlight your products. To get your customers stay even longer on your website, include a call-to-action button at the end of the game.

an interactive quiz example to help increase customer engagement
Click on the image to try it out!

4. Interactive Infographics  

Interactive Infographics attract customers’ attention with a visual tool that gets customers interested in learning more about your products. Visitors to your website will stay longer on your infographic because of all the additional information that you add via hotspots throughout the experience. This additional information can be in the form of a quiz, game, video, or any other type of interactive content. As a result, extend the time your customers take to learn about your brand with multiple fun and informative experiences that add value to the user journey. 

5. Interactive Lookbooks  

Interactive Lookbooks give customers the feel of a product catalog but add the option of using the experience as a way of buying products. This is a fantastic took to increase customer engagement on your site because it offers more ways for customers to learn about products. By including well-placed hotspots throughout the experience, customers can watch a video on how a product is used, get more statistics with an infographic, or even take a quiz with a recommender to see which type of product might be best for them.  There are so many possibilities to engage your customers when using Interactive Content. 

an interactive lookbook example
Click on the image to see the Lookbook example!

6. Social Interactive Content  

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences? One great way to bring a personal touch to your marketing campaigns would be to use Social Interactive Content! This type of content is very effective when increasing engagement because it is easy to share with others. Customers have an enjoyable time with your experience and can be rewarded for sharing the experience with friends and family. You can increase new customer traffic as well as engagement to your site with a fun, shareable game, greeting card, or social contest. 

7. Interactive Videos 

Last but not least is the exciting tool of Interactive Video! Would you believe that video helps persuade 73% of people to buy a product or service? By making your videos interactive, your chances of converting visitors into paying customers to increase since the amount of time spent on your website increases. Also, within Interactive Videos, customers take part in the experience and determine in which direction the video goes. By having more power of choice, customers are more invested in the content and stay on your platform for longer to see the video through to the end. With the added time spent in your Interactive Video, customers also can learn more about your products and see the value that your company has to offer. 

Interactive branching video example where user can choose their own path to better enagege with them
Click to try the Interactive Branching video example where you can choose your preferred path!

Increase customer engagement with Interactive Content!

Give customers exciting experiences that will entertain them on their user journey to generate interest, increase interaction, and create loyalty for your brand. Happy customers who find value in the experiences gained with your company will not only be more engaged but more eager in buying your products and services. Besides, make sure to give customers the personal connection they seek with the products and services your company has to offer in a valuable way with Interactive Content.  

Also, check out more of our interesting blog posts for Interactive Content that will help you determine which is best for your next campaign. Click here to get started!  You can also find more inspiration on the Dot.vu marketplace page. We have many templates that you can use to showcase your brand and bring value to customers! Let us show what Dot.vu can do for you! 

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