What makes an effective Interactive Experience?7 min read

What makes an effective Interactive Experience?

Interactive Content is becoming increasingly more popular as brands begin to realize that it is not enough to simply create static pictures, videos, or written content. To grab customers’ attention, make them engage because getting leads requires effective content. Interactive Experiences are a great way to interact with your customers and get two times higher conversions than passive content. However, it is not enough to post Interactive Content and hope for the best. It needs some consideration and strategy. 79% of marketers state that combining Interactive Content with other content marketing tactics increases message retention.  

Effective Interactive Experience consists of a strong foundation strategy, engaging content, and precise marketing tactics. But what exactly does it require to create an effective Interactive Experience? Learn more about it in this blog post! 


Interactive Content requires a lot of strategic thinking in advance, compared to static content. Before you start creating, you must have clarity about the audience you target, your overall objectives, and what you want the specific results to be.  

Objectives and KPIs 

Having effective Interactive Content requires specific objectives in mind. Are you planning to get awareness, create more leads or just educate your customers?  Based on that, you can decide upon the right type of Interactive Content and set up relevant KPIs such as traffic, conversion rate, interactions, etc. That will help track your analytics of how effective your campaign has been performing. Moreover, it will help you to take full advantage of data, optimize and personalize your future content. 

Target Audience 

Good content is written for a specific audience. Thus, ask yourself the question: Who is your key target audience? To have effective Interactive Content, you must know whom you are creating it for. Helping to set up clear objectives, as mentioned before, can determine whom you are targeting. Thus, you can improve your key messaging, which resonates with the audience and will help you reach your goals more effectively.  


Furthermore, engaging content is a big part of an effective Interactive Experience. Beyond just design, there goes overall structure, feel, and layout to it. Effective, compelling content includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) and is search engine friendly. Most of all, the content is valuable to the user. 

Design and layout 

Having a straightforward, minimalistic design is essential for customers to perceive content more easily. Thus, the layout should be intuitive. A good Interactive Content Experience drives more leads than static content. In turn, consider the placement of the lead form within your Interactive Experience to collect more information. Based on your objectives, it might make sense to place it at the beginning or end. After all, make sure you have a coherent flow throughout the whole experience, and it does not lose its message. 

Dot.vu Easter Tapping Game
Click the image to try an example of the lead form in the Dot.vu Easter Tapping Game 

Effective Interactive Content 

An effective Interactive Experience is only effective when you utilize it to the fullest with SEO and CTAs. So, make sure your content has the right keyword phrases inserted and has ALT-text for all of your graphics and videos. Integrate buttons with a clear call to action to create more leads, for instance, “buy now” or “book a demo.” A strong, simple, and clear call to action should be included at the end of your content, directing readers to the next steps you want them to take. 

Valuable Content 

Good content provides value. Thus, to have the most effective content, make sure it brings value to your customer and is engaging and fun. Think of what’s in it for your customers? What benefit will they receive from interacting with your content? Those are the questions that you should consider during content creation. Engaging content performs better and gets more leads. Hence, make sure that the content is interactive and valuable for you and your customer! 


Your Interactive Experience will not perform well on its own. Therefore, it is essential to have a promotion strategy on which channels you will promote it. 


One of the communication channels, which requires the least resources, are social media platforms. Set up posts on your LinkedIn, Twitter, or/and Facebook channels to reach the most audience. In addition, you can send an email newsletter about your new exciting experience. Also, set up ads for an even higher conversion rate. Properly distributed and promoted content will make your Interactive Experience even more effective. Do not miss out on some key opportunities to connect with your audience. Remember to engage with your audience and use social listening tools to get insights into your customers’ talk. Create UGC (User Generated Content) campaign where your customers become your advocates and share the news themselves. It’s not enough to distribute content across the online channels and leave it at that, hoping for the best. The most successful brands actively engage with their fans, creating two-way conversations that encourage questions, comments, and shares. 


When you connect marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo to your Interactive Experience, you have a new level of personalization available to customize your email flow. You can tailor your message and any additional content to what you know that your customers particularly want. You will also be able to collect more detailed information from each person in order to refine your buyer personas and create specifically tailored content for them. 

Are you ready to take your Interactive Experiences to the next level? 

It is time to innovate in content marketing. This means going beyond one-dimensional blog posts, PDFs, or static videos. It means creating dynamic Interactive Content that will captivate your customers and immerse them in a content experience.  

Get started creating your own Interactive Content with Dot.vu. Discover our marketplace for hundreds of templates, which you can customize and personalize for your own marketing activities. If you want to learn more about Interactive Content, book a demo and let Dot.vu show you how it works. 

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